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the anti-military sentiment on campus began to subside
In the 1950s, the anti-ROTC movement seemed to
be dead. ROTC enrollment reached it record high of
1,400 in 1959.
But the movement against compulsory drill revived
again. In 1962 a voluntary ROTC program was ap
proved by the state board.
In I963 the ROTC building — located near the
present site of Leighton Pool — was set on fire, causing
$20,000 damage.
In 1968 an ROTC office, located near the present
site of the Beall Concert Hall, was bombed. Biology
Prof. Baynard McConnaughey also launched his now
famous quest to drive ROTC off campus.
In January I970, a group calling themselves the
Women's Militia splattered animal blood on ROTC
recruiters during winter registration.
But the Faculty Senate voted in April 1970 that the
ROTC program was “academically sound.” That en
dorsement touched off two days of protest.
In 1971, students with toy rifles occupied the ROTC
building on Alder Street and were driven off by police
with tear gas.
Although the debate died down during the late
1970s, McConnaughey continued to make his perennial
motion to remove ROTC from campus.
In June I979, Air Force ROTC, first brought to
campus after World War II, was discontinued because
of a lack of enrollment and interest.
Speakers at recent rallies opposing the current
registration proposal have occasionally suggested the
Army has no place on college campuses. There also are
These University ROTC students marching in 1973 are
part of a long tradition of military science training at the
University. A small group of students activists in 1916
Emerald photo
prompted the creation of a voluntary military drilling
program. Since that time, the program has undergone a
number of ups and downs.
occasional murmurs that a program funded by the
Defense Department is a violation of academic
ROTC students disagree.
People who say ROTC is a violation of academic
freedom are "contradicting themselves because this is
another aspect of learning,” says Kelly Campeau, a
freshman attending the University on a four-year ROTC
“After all, who can say what you can and cannot
Wagner says he feels ROTC is no different from "a
lot of federally-funded programs at the University."
Jim Reeves, a senior majoring in computer
science, says ROTC is “much healthier for the Army
and society " than other alternatives. ROTC allows
cadets to be "students as well as soldiers," thus
implanting a more civilian perspective in the Army’s
However, some ROTC students do have reserva
tions about the military.
“When I was in high school, I was gung-ho about
being a military commander and leading troops into
battle," says Brian Niemeyer, a senior majoring in
general science
Now he says he feels that the "military is not
something I can espouse as a way of life,” adding that
all human beings “could find better outlets for their
energies” than armies and warfare.
Another ROTC student who asked not to be iden
tified, says he sometimes has doubts about "the rigidity
of the military mind .” The military is a bureaucracy, and
its members learn early not to question orders from
higher up, he says.
For instance, some of his colleagues in the pro
gram automatically question the patriotism of people
who doubt the government’s word on controversial
issues, he adds.
What part will ROTC play in University life in the
Despite heavy coverage in the local media,
McConnaughey did not gain much support for his I980
motion. It was defeated for the 13th straight year.
But the patriotic fervor evoked in the nation by the
taking of the hostages in Iran hasn’t brought students
pounding on ROTC’s Agate Street door either.
"When there was first talk of a draft, I got a few
preliminary calls,” says Hank Anthony, the program’s
commander. "But nothing substantial came of it.”
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