Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, January 29, 1952, Page Eight, Image 8

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    Atomic Energy Exhibit
USE OF RADIOISOTOPES In agriculture Is explained by Carolyn
Bradford of the American Museum of Atomic Energy. The exhibit is
part of the Atomic Energy display which opens in the Student Union
today at 1 p.m. The exhibit will be on campus through Thursday.
(Continued from fiagr one)
isotopes in agriculture, industry,
medicine and biology, among
others, will be shown as well as a
typical tracer experiment and a
model of the atom-smashing Van
de Graff generator.
The production of radioisotopes
is demonstrated by making some
of the silver atoms in a dime radio
active. The radiation is extremely
short-lived and is harmless and if
a spectator wishes to contribute
his dime, the coin will be encased
to an hour and a half to complete
the circuit.
Oregon is the only Pacific coast
[ state in which the exhibit will be
shown. It is being sponsored by the
general extension division of the
Oregon state system of higher
education, and is brought to Eu
gene through the cooperation of
the University of Oregon. Other
cities in Oregon which have shown
or will show this exhibit are Med
ford, Corvallis and Portland,
in a plastic and aluminum contain
er as a souvenir of the exhibit.
Many other features are includ
ed in this exhibit which is shown
in a guided tour requiring one hour ;
Precedent Found
{Continued from payt one i
•'2. Meet a standard of good
standing with the University of
Il'inots, i.e.:
"a. Be a recognf-ed organized
independent hous'
"b. Have on file In the office
of the dean of men or women
an approved copy of their cur
rent constitution.
•*c. Home duly elected, respon
sible officers.
"d. Have on file with the dean
of men or women a current
membership list.
"3. Submit a request for such
service in writing . . . outlining:
“a. Reasons for requesting
such service.
“b. The proposed method of
handling toll charges placed
on the phone.
"c. The name and age of the
house officer to be responsible
for contracting for the phone
and for paying and receiving
all bills.
“d. Approval of the house
owner or operator stating his
acceptance or the proposed
A form is filled out. and then
turned in to a student-administra
tion committee of approval. The
committee then recommends or
disapproves the house's application
for business rate telephone service.
Only 500 luncheon tickets re
main. Be sure you have one for
Buy Luncheon tickets for Dad in
S.U. today.
Fire Razes Den In Sorority House
A cigarette, smoldering in a dav
enport, started a fire at the Alphft
Gamma Delta sorority house early
Sunday morning. The fire razed
the den; damage was estimated by
the Eugene Fire 'epartment at
“several hundred d< ’\ars.”
The cigarette bla* ' was first no
ticed during the sorority's house
dance. The davenport was moved
i-' the porch and thoroughly
drenched, then moved back into
the den. At 5.40 u.m. Saturday, the
housemother, Mrs. Kent Roe,
awoke and discovered the den was
on fire.
"Another 10 minutes and the
blaze would have spread to the
rest of the house," said Assistant
Fire Chief Frederick von Appen,
who inspected the house. “The
girls were lucky that their fire
doors were closed; they prevented
the blaze from spreading up the
Htr.tr well.
He emphasized th»t all living or
ganizations are required to havo
"o-e-hour" doors on ull floor en
trai.. from the Htalr wells. These
doors are designed to withstand a
fire foi .me hour, thus giving occu
pants time to escape.
Also, he jald that many Univer
sity living organizations are vio
lating city regulations by using
flammable materials In their house
dance decorations,
"I -checked six houses where
house dances were to be held last
weekend,” he said. "Three of them
were using untreated materials as
part of their decorations.” He
pointed out that houses have been
put on social probation for viola
tions of this fire ordinance in the
past; also, a city ordinance pro
vides for other fines.
jjab Gf*pMiu*utiel
Information about all job oppor
tunity may be obtained at the
graduate placement office In Em
erald hall.
Thr officer procurement office of the T S.
Marine (*<»rp* announce* it* officer candidate
course to be held at Uuauntico, Virginia, on
March 17, 195’. Applicant* niuit clear Port
land by Fcl». 15.
This program is for recent fTactuate* of the
I’niveraity. The Marine (*orp» headquarter*
is assigned a quota of 15 men for the claw* and
at the present there arc only h men accepted.
Beyond physical requirement* all a caudi
date ban t« have i* a degree and f>r
thr an**’' of JO 27. Krc and dental rr*jttin
mrnti have r«bir«d. to II v»•»«**» (or
each r%c and JH urvictaMc teeth.
Tom Mar dull. of Ceiiera) Elrcfrhr** intei
vtewmi utaff, wdt Ik* on I be t>nrg«ii». fauiipu^j
Feb. 4 to interview ninnlier * of the March <»riW**
June graduating olaw*.
Although from (T.F..'» Hanford flanf,
Marshall will •|«rak with tbo*r intmtliij i»»
the Srhtiwrudy ovcoiimti' of the twnf»atn
I'hyuticifti*. cboimU, Mvi bit* u tea* arlmnuatr.
tion graduate* are needed at tliia time, hi
< uni|«unv ban announced.
Any intemird Mmirtil* are urged to ic*;.
ter at thr graduate placement office.
V-. :- ' ™^*im** m mm i ~i.iir'i»iiiifmnr" ~t 77“ 4 ' f 1 ■
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