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    Rally warns of war ‘just around the corner’
Of the Emerald
Warning that war is just
around the corner, a group
consisting mainly of members of
the University Veterans
Association prodded a crowd of
about 150 at Tuesday’s anti
war/anti-draft rally in the EMU
The recent attempt to rescue
the American hostages in Iran is
just "the first step" toward war
in the Middle East, said UVA
member Don Hathaway.
"If diplomacy works in
Colombia, why can’t it work in
Iran?" asked Dave Isenberg,
another UVA member. Pres.
Jimmy Carter didn’t order the
rescue mission for humanitarian
reasons, but because he want
ed to provoke the Iranians into
killing the hostages so the Unit
ed States “would have a reason
to go in” to Iran, Isenberg ad
The situation is much like the
1975 Mayaguez incident when
60 Marines d:-xl recovering 39
hostages, Isenberg said. Then,
Pres. Gerald Ford justified that
mission as a "humanitarian res
cue," just like Carter justified
the recent failure in Iran.
History repeating itself was a
commonly expressed theme of
the rally. Russ Linebarger, also
a UVA member, began his ad
dress by saying he intended to
give the crowd a "history les
son,” adding he was angry that
people "never seem to learn."
Other speakers pointed to the
relation of the draft to other
Financial woes abound,
convention leader says
The University’s upcoming
Mock Republican Convention is
in financial trouble.
Steering Committee chairer
Ed Kropp asked the Incidental
Fee Committee for a $3,000 loan
Tuesday, then requested the
committee to convert an unset
tled $800 loan to a transfer and
allocate an additional $1,200
from unallocated reserves.
Kropp said without IFC fund
ing the convention may not take
The IFC granted the conven
tion steering committee a
$2,800 loan on 100 percent
payback, and delayed action on
the other two requests.
The steering committee has
been plagued by a high turnover
of financial directors, leaving
fund raising well below the level
he had hoped it would reach,
Kropp said.
“We thought we'd get reams
of money from outside dona
tions, but it isn’t there,’’ he said
“As far as I know, if we don’t
Corrections and
In Tuesday’s Emerald,
the Iranian teach-in story
should have said that
Hassan is a member of the
Moslem Student Society
not the Moslem Studerit
get money from you we’ll have
to go somewhere else. I can’t
see where we would get the
money. The convention proba
bly wouldn't take place.”
Kropp justified the $2,800
loan by promising $3,000 in in
come from delegates at the May
9-11 convention. The estimated
1,300 delegates must pay $3
each for an information packet.
The request for unallocated
reserves allocations would
cover additional unexpected
expenses, according to Kropp.
“Basically, it’s to cover our
IFC chairer Adam Cohen
suggested the committee act on
Kropp's other funding requests
Thursday after “coming up with
some firmer numbers ”
In other business, the com
mittee funded a final budget of
$3,387 for the Crisis Center.
ASUO Pres. Scott Bassett ve
toed the program’s $6,400 bud
get last week.
Tents, packs,
sleeping bags
Now at our spring location
13t- ' Lawrence
683-1300 or 683-1100
Surprise a friend on
May Day
with a basket from
£uqene g flewefi ffme
610 E. 13th at Patterson
The University Florist
issues. “You're affected no
matter what your politics are,"
said Susan Buckles, a member
of the Coalition Opposing
Registration and the Draft.
Linebarger called for social
and political changes including
the nationalization of oil,
stronger anti-trust laws and
abolition of the Electoral Col
lege, saying these moves would
give Americans more power
over the issues, decisions and
problems that lead the country
into war.
Linebarger also said Carter
should be impeached, saying
the president violated the War
Powers Act by ordering the
mission to Iran without first
consulting Congress.
But Carter's move just
showed “how meaningless the
War Powers Act really is," said
Dave Fidanque, aide to Rep. Jim
Weaver, D-Ore.
It is important to realize the
president has a great deal of
power and can commit the
United States to war without the
permission of the American
people, Fidanque added, noting
that peacetime draft registration
would further enhance this
power by providing a pool of
readily available soldiers.
Fidanque said he was pes
Photo by Martha Stanton
Tuesday's anti-war/anti-draft rally in the EMU Breezeway attracted
fewer students than members of the University Veterans would
have liked. '‘You're affected no matter what your politics are," said
one speaker.
simistic about the fight to stop
draft registration. The issue is
expected to come up for a final
congressional vote in the Sen
ate next week.
“The mood in Washington is
pretty grim after the rescue
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