Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, May 21, 1980, Section B, Page 7, Image 18

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    Ducks may score in 8 events
Oregon’s chances for a good
showing at the AIAW meet lie in
the arm of Patty Kearney and
the legs of Leann Warren.
Both women have the na
tion's top marks in their events.
Kearney unleased a 180-7
javelin toss April 19 against Wa
shington and Warren clocked a
2:03.04 against Oregon State
rival Kathy Weston on May 3.
Kearney’s closest competition
is Cathy Sulinski of Cal-State
Chico (176-8), while Warren can
expect a strong rematch with
Weston (2:03.67, lifetime best
A first-place finish by each will
give the Ducks 20 points — one
better than the 19 they scored
last year to take eighth place in
the team standings.
According to coach TomHein
onen, the Ducks could also
score in the discus, shot. 5,000
or 3,000, 400 and mile relay.
Lisha Lass has been steadily
improving each week in the dis
cus, and uncorked a 159-7
throw at the NCWSA meet last
week. Teammate Mary Steven
son (158-9) is close behind.
Carrie Albano also got her best
effort in the shot (48-4Vi) at
NCWSA to qualify for the AIAW
If Eryn Forbes runs the AIAW
5,000, her 16:37.4 best puts her
within striking distance of scor
ing points in the race. The same
case holds if she runs the 3,000
instead, where her best is
Grace Bakari has a 53.7 sea
son best in the 400 and is still
searching for the competition to
approach her 53.1 lifetime best.
The Oregon mile relay team is
capable of running much faster
than its 3:41 season best, Hein
onen says.
"We want to score more
points than last year, and we
want to move up in the stand
ings,” says Heinonen. “It’s pos
sible that 20 points couldn’t
move us up.” Heinonen does
put some creedence in the
home field advantage his team
will enjoy. “Our people will sur
ely feel comfortable there. And
on Friday and Saturday, they’ll
have a crowd to back them up. ”
ed for the first couple of weeks
training with him. He’d say
something about my arm, so the
next throw I’d do something
about my arm. Then he'd say
something about my foot, and
I’d say ‘my gosh, I can’t think of
all these things at once.’
"Then one day we went out
and trained together by our
selves, and he said ‘You know,
you don’t have to think about all
the things that I’m saying every
time. I’m just saying them
because there’s not that much
time and I want you to get a full
idea of what I’m trying to do.’
That cleared things up a lot
more, and practices became
more pleasant.’’
Irving feels the trip has helped
Kearney’s self-awareness. ‘‘I
think it helped to reinforce some
of the things that we had gone
over in the past. She’s to the
point now where she feels a lot
of the things that are going on.
She’s able to correct a lot of
those things on her own. That’s
the sort of thing a coach hopes
for, because it becomes a
necessary thing when the
athletes get into meets.”
Kearney also points to a new
motivation for training. “In the
long run, what it (the trip) gave
me is a new sense of training, a
chance to look at javelin throw
ing in a different way. After a
while it can get old, the training,
and you need something new to
spark you on, and I found some
new things to work on.”
Kearney is hoping all the extra
time and effort will pay off this
week, and at the Olympic Trials
next month.
"I’d like to have a PR, that
would be great. But I just want to
be able to perform well,” Kear
ney says.
One other advantage for
Kearney in both meets may be
the ever-increasing attention of
the Hayward Field crowd.
"This year, when the people
started to clap, it really helped in
my throws,” she says. "It just
helps to get you more motivat
ed. I think it’s really neat that
they’ve given the women
throwers more attention.”
Kearney is uncertain of her
plans following the trials, but
hopes to continue throwing. “If
my body says it’s OK and I keep
the desire, I want to continue to
throw. I don’t think I’d be happy
if I didn’t continue until I didn’t
improve,” says Kearney.
Because of her improvement
each year, Irving also hopes
Kearney will stick with the
javelin. “It’s been a good pro
gression for her, I hope she
continues throwing. I’d hate to
see her stop, because I think
that progression will continue,
Whether she continues or
not, Kearney's career at Oregon
has to be considered a success.
“She's been enjoyable to
work with for the past four
years,” Irving says. "If I could
get a couple athletes every year
with her interest in throwing, I'd
be very happy. She’s done a lot
to upgrade the image of throw
ing for women at the University
of Oregon.”
No one can argue with that.
Story by Jim Lund
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