Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, May 19, 1980, Section B, Page 10, Image 21

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    Hall tries to unseat Fadeley in District 42 rac
There are no Republican
candidates in District 42.
Rep. Nancie Fadeley, D
Eugene, the Dist. 42 incumbent,
says that if re-elected she would
continue her work on environ
mental areas relevant to her
district and to generally contin
ue her work for the citizens of
Fadeley, a 10-year legislative
veteran who has served as
chairer of the House Environ
ment and Emergency commit
tee for the past three legislative
sessions, says her record shows
she represents the citizens.
Especially in light of the
recession economy, jobs and
employment would continue to
have a high priority on her
legislative agenda, she says.
But emphasis must be shifted
from ‘‘high technology which
destroys jobs” to
“people-oriented jobs" such as
home industry and job sharing.
“People want to work,” she
says. "And they should have
every opportunity to work — in
places besides the forest
products industry.”
Fadeley, who has recieved
the endorsement of several
local labor groups, says she
would "continue to have a part
Nancie Fadeley
in shaping Oregon’s Energy
policy. The potential for em
ployment and improving the job
situation is there — if we'll
decrease reliance on oil and
emphasize alternatives.”
"The money we spend abroad
for higher and higher priced
energy has caused our inflation
rate to soar.
"The federal government’s
ability to handle the energy si
tuation doesn’t inspire con
fidence, so Oregon’s role is
tremendously important," she
says. ‘‘Our state’s history is a
proud one of showing leader
ship in other areas in the past.
And our legislation today
promoting conservation and the
utilization of renewable re
sources makes us a leader in
energy self-sufficiency.”
Fadeley also chides the
federal government for failing to
establish a national home build
ing policy. ‘‘They’ve (the
government) relied on the in
dustry perspective, not the
workers — the person effected
by cutoffs, layoffs and housing
She says voters should view
"with alarm anyone who says
they can solve the inflation
Peggy Hall, Fadeley's oppon
ent, has attacked her for not
living within the Springfield
boundary. But Fadeley cites her
commitment to her constituents
as one important reason why
she thinks she is the best can
didate. "I understand mu con
stituents and they have no trou
ble communicating with me,”
she says.
District 42 voters should en
sure that the candidate who
gets the Democratic nomination
is responsive to her Democratic
SHARON POSNER _______________
An energetic worker- “Vote on Tuesday - it’s your city, too.”
and experienced leader.
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constituents, says i-aaeiey, wno
has openly doubted the gen
uineness of Hall’s party affilia
"This is a contest between
Democrats,” she says. “The
voters should ensure that a
Democrat, a true Democrat,
gets the nomination."
Springfield needs to be
represented by a person who
lives in Springfield, says District
42 candidate Peggy Hall.
“I live in Springfield. I work in
Springfield. I understand the
needs of people in Springfield,”
Hall says. "I don’t think Nancie
(Fadeley, the Dist. 42 incum
bent) is in touch with tne people
of Springfield.”
Hall, who works as a veneer
dryer feeder at Rosboro Lumber
Co. in Springfield, says inflation
and rising unemployment are
the biggest problems facing
working people.
“The area's jobs are solely
dependent on the timber in
dustry. As a legislator I wouiL
work for employment diver
Hall says the proposed port
district would help attract clean
industry — such as electronics
new energy for
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Peggy Hall
— to Springfield. But the city
needs to have direct access to
Interstate 5 before firms will
consider locating in Springfield.
Hall hopes to attract industry
that would occupy less space,
offer a large number of jobs and
have a high employee base.
“The area’s livability will be an
important factor in attracting
Hall also supports strong en
ergy conservation measures,
but is not specific about the
alternative energy measures
she favors. "Clean, safe and
affordable energy,” emphaisz
ing conservation, “should be
the Legislature’s goal.”
Hall proposes a system of
“rewards” and “penalties” to
ensure the participation in con
servation programs, but does
not specify what this would en
Herbicide use is a controver
sial area, Hall says. The objec
tive is to “have no risk to human
life,” but the "industry must be
Hall accuses Fadeley of being
“out of touch” with Springfield.
“My opponent has been in the
legislature for 10 years, and yet
her record is undistinguished.
Her accomplishments have
been few and her representa
tion of (Springfield) needs has
been indifferent.”
Hall also accuses Fadeley of
being a one-issue legislator,
concentrating on environmental
issues rather than the problems
which "effect the people."
Hall is a member of the Me
tropolitan Area Planning Advi
sory Committee and president
of the Lane County chapter of
an organization called Oregon
Women for Timber, a pro-in
dustry group.
Replying to Fadeley’s accu
sation that she is Republican
and is being financed by the
timber industry, Hall says that
she’s always been a Democrat,
since ‘it’s the party of the peo
“My campaign money has
come from a variety of people.
I’ve received a little money from
the timber industry and some
from Rosboro, but they realize I
favor employment and jobs. And
they see that as good for
Sor City Council