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    Says Mother Jones editor
Doctors spread anti-feminism
Of the Emerald
“The American medical profession has played
a strong anti-feminist role in American history,”
said Dierdre English, the editor of Mother Jones
magazine, at the University Wednesday.
English is the author of “For Her Own Good:
150 Years of Experts’ Advice to Women.” The
non-fiction book traces medical history in the
United States from the 19th century, examining
the profession when male doctors dominated the
field and spread the theories that have kept
women from achieving “equality” with men,
English said.
“The gynecological society had a field day with
theories on women,” she said. “Hysteria was
called an epidemic that applied only to white,
upper class women and was held to be a disease
of the uterus.”
Another theory developed in the 19th century
held that “energy in the body is limited and travels
from organ to organ,” English said. “But there's
not enough energy for all the organs, and women
were advised to concentrate their energy on the
sexual organs.”
A Harvard researcher used this theory Tn
developing the theory that “there is a basic
antagonism between the female brain and female
reproductive system. So if a woman attends
college to concentrate on educational and intell
ectual pursuits, their uterus will atrophy.
“This theory was backed by the fact that
college-educated women have less children (than
non-college educated women).”
In the 1980s, doctors have displayed “a wil
lingness to experiment with womens' bodies that
is frightening,” English said during an interview
earlier in the day.
"This decade will be known as the one in which
millions of women were overdosed with
estrogen,” she said. Throughout history 90 to 95
percent of all births have been normal, but women
are “now living in an era when Caesarian sections
are skyrocketing. A quarter of all births are in this
English did not say this is because Caesarian
operations are more expensive than normal
childbirth procedures; however, this trend started
when the nation’s birth rate went down, she said.
“Many women say to me, Who I can trust, and
how do I know when I go to see a doctor if he is
lying to me?’ I can’t tell you how many women
have come to me after a speech, saying What
should I do? The doctor told me that my tests
came back abnormal. Do I believe him? Should I
go to another doctor?’ This sort of fear and
mistrust that doctors engender is a major problem
in itself. It is threatening and difficult.
“But on the other hand, there is something very
positive about it, and the positive thing is that as
far as social questions go, women are being
thrown back on themselves.
“They have no one to turn to except for each
other or those men who are interested in the same
Photo by Keith Allen
Dlerdre English
Planners approve architecture school consolidation
The Campus Planning
Committee unanimously ap
proved schematic plans for
developing land across the Mill
race and remodeling Lawrence
Hall — with conditions.
Before approval of the spe
cific designs next October, the
SUAB elects Johnston chairer
The Student University Affairs
Board elected Mike Johnston
chairer for the 1980-81 acad
emic year at a meeting Wednes
Johnston, who follows Jess
Barton in the position, said his
chief concern is increasing
S'JAB’s power on campus. ‘‘If
we wanted to get something
done right now we couldn’t do
it; the faculty would vote against
us (in the University Assembly
and Senate).”
Johnston said if SUAB gets
more power under the ASUO
constituiton, faculty memebers
may have more respect for the
board. One of his goals for next
year is rewriting the ASUO con
stitution and submitting it to the
student body for a vote.
Johnston, a second-year law
student, defeated Dennis
The professionals at Eugene
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dissertations to meet the
exact specifications of the
Graduate School.
Make sure your publication
meets Graduate School
requirements. Talk with our
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Mohatt for the chairer spot, with
a 9-6 vote margin.
The board also elected
fourth-year biology student Lisa
Bauman vice-chair over Brian
Keith in a 10-3 vote.
Johnston and Bauman take
over their new duties at the next
SUAB meeting, Wednesday at
3:30 p.m. in the EMU.
planning committee said it
would address the issues raised
at the Wednesday night meeting
and involve users of the Millrace
area and members of the
transportation subcommittee in
future decisions.
Neither the biologists who
work across the Millrace nor
transportation subcommittee
members were included in the
planning committee decisions
prior to the meeting. Biologists
said the plans will create a
“slum” of the area near their
Millrace labs.
The total expansion and
remodeling plan, waiting ap
proval by the 1981 Legislature,
calls for two construction
Phase one includes extensive
remodeling throughout Law
rence Hall and expanding the
school's library. The project
would consolidate the school’s
programs to three locations in
stead of the present 12, said
Bob Harris, dean of the School
of Architecture and Allied Arts.
Two buildings are to be built
across the Millrace and addi
tions constructed on three
present art buildings.
The plan also redirects
pedestrian, bike and car traffic.
In the present proposal the Mill
race bike bridge near B.J. Kel
ly’s would be demolished. Bicy
clists would use the west
Millrace bridge near the
physical plant and an additional
bridge to be built beside the
Coca Cola Co. The Onyx and
Agate Streets intersections
would be broadened to direct
traffic more efficiently.
Phase two provides for addi
tional construction across the
Millrace and near Lawrence
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