Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, May 20, 1980, Page 8, Image 8

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    Packwood favors defense, opposes draft
Of the Emerald
The United States must
dramatically increase defense
spending to keep up with the
Soviet Union, Sen. Bob Pack
wood said during a Monday
speech to the Eugene Rotary
The Soviet Union has in
creased its defense spending 3
to 4 percent over the inflation
rate every year since the 1962
Cuban missile crisis and the
United States has not kept up.
Packwood said. Although
America is ahead in strategic
weapons, the Soviets have a
large lead in conventional
“We are short both in terms of
quantity and in many cases,
quality,” Packwood said. “Rus
sia knows today that we do not
have the superiority we had in
To remedy America’s shor
tage of conventional weapons,
Congress should and will in
crease defense spending this
year by 13 to 14 percent, he
"If we don't spend enough
money on the military, we lose
The draft is not necessary
now since the military isn’t fac
ing a manpower shortage, but a
lack of skilled personnel. The
military needs soldiers with
technical skills and a desire to
remain in the military for longer
than the two-year stint mandat
ed by the draft, he said.
"Where we are short in the
military are technical skills. I've
come to the conclusion that we
are not going to solve our prob
lems of military preparedness
with a draft."
Detente, and more specifical
ly the SALT II treaty, is dead
because of the recent Soviet
foray into Afghanistan, he said.
On the economy, the biggest
issue in today’s primary, Pack
wood said Congress must
balance the budget.
That goal is achievable if
Congress’ assumptions on the
Pepsi Cola
Regular, light, or diet.
Seven Up or Dr. Pepper
6/12oz. cans
plus deposit
& Beans
31 02. tin
1 lb. cube
Western Living
pkg. of 100
Borden’s Processed
American Cheese
Food Slices
Individually wrapped 12 oz. pkg.
Snack Pack
All Varieties 4 - 5 oz. tin
11 oz. bottles -
plus deposit
6 pack
Trees weet
Pink Grapefruit
46 oz. tin
Salad Dressing or
Imitation Mayonnaise,
32 oz.
Potato Chips
All Varieties
6 to 7V2 oz. bag
Large Pitted
Ripe Olives
6 oz. tin
Home Pak
100ct. pkg.
Hamburger or
Hot Dog Buns
pkg. of 8
unemployment and inflation
rates in the 1981 fiscal year are
correct, he said. He also refuted
claims by economists that the
present move to balance the
budget is a political move of no
economic consequence.
"The one thing I have learned
about economists in this
country is that if they were all
laid end-to-end, it would be a
good thing.”
The United States has turned
the corner and is on the way to
energy self-siifficency, Pack
wood said.
If alternative energy re
sources are developed to their
full potential, the United States
can and will attain self-suf
ficiency, he said, noting an in
creased use of solar power to
heat water and a decrease in oil
consumption last year.
But it will take a while for the
United States to gain energy
independence, he added.
“It’s going to take us the bet
ter part of 10 years to switch to
these forms of energy. This
country is a cornucopia of en
Packwood dismissed the
Corrupt Practices Act suit filed
against him by Democratic
Senate candidate Charles
Porter as a publicity stunt. The
suit alleges that Packwood
misled contributors by claiming
$200,000 had been earmarked
to defeat him by anti-abortion
forces. The figure was used in a
letter sent by Ms. Magazine edi
tor Gloria Steinem to abortion
rights supporters around the
country. Packwood estimated
the letter has fattened his cam
paign fund by $750,000.
"It’s just Charlie's way of get
ting publicity," he said about
the suit.
l^JLuL^ I,
for City Council
close encounters of the
personal kind .
coming June 2