Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, July 01, 1975, Page 4, Image 4

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    Salem (UPI) — “Really, I don’t have any
thing against women at all, period," the top
candidate for the newly created position of
state affirmative action officer said today.
Harold Williams, a black, voted against
admitting women to the formerly all-male
Portland City Club during the club’s first
ballot on the issue in 1971. Gov. Bob
Straub’s chief of staff said today he is con
tinuing to recommend Williams for the af
firmative action job.
“I was then under the impression that the
City Club was strictly a men’s social dub
and I wasn’t fully aware of the
The plaque and the new dictionary were
exchanged somewhat ceremoniously with
the appropriate handshakes. The unwrap
ping of the wine skein was greeted with
laughter and less formality.
The occasion was Friday’s reception for
retiring University Pres. Robert Clark in the
ASUO office. Clark and his wife Opal were
admitted as honorary members of the As
sociated Students of the University of
Clark given
Top Affirmative Action candidate
denies anti-women’s rights tag
organization’s influence in the community
— or the implications of my vote," Williams
“When I realized the implications of that
election, I changed my vote to admit women
as members at the very next election.'
Williams said he has no negative feelings
against women and has in fact striven to
place them in jobs in state government
since he became the affirmative action of
ASUO Pres. Jim Bemau presented Clark
with a framed document offering Clark and
his wife lifetime membership in the ASUO,
“with all the privileges, rights and immun
ity thereof.”
Clark, in accepting the plaque, noted that
in all his years of teaching and administra
tive work, the greatest satisfaction was his
oontact with students. “On the fundamental
issues, I stood so often with the students,"
he said.
The wine skein, which Bemau explained
was often used by students at football
games “to take away the chill,” was given to
Clark, an ardent naturalist.
Thanking the 30 or more students pres
ent, Clark said, “What could be better in a
new life than a new wine skein?"
Constitutionality ruling requested
The ASUO Executive has asked the
ASUO Constitution Committee to rule on
what the Executive says is unconstitutional
behavior by the Incidental Fee Committee
The ASUO Executive says the IFC has
attempted to administer and direct prog
rams which, it says, is not within its constitu
tional role.
Jane Aiken, IFC chairer, says her com
mittee has not had enough time to study the
charges and to comment on them. She said
that committee member Bill Dick will ask the
Constitution Committee to delay the
scheduled 8:15 a.m. Thursday meeting so
that the IFC may have more time to prepare
a defense.
Housing rates
will increase
Outgoing University Pres. Robert
Clark announced an increase in monthly
rents in married student housing Friday ef
fective September 1.
Rent in one, two and three-bedroom
units in the Amazon project were each in
creased $7.50 a month. New rates will be
$54 a month for one bedroom, $60 for two
bedrooms, and $77.50 for three-bedroom
At Westmoreland, two-bedroom units
increased $14 to $105 a month, and one
bedroom units increased $4 to $85 a
Pres. Clark deviated slightly from the
recommendations for increases provided
by Housing Director H.P. Barnhart. Bar
nhart recommended increasing one
bedroom units at Westmoreland $5 a
month and two-bedroom units $12.50 a
Bo gen called the Amazon rent “very
modest” and pointed out that Westmore
land rent has not increased since 1970.
ficer for the Personnel Division in 1973.
Williams said that of 327 persons he has
placed in state jobs in the past two years,
over 200 of them have been women. The
figure of 200 includes minority women, Wil
liams said.
The job of state affirmative action officer
was created by legislative passage of a bill
appropriating $50,000 for the position over
the next two years.
Keith Bums, Gov. Straub's chief of staff,
said today that he is continuing to recom
mend Williams for the job. Earlier, Bums
said he wanted to discuss Williams' City
Club vote before making a final recommen
dation to the governor.
Earlier, Bums said he believed that Wil
liams has been at least equally concerned
with the problems of women as he has with
the Droblems of minorities.
Anne Kelly, the lobbyist for the ACLU
Women's Project, which backed the bill,
earlier said the appointment of Williams
would amount to a sellout by Straub.
Kelly said Straub promised the women
who worked on his campaign that efforts
would be made to bring more women into
state government.
Kelly said that if Straub appoints a man to
the affirmative action job, it amounts to a
sellout to women's groups.
Straub, during his town hall meeting tour
last week, told a Coos Bay group that he
would like to appoint a woman to the affir
mative action officer position.
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