Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, April 18, 1951, Page Six, Image 6

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    Jr. Panhellenic
To Hold Picnic
Picnic time for Junior Panhel
lo iic members is slated for 5 to
7 ;:50 p.m. Thursday at Fern Ridge.
cording to Sally Haseltine. pre
‘The purpose of the picnic is
for all Junior Panhellenic members
t« become better acquainted and
to have a good time.” Miss Hasel
tile said.
‘‘The pledge class with the larg
es; amount of members present will
receive a prize.”
Committee heads for the picnic
n-e Louise Finzer. prizes: Rosa
mond Fraser, refreshments: Jean
MAuro, publicity; Bonnie Jones,
transportation: and Kay Maier.
picnic grounds. Freshmen from
eneh sorority will plan their re
spective lunches while Junior Pan
hellenic will provide Cokes.
Chaperones for the event are
M s. Fred S. Wilbur. Gamma Phi
Beta housemother, and Mrs. Thom
as Graves. Sigma Kappa house
v ~ '
Student to Discuss
Iranian Geography
Political geographies of Iran will;
he discussed by Amir Naknai, for- j
eign student from Iran, at a meet-1
ing of the Geography club at 8
p.:n. Wednesday in the Student
The discussion will also cover
Iran’s Ml resources, agricultural
a d irrigation problems, and its!
relations with other countries. All;
persons interested in geography!
may attend.
Coffee and doughnuts will be *
available at the meeting.
BA Dean to Atrena
Georgian Meeting
Victor P. Morris, (loan of the
School of Business Administration,
will leave late this week to attend
the annual conference of the Amer
ican Association of* College Schools
of Business, being held Apr. 2f>-28
in Savannah. Ga.
In addition to attending the an
nual conference, Morris will visit
business schools of the University
of Pennsylvania, Columbia Univer
sity, New York University. College
of the City of New York. Harvard
University. University of Michigan.
Northwestern University, and the
University of Chicago.
While in New York, he will ad
dress a meeting of University
alumni the evening of May 3.
YWCA to Hold
Thursday Meet
A joint organization meeting of
the service and nursery committees
of the YWCA will be held at 4 p.m.
Thursday in the YWCA headquart
ers in Gerlinger.
The meeting will feature a dis
cussion -of proposed projects in
cluding the nursery, the big sister
program, the Red Cross, and the
Y-Teen and Girl Scout leader pro
According to Service Committee
Chairman Janice Evans, workers
are needed to help formulate the
program which will be followed
next fall. Any one interested in
working on the committees is
urged to attend the meeting. Miss
Evans said.
Forty-two per cent of last year's
motor vehicle accidents involving
injuries happened in the dark.
University Pharmacy
Prescription Service—Drugs
Student Supplies—Magazines
Sheaffer Fountain Pens
Whitman's Candy
Hallmark Greeting Cards
G. E. Lamps—Kodak Films
Corner 11th & Alder
Phone 5-9311
Off-white, Orange Saddle
Rajah Rubber Soles
A MUST! on the campus
1060 Willamette
Dial 4-1126
yHewut-tfo- RocatcC
Compili'il by Barbara Iiubln
At Alpha Gamma Delta. .
Alpha Gams initiated their now-,
ly-painted party room Wednesday)
when they were server! cake aud
coffee courtesy of Tec Arthur, |
who announced her engagement to
Keith Reynolds, Phi Kap. An Aug
ust wedding is planned. Ginny Kllis
came down from Portland to an
nounce her engagement to Hud
Dummler. Hi Kappa Alpha. Jeannie
Davies, who announced her engage
ment to Walt Tobiason. A TO from
the University of Washington, and
now in the army, has returned to
her home in California. She plans
to be married this summer.
Pinnings in the house include
Pat Rice to Dick Othus SAK; and
Gayle Abbot to Phi Psi George
Actives and alumns will drive to
Portland Saturday morning for n
state-wide luncheon honoring the
fraternity's founding.
Donny Knoll was recently made
president of Phi Beta, music and
speech honorary.
At Gamma Phi Beta...
The house seemed deserted a
week ago Saturday, for most of the
girls were in Roseberg for the wed
ding of Jean St. Onge to Sigma Chi j
Bill Collver.
Bobbie Altmeier was married
recently to Tom Joyce. Delt. !
Several pins were taken recently
in the house. Marion Moore is
wearing the pin of Tim Preston,
Phi Psi; Janet Bronson is now pin-;
ned to Bob Bloom. SAK; and Sally
Lyman is wearing the shield of;
Phi Psi Bob Bradbury.
At Orides...
Rev. Dave Seaman of the Wes-;
ley Foundation spoke at the Orides
Yeomen Fireside Apr. 16. A dis
cussion period followed his formal
Plans are being made for the an
imal Grilles-Yeomen picnic which
will bo held Sunday afternoon.
At Pi Kappa Phi...
Chupter elections wore held last
weeU with the installation of now
„ffi era. They are as follows: Prod
Pe<'ter, nrchon: John Grim, Iren-,
slir,■; Sid. Swearingen, secretary:]
Gle' Garrett, historian; Don Jacob-:
son. chaplain; and John Musgrove,|
Two pins, noticibly missing front j
Hie Pi Kap house, were discovered
suddenly when it was learned that
Don Hibbard had transferred his
pin to Ramona MiU-r’s sweater,
and that Joie Silver, Hendricks
Hall, hail accepted Sid Swearing
en’s pin.
