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    World News Capsules —- ■ ■ -
Floods in Eastern States Kill Nine,
7009 Persons Forced trom Homes
(T'roin the wires of the United Press and Associated Tress)
Compiled by Kitty Fraser
Hoods in three eastern states have taken nine lives and
forced 7000 persons from their homes.
'I he flooded < )hio river, over its hanks in Pennsylvania, Ohio
and West \ irginia, pushed its crest through Wheeling, West
\ irginia, Monday and headed down stream for Marietta, Ohio.
Hood stage at Marietta is 35 feet and Army engineers estimate
the river will crest at 47 feet this afternoon. The crest i> not
expected to reach Cincinatti until Thursday,
Towns when* the crest has passed are not out of danger. Heavy rain
In Central Ohio is expected to dump more flood waters into the Ohio
through its tributaries. State officials report at least 100 Ohio high
, ways cut by high water, with river bank industries flooded and schools
closed in muny cities and towns.
In Pennsylvania, officials said more rain had fallen over the past
i weekend than the heavy rain that brought a disastrous flood in 1936.
No casualties have been reported in Pennsylvania, a network of flood
control dams is credited with saving the western part of the state
from serious damage.
Anti-British rioting . . .
. . . ha« died clown In Cairo, the capital of Egypt, since King Farouk
Sunday threw out the cabinet and set up a new one. The country re
mains under martial law'and the new premier Aly Maher Pasha, says
It will stay that way unless conditions change.
The new independent premier has been promised conditional support
from the powerful Wafdisl party, the group which was ousted when he
was named premier. The condition is that the new premier follow the
policy of ousting the British from the Suez Canal area and the Sudan.
The United States has . . .
. . . granted 300 million dollars to bolster Britain's defense production.
It's about half what Britain said it would need. In announcing the
grant, Mutual Security Director W. Averell Harriman noted that Bri
tain is currently producing more military equipment than all other
European alies combined.
The money will come out of the seven billions appropriated by Con
gress under the Mutual Security Act. Herriman said the grant will be
used almost entirely for raw material and other items purchased up to
next July.
Harriman justified the grant with the explanation that without the
300 million. Britain would be forced to reduce its defense program mote
than twice as much. And he said it's vital that no such reduction should
be made.
♦ ♦ ♦
In Manila, reparations .
.. . talks between the Philippines and Japan have opened on a friendly
note. However, the meeting was quickly recessed after the Philippines
handed the Japanese World War two damage claims of more than eight
million dollars.
Hazel Schwering
Exchange Dinner
Pairings Listed
House pairings for the Hazel
Schwering exchange dinners were
announced at the Heads of Houses
meeting Monday. The dinners are j
scheduled for Thursday at all
' women's houses.
The Hazel Schwering dinners,
. named in honor of a former dean
of women, are held for the purpose
of collecting money for scholarship
awards. Contributions are taken
up at the dinners.
Pairings are Alpha Delta Pi,
Zeta Tau Alpha; Alpha Gamma
Delta, Delta Delta Delta; Alpha
Chi Omega, Sigma Kappa; Alpha
Phi, Delta Zeta; Delta Gamma,
' Alpha Omicron Pi; Gamma Phi
Beta, Alpha Xi Delta; University
house,* Ann Jttdson.
Rebec and Orldes, Chi Omega;
Carson 1 and 2, Highland and Hen
' dhicks; Carson 3, Kappa Alpha
Theta; Carson 4, Kappa Kappa
' Gamma; Carson 5, Pi Beta Phi.
Eugene Assistant Fire Marshal
Frederick von Appcn, spoke to the
group about fire protection regu
lations in houses. Dance decora
tions must be cleared by the fire
■ marshal before dances. Von Appen
emphasized the importance of hav
- ing monthly fire drills, using the
fire escapes and checking alarms
in the houses. Penalties will be im
posed on houses not meeting the
regulations, he said.
Barbara Williams, heads of
houses president, has asked that
all women’s living organizations
- turn in the names of their new
officers to her or to Mrs. Golda
Wickham, director of women's af
Miss Williams also requested
* that women's houses which can
"house delegates to the Northwest,
Drama conference here Feb. (j
through 9 notify Mrs. Wickham.
Morris Returns
From Meeting
Victor P. Morris, dean of the
business administration school, re
turned from the East last week
where he attended a meeting of
the executive committee of the
American Association of Collegi
ate Schools of Business.
Morris is a member of the ex
ecutive committee. The University
of Oregon is a member of the asso
ciation. The University entered the
association in 1914, very soon after
its organization.
The executive committee is con
sidering the application for admis
sion of several schools in different
parts of the country. These appli
cations, however, will be held up
for a few months pending a nation
wide study of the standards of the
schools which are already mem
The study, beii»g made by Dean
Richard L. Kozelka of the School
of Business Administration at the
University of Minnesota, is cover
ing some 25 schools of business.
The executive .committee also
completed plans for the annual
meeting of the association which
will be held this year at the Uni
versity of Denver, late in April.
While in the East, Morris inter
viewed a number of men who are
being considered for appointments
on the Oregon staff.
Among the campuses visited by
Morris were Columbia, New York
University, Michigan, Wayne, Chi
cago and Washington university
at St. Louis, Mo. Morris said he
found that upon these campuses,
veteran conditions, shrinking en
rollments and staff vacancies are
about the same as they are in the
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S.U. today.
Pianists Featured
( Continued from page one)
habit never to practice apart, and
thus never hear the music except
in its entirety.
