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n' round,
n' round ...
More than 1,100 people ran
for fun and funds Thursday at
the Fourth Annual Duck Jog
a-Thon at Hayward Field.
Each jogger was given one
hour to complete as many
laps as possible in the annual
athletic department
Photo by Bob Baker
House revitalizes Carter’s draft plan
Of the Emerald
Pres. Jimmy Carter's draft registration
plan came back to life Thursday after
hanging in limbo for almost two months
in a House committee.
With a 26-23 vote, the House Appro
priations Committee approved $13.3
million for the registration of 19- to
20-year-old men beginning in June
There will be an anti-draft rally today at
noon on the west lawn of the EMU. The
event is sponsored by the ASUO and the
University Veterans Association.
The entire House is expected to vote
on the funds Tuesday.
“We're looking forward to it passing in
the House and Senate,'' says Alan
Raymond, White House press officer.
The committee action was the adminis
tration's first victory in Congress for the
Anti-registration activists say the com
mittee vote was no surprise.
“It’s a setback but not an ultimate
defeat," says Duane Shank, director of
the national Committee Against Regis
tration and the Draft. “We knew the
commmittee vote would be close. The
administration put a great deal of pres
sure on the committee. That obviously
had an effect."
The Selective System Service is
pleased with the committee action, says
Larry Roffe, SSS representative. "But
we re not partying. We’re getting ready
to register people. We still have a lot of
work to do.”
The SSS is already printing up draft
registration forms, Roffe says. Even if
registration is defeated in Congress, the
SSS needs to have registration forms on
hand as part of the general revitialization
of the system, he adds.
Under Carter’s original $21 8-million
registration plan, announced Jan. 23,
men and women 19 and 20 years of age
would register for the draft early this
summmer. Those who turn 19 in 1981
would be registered starting in January.
Continuous registration of 18-year-olds
would also begin in January. Funds for
the registration of women were
squashed almost immediately.
The House subcommittee then cut the
remaining $13.3 million for the
registration of men down to $4.7 million,
enough money for a standby registration
program that wouldn’t start until the
president ordered mobilization in an
Although Carter has executive author
ity to register men, he needs funds for the
program. The funds, if approved by
Congress, will be transfered from an Air
Force reserve account.
Many of the subcommittee attacks on
Carter’s plan were sparked by a Jan. 16
selective service report that states
peacetime registration is “redundant
and unnecessary
But, according to anti-registration ac
tivists, the administration has lobbied
hard since the subcommittee defeat and
has put pressure on the full committee to
reinstate the registration funds.
“They were lobbying right up to the
last minute,” says Brendan Duffy, pre
sident of a Georgetown University anti
draft group that attended the committee
hearing. "I saw a vote lost right in front of
my eyes.”
“To make the president look pre
sidential, he has to get something
passed through Congress," says Barry
Lynn, CARD chairer. “It's all for the sake
of the image of the president.”
“I don't think it (the registration plan)
has been railroaded through the com
mittee by the administration," Roffe
says, adding that the committee vote was
a reflection of both administration lob
bying and a realization that registration is
a needed response to the Afghanistan
Although anti-draft activists predict
many youths will refuse to register if the
plan begins this summer, Roffe says the
selective service doesn't expect mass
resistance. Resisters face up to five
years in jail and/or a $10,000 fine for
failing to register.
"We certainly have been concerned
about resistance, but historically, 99 to
100 percent register. We don't think it’s
going to be that big of a problem.”
Lynn predicts registration legislation
will not get an OK from Congress this
summer because lawmakers know fund
ing registration will stir up anti-registra
tion anger again
But House Speaker Tip O’Neill says, "I
would be surprised if it were defeated."
He adds a White House survey shows
206 House representatives supporting
registration, 86 opposed and the
remainder of the 435 members
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