New additions to the pled;'•;
class include Dade Wright of Port j
land, and Bud Marshall. Forest
Pi Kap Ken Eaton is prepar
ing for his trip to Chicago. 111. for
the National Collegiate Three
Cushion Billiard play-off. after
sweeping the Pacific Con°t < ham
pionship and placing third in the
nation in a telegraphic contest last i
At Yeomen...
The following men were elected
rrfficers for 1951-52: Doug Ambers,
president; Bob Bozorth. first vice
president; K. G. Pedron, second
vice president: Charles Warnock.
recording secretary; Marvin Han
sen. corresponding secretary; and
Sherman Kennedy, treasurer.
New members initiated this term
ire: George Boehnke. Wall Cheong
;’hun, Clarence Koennecke. Don I
Mordhng. Don Paulus, Hai CTyin
ran, and Del Wilson. A banquet
lonoring the new members was!
leld at the Anchorage.
Counseling Center Offers
Assistance to Students
The University Counseling Cent-1
er offers assistance to "any uni- j
versity student who feels that he
has a problem, great or small,
which some outside help would en
able him to solve,” according to
J. Spencer Carlson, director of the
Mr. Carlson emphasized that the
center does not solve people’s prob
lems for them because college stu
dents have problem-solving ability.
Sometimes, however, they are faced
with blocks and need assistance
in getting around them, he added, j
The supplying of information on ,
one’s vocational or educational,
choice is another service of the j
Counseling Center. It provides a,
means; by which students can so- j
cure, in an organized fashion, an,
over-all view of occupations, and |
attempt, to reduce the range of [
possible occupational choice. Carl- j
son stated that this is a continuing j
process which begins with the
freshman year. In their freshman j
and sophomore years, students j
need to be directed toward the j
field of their major interest. When j
they reach upper-division specific.
occupations can then be considered.!
One of the programs of the cent-'
er is the entrance testing program. |
This is given to all students upon !
their entrance to the University,
and it is given to local students in
the spring of their senior year tn i
high school. During the next two j
weeks, high school students will be
observed around Fenton Hall on
Tuesday and Thursday’s when they !
will be taking the entrance exams, j
Other programs administered by ;
the Counseling Center are the selec- j
tive service tests, research pro->
grams to improve methods of pre- j
dieting college performance, the j
reading and speech clinics, and •
training in counseling for students '
who wish to go into that field, j
Those interested in the later pro- j
gram are given training and work j
with high school students in local
high schools. Mr. Carlson said that.
some college men had been seek-1
ing advice about what branch of:
the service to enter. He stated that'
because of the difficulty in judging!
the standards of the various armed j
services, it was hard to give ad-!
vice on this subject, but some help \
can be given about various phases
of the problem.
The Counseling Center is open;
all week and Saturday mornings in
Emerald Hall. Mr. Carlson empha
sized that the center offers help
to all students who have personal
or vocational-educational problems. |
The efforts of the counseling staff,
aie directed toward each student |
as an individual, and not as a group j
or class.
Oregon Hall
To Undergo
Remodeling *
Thone little hnlea which uppcnr
•<1 behhul Oregon Hall Tumday
aerc dug In long-runge prrpu ration
r»r tin* proponed ItiiMlucHM Admin*
Mmtlon-Noriiil bclcncca remodeling
uni addition.
Workmen iIiik the holm to lout
I he ground In that urea for the
fmuidutlon for the ImlldlnK. The
ItA-Hoelul M'lenee* project l» |mrt
if the Stati' Hoard of Hl|(her Kdu
['alion'M hulldlitK program now !«•
’on- the stute l.rgliluttiro’n way a
and mean** committee.
Friday Night Movie
Added to Program
Beginning Friday night, the Stu*
lent Union will add another re
creation feature to its evening pro
gram. with the establishment of
:i Friday night movie.
The movie will begin at H p m.
The film Khown will be a preview
af the regular Sunday afternoon
bill in the SU Ballroom.
"Our Town” will be the feature
attraction this week, with "Cow
:ow Boogie," a cartoon, and Wil
loughby's "Magic Hat" comedy
completing the bill. Admission
price is 30 cents.
H El U61
Spencer Tracy
Joan Bennett
Elizabeth Taylor
“Father’s Little Dividend”
“Hit Parade of 1951"
Judy Holliday
"Bom Yesterday"
"West Point Story”
James Cagney. Virginia Mayo
“Three Secrets”
with Eleanor Parker ,
Patricia Neal
with MacDonald Carey
"Steer Helmet”
with Gene Evans, Steve Brodie
Lon Chaney, Jean Parker
"Dead Man's Eyes"
Diana Barrymore, Brian Donlevy
Drive In Theatre
“Winchester 73”
James -Stewart, Shelly Winters
Diana Lynn, Charles Coburn
Tuesday, May 1st is the Last Day for purchasing
memberships in the U of O Co-op Store for the
current school year ending June 30th.