The program Tuesday night will
"Air Tendie" by Francois Cop
perin, "Concerto i" C minor" by
? ■ rc-Mcmmm
Back, "Variations on a Theme of
Beethoven” by Camille Saint
Saens, “Jeux d’enfants” by Georg
es Bizet, "Danzon Cubano” by
Aaron Copland, "Waltz from Sec- :
ond Avenue Suite in New York" by ;
Vittorio Rietl, "Waltz Musette”
by Francis Poulenz, and "Bra
ziliera” by Darius Milhaud.
Northrop Pictures
(Coniinued from page one)
than Nehru and the West because
the Indian Hindus have more in
common with the Chinese Confu- 1
cianists than with the West. The
four major philosophies of Asia are 1
giving rise to a solidarity of Asia. ;
he said.
Northrop also believes there is a
possibility of a united Europe be
cause most of Western Europe is
predomimintly Homan Catholic,
which gives those countries a com
mon cultural base.
Northrop will speak at 1 p.m.
today in the University theater on
the subject of "East and West and
Problems of World Law.”
Social Calendar
Social activities for the rest of
the week include:
Sigma Phi Epsilon and Delta
Delta Delta
Smarty Party
Hazel Schwering Dinner
Phi Kappa Psi
Gamma Phi Beta
Sigma Kappa
Theta Chi
House Dances:
Delta Tau Delta
Delta Upsilon
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Noon Drama Staff 110SU
French Table 111 SU j
1 p.ni. Atomic Energy Exhibit
Ballroom SU
Northrop Lecture
Univ Theater
1:80 Coneert Comm 323 SU
4:00 Honor Code 337 SU
Northrop Coffee Hr
334 SU
Rally Bd 110SU
7:00 Class Council 111 SU
Dance Instr 334 SU
Chr Science 3rd Fir tier
1YCF Alumni Hall Ger
King of Hearts 315 SU
7:30 Chess Club Comm L SU !
Open Rushing 8 Fenton
Boys Farm Well
NAUGATUCK, Conn.— (U.R) —
During the past seven years, Mi
chael Wargo, 18, and his 13-year
old brother George have received
nearly 900 awards for their farm
ing efforts. The boys' crops and
animals were raised on a hillside
farm comprised of only three
he—. ■ ' ‘ ' ‘ ’ 1 '
Modem Dress Role
Last for Jo Delap
Dy van savage
“This in the first modern dress
show I’ve ever played in," Jo De
Lap stated in reference to her role
in “All the King’s Men.” "It is also
the first time I've worn heeis on
stage,” she continued.
Miss DeLap plays Sadie Burke,
Willie Stark's little helper. Sadie
is a hard bitten, cynical woman,
“from the wrong side of the
tracks.” Though not pretty fher
face was scarred, a dynamic and
domineering person who has con
trol over all the men in the play
with the exception of Stark, whom
she loves sincerely.
Sadie Meets Stark
Sadie meets Stark when she is
sent along to keep an eye on him
for the political bosses, who have
persuaded him to run for gover
nor. They want Stark to run as a
"dummy” candidate to split the
votes against the opposition. Sadie
travels with him during the cam
paigning and later becomes his
"Though the role of Sadie is a
comparatively short part, her
mood varies from deep gloom to
hysteria and sunning,” Mi3s DeLap
Mercedes McCambridge won the
Academy award as the best sup
porting actress as Sadie in the film
production of "All the King’s
21st Play
Miss DeLap's stage work “comes
of rage” with this production. "All
me King's Men” is the 21st main.
stage play she has worked on in
her four years at Qregon. She has
handled all jobs connected with the
—fzugene Register-Guard photo
theater. At present Miss DeLap
holds the title of wardrobe mist
ress for the theater.
Another of her jobs was stage
manager of "Martha," one of the
largest productions ever put on by
the University.
Among the plays Miss DeLap
has appeared in are “Anne of the
Thousand Days," “Warrior’s Hus
band," “Mary of Scotland" and
“Modwoman of Chaillot.”
'King of Hearts' Candidates Meet
At 7 Tonight in Student Union
Eliminations for “King of
Hearts" candidates will begin at 7
tonight in the Student Union.
Candidates have been nominated
from men's and women's living or
ganizations, although the final list
of candidates was not available
Monday night, Selection Chairman
Joan Walker announced.
The Heart Hop. a girl-ask-boy
dance sponsored by the YWCA,
will be held on Feb. 8. Five wom
en's living organizations will be
open for dancing during the eve
ning and refreshments will be sold.
Theme for the dance is “Leap Year
Lyrics,” with each house to have
decorations tied in with a differ
erent song title.
Members of the Y commtitee
working on "King” selection in
: elude Sally Haseltine, judges; Lu
| cille Woodside, voting; Ginger
Loudon, pictures, Maureen Reiter,
arrangements; and Miss Jones,
Only 500 luncheon tickets re
main. Be sure you have one for
Buy Luncheon tickets for Dad in
S.U. today.
Mock Convention Delegates to Meet
State representatives from the
living organizations for the cam
pus mock political convention are
asked by state delegation chair
man Bob Hidderbusch to contact
him at Phi Sigma Kappa.
Representatives will be given the
name of the Republican national
committeeman from the state they
represent in the convention so they
can contact the committeeman for
Living organizations that have
not yet selected their two repre
sentatives are to do so as soon as
possible, Ridderbusch said, as a
meeting of all representatives is
planned for Thursday in room 3,
Fenton at 6:30 p.m.
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i . -