Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, September 25, 1975, Section I, Page 11, Image 10

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OraMng by Dm Stephan
Sinking in the real world?
The University Counseling
Center in Susan Campbell Hall
serves University students, fa
culty, staff and their spouses.
Concerns dealt with at the Center
include career choice, marriage,
interpersonal relationships, fears
and insecurities. Applications for
national tests such as CLEP, Col
lege Entrance Examination
Boards, Graduate Record Exami
nation, and Law School Admis
sion Test, are also available at the
The Counseling Center is open
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through
Talk to a counselor
Friday. In addition, the Crisis
Center, a volunteer staffed tele
phone service, will answer calls
anytime of the day or night. You
don’t have to be on the brink of a
crisis to call. If you are lonely, in a
rut, can’t get your thoughts
straight, or concerned about the
behavior of another person, the
Crisis Center may be able to help.
The staff at the Counseling
Center is composed of nine
trained professionals with docto
rates in counseling or clinical
psychology, five interns with pre
vious experience who are Ph.D.
candidates, and ten to twelve
graduate students seeking addi
tional training.
Generally, the counselors ap
proach problem-solving through
individual conferences or small
groups. In the past the Counseling
Center has sponsored groups in
self-awareness, communication
skills, and assertiveness training.
Clinic suited to clients
The University Psychology Clinic re
cently moved to Straub Hall, where it is
better equipped with individual consultation
rooms. Unlike the University Counseling
Center, the Psychology Clinic draws its
clients from the community. As a division of
the psychology department, the clinic exists
to provide practical training for students and
Ph D. candidates.
Individual counseling may cost anywhere
from 50 cents to $20 depending on the
client's income. Applying a behavioristic
approach, the psychology clinic specializes
in treating specific problem areas as fol
lows: marriage counseling, divorce adjust
ment, behavior problems of children, sex
ual dysfunction, smoking, problem drinking,
depression, weight reduction and self
If you call the clinic for assistance you will
be asked the nature of your problem. Since
the clinic's waiting lists are long, you may be
'eterred to a mental health center in Lane
County with which the clinic is affiliated or
be scheduled an intake interview for further
screening. If the clinic is doing research on
your particular problem your wait could be
considerably shorter.
Communications between the Psychol
ogy Clinic and Lane County Mental Health
serve to get the treatment best suited to
their clients.
Anyone admitted to counseling at the
clinic agrees to supervised observation of
their sessions for clinical training purposes.
The clinic uses videotape feedback
wherever it might be helpful, for instance
with marriage counseling. Equipment to
measure skin responses and heart rate
also are used occasionally to determine a
client's progress in reducing a fear or over
coming a habit like smoking or drinking.
1414 Kincaid
30-1-30 m-p
soap, coffee >etc ■
HP Demo Days Oct 2-3
Meet Hewlett-Packard
Factory Rep. Mike Curran
I he uncompromising ones.
The calculations you face require no less.
The new compact HP-21 and HP-25
scientific calculators take it easy on your
budget —and give you the same uncom
promising design and quality that go
into every Hew lett Packard pocket
calculator, regardless of price.
The HP-21 Scientific. *125.
32 built-in functionsand
Performs all log and trig functions, the
latter in radians or degrees, rectangular/
polar conversion; register arithmetic;
common log evaluation.
Performs all basic data
manipulations -
and executes all functions in one second
or less.
Both the HP-21 and the HP*25
RPN logic system.
Let's you evaluate any expression with
out copying parentheses, worrying
about hierarchies or restructuring be
forehand. You see all the intermediate
data displayed; you rarely re-enter data;
you can easily backtrack to find an error
because all functions are performed
Full decimal display control.
You can choose between fixed decimal
and scientific notation and you can con
trol the number of places displayed. The
HP-25 also gives you engineering nota
tion, which displays power of ten in
multiples of ±3 for ease in working with
many units of measure—e.g., kilo (103),
nano (10 w), etc.
Come in and see these great new
calculators today.
The HP-25 Scientific
Programmable. *195.
72 built-in functions and
All those found in the HP-21, plus
j 40 more.
Keystroke programmability.
The automatic answer to repetitive prob
lems. Switch to PRGM and enter the
same keystrokes you would use to solve
the problem manually. Then switch to
RUN and enter only the variables
needed each time.
Pull editing capability.
You can easily review and quickly add
or change steps.
Brunchingand conditional test
Eight built-in logic comparisons let you
program conditional branches.
8 addressable memories.
And you can do full register arithmetic
on all eight.
Full line of HP calculators
and accessories.
University of Oregon
895 East 13th Ave. • Mon-Fri 8:15-5:00, Sat 9-1:00
• Phone &86-4331