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    Anti-draft forces say 30 percent won’t sign
More than 30 registration protesters picketed the main branch of
the Eugene Post Office June 13.
Film celebrates eclipse
A multi-image film that “cele
brates the solar eclipse, the
magic of the earth and dreams
and visions of the spirit of life”
will be presented tonight at 8:30
in Room 180 PLC.
Gino Sky, author of "Ap
paloosa Rising — The Legend of
the Cowboy Buddha,’’ also will
speak at the event, presenting
"readings and lies’’ from his
“This is my own mythology of
life within the West,’’ Sky ex
plains. “It is learning how to
hunt alone and with the silence
of the falcon; it is learning how
to steal the wind and the colors
of the sky, and walk without
tracks. It is learning how to tai
chi and dance at the same
Bicycle Rental
Baby Seats
Reservations OK
Bicycle Rental
5th Street Public Market
The media presentation,
"Eclipse,” is by Eugeneans Ka
ty Flanagan and Gary Grimm.
Admission to the event is $3
with all proceeds going to the
Antartica Visions Project. The
program is sponsored by the
University Outdoor Program
and Mountain Visions.
Of the Emerald
Males aged 19 to 20 years old
will register for the draft in mid
July if the U S House of Repre
sentatives approves a minor
amendment to the registration
appropriation bill.
The Senate approved $13.3
million for draft registration
June 12 by a 58-34 vote follow
ing a seven-day fillibuster and
debate led by Sen. Mark Hat
field, R-Ore. The House ap
proved a similar appropriation
on April 22, but now it must
approve a Senate amendment
that shaves $10,000 off the
If the House doesn't approve
the amendment, the bill will go
to a joint conference committee
that will hammer1 out a com
promise between the Senate
and House versions
Anti-registration activists say
they weren’t surprised by the
Senate vote and predict the
House will pass the amendment
early next week with little
"I’m tempted to say I told you
so,' ” says Shawn Perry, assis
tant director of the National In
terreligous Service Board for
Conscientious Objectors
"We re trying to stop the next
step — the draft.”
"It s pretty hopeless at this
point,” says Dave Fidanque,
aide to Oregon Rep. Jim
Weaver. “We re not real op
timistic about forcing the bill
into conference committee.”
Once funds are approved, the
Selective Service System will
begin registering an estimated
four million men at post offices
during a two-week period — one
week for those born in 1960 and
one for those born in 1961.
Men now 18 would register
next January In the future, men
reaching 18-years would regis
ter on their birthdays.
The selective sevice is "anx
ious to get going” on draft
registration, says Larry Roffe, a
SSS representative
But Perry says many youths
aren't eager to register and
predicts that up to 30 percent
will refuse to sign up. "Although
we (NISBCO) do not advocate
breaking the law, we urge peo
EMU Check Cashing
Main Desk
The Erb Memorial Union Main Desk Store cashes checks as a service for
students, faculty and staff of the University of Oregon Students must present a
current certificate ot registration and a plastic Identification card with picture;
faculty/staff must present their plastic identification card with picture and current
validation sticker
There is a 15 cent service charge per check. Make checks payable to the Erb
Memorial Union and include Eugene address and phone number (or department and
extension for faculty/staff) on the check The limit on checks is $10 00 unless
otherwise posted
When writing checks, double-check your bank balance Make sure what you
think is a “good check" doesn't turn out to be a "bad check" If your check is
returned, there is a service charge ot $7 50. This is in addition to any service charge
charged by your bank You will also lose the privilege of cashing checks at the Erb
Memorial Union for the remainder of the year (July 1-June 30).
To abide by the policies set forth by the banks: 1) We cannot accept counter
checks, 2) There can be no alterations or changes made on checks, 3) We cannot
accept personal second party hecks and 4) If you do not have personalized checks
additional I.D. must be presented
New Students: .
1. U of O statement of admission with I.D. number.
2. Valid I.D. with signature and description.
Returning Students:
1. Previous term’s certificate of registration.
2. U of o plastic I.D. card with picture.
pie to examine their conscience
in deciding whether or not to
Many people who consider
themselves conscientious
objectors have to decide
whether registering is com
promising their opposition to a
military system, Perry says.
But the selective service isn't
worried about registration re
sistance, Roffe says.
"We don't think there’s going
to be a high rate of non-com
pliance,” he says, adding that
during the height of the Vietnam
War, 98 percent of draft-age
men registered.
"We just don’t think there's
going to be a problem. I think
most people are willing to regis
ter The person has nothing to
lose from it and everything to
The selective service is work
ing with the justice department
to 'develop ways to identify
people who fail to register,”
Roffe says. "We plan on en
forcing the law Failure to regis
ter is a serious crime, but our
intent is to register people, not
prosecute them.”
The penalty for not register
ing is up to five years in prison
and/or a $10,000 fine.
In Eugene, about 30 anti
registration activists picketed
the main branch of the post of
fice on June 13 to protest Sen
ate approval of registration
funding No other protests have
been scheduled.
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