Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, April 24, 1952, Page Six, Image 6

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    'Operation Politics' Cut to One Day
Due to Coniiict With House Dances
“Operation Politics," Oregon’s
rock political convention, will be
1 -Id only May 2. not May 2 and 3
n- originally planned, due to mi
x' ■'rous house dances planned for
Saturday. May 3.
Governor Val Peterson of Ne
braska will be the key-note speak
e* at the convention.
The decision to hold a mock Re
p blican convention was made
earlier by the students through a
campus poll.
Houses Voted
V'arious living organizations
have been paired and assigned the
slates to be represented at the con
vention. Each living organization
e' >cted its representatives for their
respective states. Representatives
ace to contact the Republican
headquarters of their assigned
s’»tes in order to determine for
vhora that state will vote in the
national presidential nominating
House representatives are urged
to call Bob Ridderbusch, Phi Sigma
Kappa, as soon as they have com
pleted a list of their delegates.
Students living off campus who are
interested in serving as delegates
are also requested to call Ridder
Idea Caine From Oborlln
The original idea for the mock
convention came from the Oberlin
college convention in Ohio, which
boasts of 92 years of experience
with mock conventions.
It is the desire of the students
planning the convention that "Op
erations Politics" will be a realis
tic replica of a national conven
port WSSF.
Support your Ugly Man -sup
■ ■ i. ,1 ■ -I
Ali-campus Vodvil
£.ilie*ti*Uf On
...Qn KWAX
3:00 Idaho-U of (> llasebnll <San«‘
r>:.H0 Nous
5:45 (’ampus Nows
0:00 Campus Intorvlow
8:15 Musio in tho Air
0:30 Workshop Drama
7:00 Progressive Khythms
7:30 Surpriso Paekage
r 7:45 Invitation to Hoad
8:00 Campus Classics
0:00 Serenade to tho Student
10:00 Anything (loos
10:50 News
10:55 A Tune on Say Goodnight
10:00 Home Ext 110 SIT
Noon Chem Staff 112 SIT
l'hi Theta Epsilon
Comm ESE
Movie Comm 318 SE
Queen Sel 11 1 SIT
Spanish Table 113 SU j
Deseret 214 SE |
12:30 Theta Siffina l*hl 213 SE I
2:00 WSSF 215 SU
3:30 Jr Week-end Promotion
113 SE j
4:00 Bar/.an Coffee Hr
Dads Km SE
Br Km Comm 201 SE
Art Gallery Comm 313 SE
l’ers Comm 302 SE
6:30 Seabhard A Blade 313 SE
Foods Movie 110 SE
7:00 ASEO Nimi Ashly
Ballrtn SE
7:30 IRC Elect 333 SE
Chess Club 1I2SL'
9:00 Rush Chrm 213 SE
little Boy Short*
10-20 ... $3.95
10-20 ... $4.95
Carryall. . $2.95
Deck Trou
10 20 ... $5.95
W/tiU Bottoms are Tops
Half Maori
10-20, $3.95
Laiy Susan
Wrap Skirt
S-M-l, $7.95
Rope Jack
10-20, $5.95
Hoe Down
10-20, $6.95
Wrap RaKal
Sun Jumper
S-M-l, $8.95
White Stag goes to all lengths, from scants
to deck trou’s to deck you out for care-free
days-in-the-sun. In ORIGINAL SAILCLOTH,
the fabric that looks even better after scores
of tubbings. Easy to iron. Sanforized, of
(List the colors in solids and stripes
you feature here.)
Reserve Commissions Available
Through Advanced ROIC Course
Men who are not presently en
rolled in the ROTC program, but
who are eligible to apply for the
advanced course and interested in
obtaining a reserve commission are
urged by the department of mili
tary science to apply at that de
To tpiulify for enrollment in ad
vanced ROTC an applicant must
have completed two years of basic
RCTC and have had two full aca
demic years remaining in school or
be a veteran of at least 12 months
service arid have it at least two full
academic years remaining at the
Army and Air Foree Options
The military department has an
advanced army ROTC program and
an nir force ROTC program. The
army ROTC program offers train
ing in the infanty and the trans
portation corps. Upon successful
completion of army ROTC training
the graduate is appointed a second
lieutenant in the organized reserve
corps of the army.
