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Vol. 81, No. 137
Eugene, Oregon 97403
Monday, May 5, 1980
Old, new draft objectors
gather at anti-war rally
Of the Emerald
SALEM — Bernhard Fedde, with his
suit, tie and white hair, looked out of
place at the anti-war rally here Satur
But when Fedde, a Portland attorney
who was a conscientious objector in
World War II, gave some grandfatherly
advice to members of the young crowd,
they listened.
"Remember, you are witnesses for
peace, not violence," he told the crowd
of about 500. "There must be no
violence. You can’t use violence
against an administration that knows
how to use violence a lot better then we
"Protest we must, but violence
begets violence."
Fedde, who defended many COs
during the Vietnam War, also told the
crowd not to get bitter about the fight —
even if it may seem useless at times.
Draft registration only paves the way
to war, Fedde said.
"Registration sounds innocent, but
it’s the first step to the draft and every
time the United States has had a draft,
it's gone to war,” Fedde said.
Oregon had the highest number of
COs per capita during the Vietnam War,
Fedde said. "Let’s get out and do it
again. Let’s show the nation the way of
peace is better than war."
"The exercise of conscience often
carries a penalty," Fedde said, adding
that the penalty for refusing to register
or to be drafted is a $10,000 fine and/or
a five-year prison sentence.
Other speakers at the statewide rally,
sponsored by anti-draft groups from
many different cities, echoed the same
feelings expressed at recent campus
In fact, about 200 Eugeneans
traveled by bus and carpools to the
demonstration, including frequent an
ti-draft speakers such as University
veteran Russ Linebarger, musician
Percy Hilo, and Dave Fidanque, aide to
Rep. Jim Weaver, D-Ore.
The rally looked like a convention for
every group with a cause. Groups as
diverse as Vietnam veterans, the Na
tional Organization of Women, the
Revoluntionary Communist Party, the
Socialist Party, the American Indian
Movement and the Iranian-American
Friendship Commmittee joined
together to protest registration — and
to promote their own cause. Some pro
testers traveled more than 200 miles to
the rally.
“The draft is just one of many ways
the government is trying to exploit
people for profits,” said Ken Stearns, a
member of the National Lawyers Guild
"The draft tells the world that we
doubt our ability to raise an army in time
of national emergency,” said Jim
Simms, a Vietnam veteran and a
member of Ashland’s City Council.
"We did not leave that war in South
east Asia,” Linebarger said. “The war
has come home. The enemy is in our
own backyard.”
People must not only yell slogans but
do things such as raising their own food
and curtailing driving, Linebarger said.
“We need to take drastic measures
because we are at war with the people
in power.”
Photo by Doug Pick
Young Democrats defy parent party policy
Of the Emerald
A dispute over the endorsement of candidates in
this year’s local primary elections has apparently
resulted in a parting of ways between the Lane County
Democratic Central Committee and the University
chapter of the Young Democrats.
In defiance of the LCDCC’s guidelines not allowing
endorsements of candidates in primary elections, the
Young Democrats made their endorsements of Eugene
City Council and Eugene Water and Electric Board
candidates Sunday night at the Asia Gardens Restaur
The action will result in an announcement from the
LCDCC today disavowing any LCDCC sanction of the
endorsements and serving notice that the Young
Democrats may be kicked out of the senior party, said
Bill Morrisette, LCDCC chairer, in an interview.
The Young Democrats had invited all city council
and EWEB candidates to discuss their candidacies at
the LCDCC headquarters on the Eugene mall but were
prohibited by Morrisette from using the facility.
Morrisette said he told David Jennings, city council
candidate for Ward 3 and a member of the Young
Democrats, the junior party could use the headquarters
if he and John Stewart, EWEB candidate and a former
active Young Democrat, removed themselves from
seeking endorsement because of conflicting interests.
Morrisette said he felt he was compromising by
making the offer.
But Jennings refused the offer and the meeting was
moved at the last minute. Jennings said at the meeting
the Young Democrats would not stand for the "ma
chine-style Eastern politics" exhibited by LCDCC.
The local Young Democrats will not become "a
mouthpiece for the senior party" as the organization is
in Chicago and New York, Jennings said.
Morrisette said the LCDCC has in the past talked
about endorsing candidates in primary elections, but
could never agree on the criteria for endorsing one
Democrat over another. The LCDCC has never en
dorsed one Democrat over another in a primary elec
tion, he said
Although the city council and EWEB races are
non-partisan, Morrisette said some of the races have
only registered Democrats running against each other
and endorsing one over another will only split the party.
Joyce Reynolds, Young Democrats chairer, said in
an interview the issue is "a matter of principle."
"We can do what we bloody-well please given what
the Democratic Party has done for us," Reynolds said,
adding that the Young Democrats are not part of the
LCDCC, although the group has a member on the
committee. The LCDCC has given the Young
Democrats little financial or other support, she said
Jennings said in an interview his membership in the
Young Democrats did not present "an unfair kind of
advantage." He has been a member for 12 years and
the Young Democrats have endorsed candidates in
years past, he said. All city candidates, including his
opponent Mark Lindberg, had been invited to speak, he
Only seven out of a possible 25 candidates for city
council and EWEB were present during Sunday night's
endorsement forum
The Athletic Department won t
separate its fee from students in
cidental fees, but may add to the fee
next year — no one knows how much
yet For an analysis of the situation.
See Page 3.
F he University men's and
women's track squads enjoyed civil
war victories over Oregon State
University Saturday at Hayward
Field For all the results see Sports
on Pages 8 and 9.
A special Eugene Boy Scout
troop has the help of a special
scoutmaster — Stewart Place He
helps buy uniforms and pay for camp
by collecting recyciables from bu
sinesses See Page 12.