Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, April 25, 1952, Page Four and Five, Image 4

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    New Science Building:
♦ ♦ ♦
«► ♦
A Confusing Electrical Maze
LOOKING OVER the master
'Switchboard, located in the ba.se
-ment of the new science build
ing, is E. G. Ebbighausen, asso
ciate professor of physics. This
board is the nerve center of the
Imilding's electrical installation.
(Photos by Art French)
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The Physical Plant Catches Up with the Curriculum
THE SCIENCE BUILDING looked like thi» (left) In
I lie KUiiuner of 1».")0 after the foundation)! had been
rofnpli<li<4.'Conktrurtlon wan Ix-gun in April of thuf
Non Iho ImililiiiK. (omplrtrd cvropt for land
scaping, looks like thin, (rlf^ht) seen from the side
walk approach, looking northeast.
New Science Building.Sans Odors; Has Other Features
Including Telescope, Kitchens, Pastel Aquatic Bathtubs
By Harriet Walrath
They thought of everything in
designing the Science building
they've even gotten rid of the usual
The University's new $1,600,000
structure circulates super-fresh air
all o%'er the building and takes the
aid, smelly air out through venti
lators on the roof.
Also on the roof is ft telescope. It
is tlie first the University has own
ed and with the placing of this in
strument, equipment is complete
for teaching astronomy.
Not Dry Sessions
Seminars in the new Science
building won't be the old dry ses
sions that they used to be. Con
cealed behind doors in the seminar
room Is a kitchenette, complete
with stove, sink and cupboards for
making coffee and other goodies.
The main part of the physics de
partment, located in the basement,
holds among other things the spec
troscopic lab under the direction of
S. Y. Ch en associate professor of
physics. In room 8 today Ch en will
conduct experiments showing why
the sky is blue and what causes
a sunset. Times for the demonstra
tions are 4:10, 5:10, and 10:10 p.m.
today and 5:10 p.m. Saturday.
One of the machines in the lab,
the micro-photometer, was built by
H. D. Osborn, physics department
technician, at ch'en's suggestion.
♦ ❖ ♦
< ommerclHlly it would nave co-i
the University more than >*oo(>
but actually coat only about $1000,
Ch’en said.
The main lecture room is an am
phitheater and contaiiTh a projei -
lion booth, complete lab for class,;
room demonatration anti an asbes
tos fire wall that can be dropped
to isolate the fire.
Showers are placed in the door
ways of all chemistry labs for Imj
mediate use in case of spilled acid
or an explosion. A machine that
makes chipped ice will eliminate
the need for making It by hand
with an ice pick for experiments.
In the genetics research lab on
third floor, two constant tempera
ture rooms have been Installed for
the breeding of fruit flies, under
the direction of C. W. Clancy, assoj
ciate professor of biology. The lab
also contains a room for storage
and preparation of food for thA
flies. *
The Animal Room
The interesting third floor also
contains animal rooms with every^
thing from tropical fish to white
tats. There are dissecting rooms
and kitchens for preparation of
food for the animals. •
Across the halls from the two
large chemistry labs on first and
second floors are their storage
rooms. These arc complete with
shelves, chemical benches and i»
bat k entrance to the elevator.
Designer Expert on Old Coaches.
By Noreen Johnson
Versatile Ivan Collins, designer
of the details and fixtures in the
new Science building, is one of the
rare people who is an expert on
models of Colonial horse-drawn
coaches and is an authority on this
type of early transportation.
Collins has done work on this
line in the Smithsonian institute
and was the object of a feature in
I>ife magazine. He has written a
book on the history of horse-drawn
Has 46 Models
At present Collins has ■;6 models
and has spent 16 years in making
the scale models in detail. His
ambition is to complete 100 differ
ent models closely covering the
field. His models include wagons,
a horse-drawn fire ladder truck,
two gas generating wagons which
are models of those used in the*
Civil War, covered wagons and
railroad express wagons.
The way in which Collins goes
about getting his material low
these projects is painstaking. He
finds a large true-to-life model and
takes many pictures of it from all
angles. From the photos ho makes
detailed drawings of the wagons.
Talks to the Boys
He also talks to old-time car
riage makers and learns their tech
niques so that it will enable him to
take shortcuts in his work. 'I hen
he goes to work on the tiny models.
Collins used to be group super
visor in the engineering experi
mental department for Lockljjea
Aeroplane company in Los An
geles before he was employed here
1 i.i elevator is different from
Ike rest of the elevators on cam
pus It takes a key to call tlx* ele
vator and a key to operate. Stu
dents will use the stairs,
i All through the building are re
j'y.irch labs for graduate students
land professors In chemistry, phys
nrs, and the biological sciences.
I •.
Unices arc arranged in two ways.
Some professors prefer to have the
lab bark of their office while
others like it the other way around.
Blackboards are placed at vari
ous spots on the hallways. This
makes it handy for graduate stu
dents or instructors to answer
questions of passing students.
Lighted bulletin boards with glass
doors that lock and show cases are
also in abundance.
The new building is complete
even to the incinerator for burning
waste biological products. The
chemistry department has waited
30 years for this building, but they
feci that it was worth waiting for.
/ A (J.ASS IN ZOOLOliV, assembled In tin1 largest zoology. Thl;i is one of the lecture rooms equipped
l lure room in the new building—it seats 20(f— with left-handed desks for southpaw students,
listens to a lecture by It. It. Huestls, professor of
I'll IS IS one of tho largo chemistry laboratories.
About 50 .students can work at one time in this room.
Bathtubs for the Frogs
LIVE FROGS are stored in the bathtubs in the foreground, for use in
lab demonstrations. Fish are kept in many small aquariums similar
to the one on the right, against the back wall. The tubs and aquariums
are so arranged that water is continually flowing in and out of them.
S. Y. CH’EN, associate professor of physics, watches while graduate
student Ted Wisniewski conducts a spectroscopy experiment in one
of the physics laboratories.
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