Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, April 18, 1980, Section B, Page 15, Image 26

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    LTD expects little impact from service cuts
Of the Emerald
In spite of the defeat of Lane
Transit District’s income tax
proposal, the downtown busi
ness area and LTD officials ex
pect minimal impact from the
proposed service cuts.
The proposed changes in
clude elimination of non-urban
area routes, reduction of Satur
day downtown service, increase
in fare to 65 cents in June and
revision of service on "hot”
routes — heavily used routes —
especially Lane Community
College and the University.
The “hot” route revisions will
include direct routes from the
south, east and west areas of
Eugene to the University and
LCC, says Ken Powris, transit
district planner. LTD opted to
revise the heavily used routes
despite the tax proposals
“I’m sure there’s going to be
some impact on the amount of
people coming into the down
town area,” says Emerson
Hamilton, a member of the
Eugene Chamber of
Commerce. “But overall it (the
impact) will be very insig
But the cuts will effect the
outlying service area, says Pat
Wonser, Coburg Chamber of
Commerce president. The
proposed cuts “will effect us
(Coburg) because we have
quite a number of senior ci
tizens who use the bus a lot.”
Business in Coburg will not be
effected though because peo
ple who live within the area go
into Eugene to shop, Wonser
The service cuts in non-urban
areas won't "have a significant
impact on Eugene but will cer
tainly have an impact here,”
Wonser says.
Junction City seniors will also
be effected, says Landa VanOr
den, Junction City Chamber of
Commerce secretary. “The first
and last buses (from Junction
City) are always full, and elderly
citizens (who ride the bus in the
middle of the day) will be effect
But overall the effects on
Junction City will be very small,
VanOrden says.
The Saturday service cuts
won't effect the downtown
much either, Hamilton says. "I
really don’t think the fare in
creases will have much impact,
in fact I think they have been too
slow in coming.
"We’ll probably recover in a
year or 18 months (from any
impacts the proposed cuts
might have),” Hamilton says.
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“We're still looking at the
same number of operations
hours, but it's a basic shift from
non-urban routes to urban
routes Mainly we’re looking at a
shifting of resources,” says Ron
Andersen, LTD service planner
The effects of the proposed cuts
are not known, but “all the
proposals are subject to public
hearing” before any decisions
will be made.
A brochure listing all route
changes will be distributed
before the changes are execut
But not everyone is pleased
with the fare increase and ser
vice cuts.
‘‘I really don't have a choice
(but to take the bus),’’ says
Sandra Vale, a Springfield re
sident. “I don't have a car so I
have to take the bus to get to
work everyday."
"I probably would pay the fare
increases," says Krista Horvath,
who uses the bus to get to the
University. "I can’t drive
because there’s no place to
Despite the service cuts and
the fare increase people will
probably continue to use the
bus, says Andersen. After all,
it’s the only bus around.
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