The advanced air force ROTC
Art Workshop
Deadline April 30
The deadline for turning in art
material for the Student Work
shop. to be held May 2 to 11, Is
April 30 in the Student Union
browsing room.
Paintings submitted must be
prepared for mounting, and water
color work must be matted. Other
materials which may be submitted
are ceramics, sculpture and weav
Art majors who plan to submit
work must do their projects out
side of class or if done In class
they must be a year old.
Foreign Students
To Be Entertained
At Sunday Picnic
The annual foreign student pic
nic sponsored by the International
affairs committee of the YMCA
and YWCA will be held Sunday at
the Frank Graham residence at
All persons planning to go are
to leave their names at the YM of
fice in the Student Union or the
YW headquarters in Gerlinger by
noon Friday, YW Chairman Bar
bara Boushey has announced. Any
one is invited to attend, Miss Bou
shey said.
The group attending will meet
in back of the Student Union at
10 a.m. Sunday. Sack lunches are
to be brought, Miss Boushey said,
and refreshments will be provided.
A charge of 25 cents will be made
to cover the refreshments and
Selective Service
Qualification Tests
Scheduled Today
Selective Service qualification
tests will be given on campus to
day at 8:30 a.m. in Fenton hall, ac
cording to J. Spencer Carlson, di
rector of counceling and admis
All men planning to take the test
he said, should present their tick
ets of admission at room 3, Fen
ton hall, where the test will be held.
Doors will close at 9 a.m. for the
exam. Persons taking the exam arc
asked to bring a pen or a No. 2
pencil. The exam takes about three
hours excluding time for reading
Support your Ugly Man—sup
port WSSF.
offer* four options: administration
and cglstica, comptrollcrshlp, gen
ernl technical and flight opera*
Thu administration and legistlcs
option prepares the student In ad
ministration, supply and transpor
tation functions. The comptroller
ship option prepares the cadet In
the statistical service of the air
force. General technical is primar
ily designed for students majoring
in science and mathematics, to pre
pare them for the technical serv
I ices of the air force. Flight opera
| tions is designed to prepare stu
dents for flight training in such
! positions as pilot, navigator, ob
! server, and radar man.
Voluntary Application
I Completion of the air force pro
gram gives the cadet a commission
as second lieutenant in air force
The student must apply volun
tarily for admission, according to
the ROTC department, ami must
be selected by the head of the In
stitution and the head of the mili
tary unit. Those selected must sign
an agreement to continue In the
KOTC during the remainder of
their undergraduate courses, and
to attend summer camp when or
dered to do so.
In return they become entitled to
receive a monetary allowance (at
the current rate 00 cents per day>
except while attending camp. The
four-week summer camp is usually
attended between the junior and
senior years. While at camp, the
student is paid at the rate of $75
per month, ami is furnished sub
slstence, housing, medical care and
necessary uniforms.
Railroad fare paid for by the
ROTC, or a travel allowance of
5 cents per mile, is authorized for
the round trip to and from camp.
The advanced course contract is
not to be confused with the defer
ment agreement, which continues
throughout the period of military
training and thereafter as long as
the individual remains in good
standing in the ROTC program.
The army ROTC is now accept
ing applications for advanced
training in transportation and In
fantry fields. Deadline for applica
tions is April 30. Applicants for
army ROTC will be interviewed by
a boatd of officers beginning Sat
PS Professors
To Attend Meet
Several members of the Univer
sity of Oregon political science de
partment will attend the fifth an
nual Northwest Political Science
association meeting at Washing
ton State College in Pullman,
Wash., Friday and Saturday.
Faculty members who will par
ticipate in the program are M. J.
Flaeh, visiting lecturer in politi
cal science, who will talk on “The
Effect of the United Nations on
International Tensions" at the
round-table discussion of "The
United Nations in the Framework
of Power Politics;" and J. M. Fos
kett, associate professor of sociol
ogy, who will speak on “The Con
tribution of Sociology to Political
Science” during the round-table
discussion of “The Contribution of
History to Political Science.”
Surprenant Elected
Paul Surprenant, Pi Kappa Phi,
was elected president of the House
managers association Tuesday
Other officers elected wore Low
ell Schuck, Delta Upsilon, vice
president; Bill Wright, Alpha Tail
Omega, secretaiy; and Marty
Johnson, Sigma Phi Epsilon, treas