Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, December 10, 1951, Page Thirteen, Image 13

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In un linerowdod profemdon with
excellent earning and growth
opportuiiltloH offered u graduate
student. Opening for men or
womi'n — niiin and wife — or
wlvm or undergraduate*, with
Kducatlonul Division of Mar
shall (min’d enterprise.
Personal Interview arranged.
Write fully 1 \Iiiu phone, age,
and experience to C. V. Ken,
Western Manager, 354 - 21st St.,
Oakland, California.
Burglcrs Unidentified
I Police have been unable to (Jo
lted the one or more unidentified
burglar* who stole $43 from the
University Veterans' dormitory
cash box on Nov. 28, according to
Detective Huy Johnston of the Eu
gene Police department.
Johnston added that finger
prints were studied without con
clusive results.
Scientists can determine the age
of skeletons by measuring the
amount of radio-active carbon in
the bones.
We Rebuild Your Shoes
Like New!
Your Headquarters for
Complete Shoe Service
Expert Workmanship —
Guaranteed Satisfaction
843 E. 13th Across from Sigma Chi
— White button-down
oxford, soft roll to
the collar. Popular as
a holiday with the
fellows and the gals.
—Fine white
broadcloth, extreme
widespread collar.
Sharpest shirt on the
quadrangles this year.
The Manhattan Shirt Company,, makers of Manhattan shirts, nccL
wcur, underwear, pajamas, sporlshirts, heacluvear and haildkerchiijs.
Selective Service
Exam Scheduled
For Thursday
The selective service college
draft qualification examination
will be given on campus Thursday
to those entitled to take it.
Previously given three times last
Hummer to college men who ap
plied, the test will be held Thurs
day at 8:30 a.m. i:i 3 Fenton. Doors
will close at 9 a.m., according to .1
Spencer Carlson, director of coun
seling and admissions, who is con
ducting the examination.
According to the directions given
on the bulletin of information re
ceived by eligible students those
who applied for Thursday's test
and who received a ticket of ad
mission entitling them to take the
test here on that day all appl.
cants should bring the following
materials to the examination:
A pen or number two pencil.
Campus Exchange
Plan Discussed
(Continued Irotr page> ne)
pay phones in the schools cited to
"lax enforcement” of the tariff by
the local telephone companies.
Scholl also asked why the dor
mitory students were not repre
sented at the hearing'. Seibert ex
plained that these students were
in an entirely different situation.
He pointed out that the schools in
each case own the dormitories am!
that the students there could not
decide their own case as was pos
sible for the fraternities and
Some discussion arose as to the
interpretation of words w'ithin the
tariffs themselves. Oregon State,
which had hired a Salem lawyer to
assist in presenting their case, felt
that the terms of the tariff do not
apply to them.
(Briefly, the tariff requires pay
phones in "collective" living estab
lishments; the phone company and
the students disagree over the in
terpretation of "collective” in that
the students feel that Greek houses
are not collective groups.)
Scholl, in presenting his argu
ment for adoption of the com
pany's intra-campus exchange,
said that a survey in Corvallis
showed that most calls from fra
ternities and sororities there went
to other living organizations. He
went on to state the situation at
other West Coast schools, in refu
tation of Seibert's statement,
showing that other coast college
and university living groups do
have pay phones. He cited Califor
nia, UCLA, USC and Portland uni
Some Pigeons ere
Inclined to Pout
Did Garcia Really Care
About Gettina That Messaqe?
This is the sad story of
a senior who was Seri
ous about a Girl. In
the straightforward
manner of seniors, he
invited her up for the
Big Weekend.
He snt down and wrote her a nice letter
a month ahead. Then he sat hack and
waited. And got no answer in three weeks.
Finally, in desperation, he phoned Her.
Cost him $4.25 in quarters. When the
Longing of the Coin Box stopped, all he
could hear at the other end of the wire
was a stutter of Sniffs. “Honey?** ho
asked. She sobbed more plainly.
“Harold,” she wailed, “You used to send
telegrams to invite me to Big Weekends
—This year, all I get is a little old Letter.
You don’t love me.” And hung up.
Harold goes everywhere stag now. Says
he prefers it that way. But when he passes
a Western Union office, he sighs.
A telegram takes any message l ight out
of the casual class. It’s subtle—!: flatters
the person who gets it. Next time you
send an invitation, or a howl home for
cash or a birthday greeting to Mother—
just call Western Union or head for your
Western Union office.
rinai examination schedule
for fall term Is as follows:
All sections of subject:
BA II I, 2, 3 Dec. 18 (Tu) 3-5
Knt; 101, 2, 3 Dec. 19 (W) 3-5
Mth 10; 100; 105; 106 108
Dec. 14 (F) 3-5
fsy 208, 9, 10 Dec. 15 (S) 3-5
Wr K; 111, 2, 3, 214
Dec. 17 (M) 3-5
All other classes by hours as
8 M Dec. 17 (M) 8-10
8 T Dec. 17 (M) 10-12
9 M Dec. 18. (T) 8-10
9 T
10 M
10 T
11 M
Dec. 18 (T) 10-12
Decv. 19 (W) 8-10
Dec. 19 (W) 10-12
Dec. 14 (F) 8-10
11 T
1 M
1 T
2 M
2 T
9 M
3 T
Bee. 13 (S) 8-10
Bee. 15 (S) 10-12
Bee. 14 (F) 10-12
Bee. 17 (M) 1-3
Bee. 18 (Tu) 1-3
Bee. 19 (W) 1-3
Bee. 14 (F) 1-3
Dee. 15 (S) 1-3
4 M, T
Dec. 19 (W)
AH final examinations for the
military department will be held
today and Tuesday. The air
force basic finai will be given
this afternoon and Tuesday aft
ernoon during regular class
The advanced army, air force
and army tests will be given
this evening and Tuesday eve
ning from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Let Us give You that
For Christmas
"a Personal gift"
Your Portrait
It's possible to make them
quickly and most inexpensive
ly from your Oregana sitting.
We will send them to you in
plenty of time for Christmas.