Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, March 13, 1952, SPRING OPENING Edition, Page Thirteen, Image 13

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    Dolly with Dali, Juggle with Jewelry
These Courses Are Interesting, Informative,
But Few Have the Time to Take All of Them
By Donna Pastrovich
Term hours: minimum, 180.
It’s enough hours to graduate,
but not 1/16 enough to take all the
be-sure-and-take courses offered
"Take short story writing,"
someone tells us. "It's the most
fascinating subject of all." The
only catch is that you have to
write short stories for It.
The art school's course In jewel
ry is described as fun and creative
... and not too expensive. It's off
ered on a two, three or four hour
basis any time.
Those who find thenis elves
speechless while viewing heavenly
bodies might do well to take des
criptive astronomy, a three-hour
course offered by the physics de
partment, which deals with facts
regarding and observation of the
heavenly bodies.
“Is there u doctor in the house?
There usually Isn't, but three hours
Of first aid, taught In the health
department, should fit anyone for
the role of house minor-emergency
Introduction to music literature,
two hours for three terms, is re
commended strongly by music ma
jors who sigh in resignation over
their friends lack of music appre
ciation. The course offers a study
of composers and their workH from
pre-Bach through the contempo
People who like to impress others
by murmuring at art exhibits, but
who can't tell a Rembrandt from
a Dali, might enjoy history of
painting. There are nine hours of
it offered in a three-term sequence.
Radio workshop provides the op
portunity to hear yourself as others
hear you. The class makes radio
type productions and then listens
to tape recordings of them.
A library course, books and read
ing, includes study on how to
Judge the merits of books. This
might be a good course to avoid,
lest we become too critical of our
$5.75 textbooks.
Perhaps useful to music majors
and people who take shower baths
is the music school's opera work
shop, a two-hour, three-term course
which specializes In study and per
formance of opera.
Now that choral union has lost
its one-time popularity as a one
hour course, students arc turning
to classic myths, one hour for three
terms In the general arts and let
ters department, which deals with
Troy, Thebes and the Golden
A course with one of the most
unique names is Biology 411, also
known as Introduction to Mam
malian Physiology. It's a four
hour fall term course. Higher Fun
gi is offered during the same term.
Primitive Thought instructors
do not stress primitive thinking in
Summer Session
The University of Hawaii
announces a full curri
culum for its Summer
Session, 1052, starting
ji.i.v * unu cnuing nugusi i. L/!»iingutsnea veiling and
resident faculty members v» ill give 120 credit courses in 27
fields of study for under graduate and graduate students,
ham credits while you absorb the sun and fun and fasci
nation of an enchanting subtropical island, hive on campus,
15 minutes from Waikiki Bench. Write for our booklet
giving complete information.
Honolulu, Hawaii
thrir courses. For those who are
still interested, it is a full-year
course in anthropology with three
credits each term.
Two years of zoology are re
quired for Biology 525, occasion-!
ally referred to by its descriptive j
name, "Kxperimental Morphogene- j
Attic Orators is probably limited
to top-floor speakers. In the de
partment of foreign languages,
Vulgar Latin and Old Provencal is
not offered this year. Maybe the
administration heard about it.
There arc no fake variables in
Math 554, 555, 556, listed as "Func
tions of a Real Variable."
"A survey of survey courses"
might be one way of describing
survey of social science. It's a
three-term course offering a look
into economics, political science.
4 9?ll
Now Playing
Andie Murphy &
Beverly Tyler
— also —
Ozzie and Harriet Nelson
I"l !l,V ft AlOfP DIAL S-102Z
Now Playing
Tosbino Mifune & Michiko
Kyo (Japanese)
Now Playing
Loretta Young &
Robert Mitchum
— also —
Robert Mitchum &
Jan Greer
MARCH 12-13-14-15
J ' I
Winner Of The
GrandPrize 1951
Venice Film Festival
"A rare piece oi
film arl" -n.y. Timet
<* St , J
jit /y .
'...Brilliant artistry,
displayed in impassioned
N.Y. Herald Tribune
foreign film
of year"
"Best directed
film of year"1
—Nat'l td. of Review
“Important in iho annals
o! cinema history”. i
—N.Y. Doily News
.. Polished artistry in a
strange and individual
N.Y. World-Telegram
The great and exciting Japanese production
^ which brings a new experience In the cinema.
. ., introducing the beautiful
"Worthy oi the citations oi 'Best' it
already has won".
— N.Y. Daily Mirror
“A skillful and arresting piece
ol picture-making".
— N.Y. Journal-Americon
Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures'
jjoh OfijiosUunitiei
Hallmark f ards announce* jrotiitions
(rir t»/)rnt« to travel a*- *ales representatives
and trainee*.
Applicant* for tfj**e jobs mu«t I* between
fit* ag<* of and .u> and must have mini
mum of two >ears of college.
The territory covered by Hallmark rep-r
tentative* includes Oregon, Washington and
( altfornia. The applicant must also have a
lat' model car for traveling.
Silling experience i« not necessary for
tlu‘f po*-11ioji• hut applicant- must l*e eager
for a career, the greeting card company '-a d
Salary is from $.*,000 to 4,000 a year w ;h
all expenses (aid. A two week annual vaca
tion and an insurance and retirement pro
gram are feature - of these job*.
Interested students may obtain application
blank- and additional information in the
graduate placement office, Kinerald ball.
Jol> s available thre ;ghmit tho
‘fate for March and Jure graduate*. ?'*
dent* *i*>hing any of the following j- hi
•hnnld r#i'i«fcr in thr graduate placement ot
bce *oon i>oM-*hle and also turn the ir
rccr mmendat ion« in early.
Mat? Well Envelope company ha* a p< i
tinn open for a *ab«man for ‘he Portland
aiea. Secretarial position* are open in vari
mi*. com nan ir« and linn- in Salem, Portia; <1
and Springfield.
The f»uy F. Atkin*on contracting comps ’/
• *» looking for men fr.r hu- operation f
contra; ting accounting. A rtpre‘.entafive '- 'I
he on carnpv.r in April to interview int* r
e“t«d •tudent*.
Wf vfrhano-r Timber company ha- vario'1**
i position* aavilahh for accountant*. There »
I '-p opening in Eugeen v. •:h the N'atior. 1
1 Cat-h Register company.
Fresh, young ideas keynote our Spring ’52
collections. Jn coats -nits, dresses, casual- and
evening fashions the feeling is gay . .. viva
cious. Come in and -ce them, won’t you?
There’s a silhouette for everyone and infinite
variations of fabric and color. You will see all
that is new, yet timelessly chic.
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