Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, March 30, 1951, Page Six, Image 6

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At Beta Theta Pi...
Ken Ball is the new Beta presi
dent. Other officers are Rockne
Gill, vice-president: Leigh Hales,
corresponding secretary: Harlan
Mickey, alumni secretary: Dick
Buber, house manager: and Tom
Chapman, rushing chairman.
The house initiated 13 pledges
into membership.
Vacation weddings found mar
riages of “Spike" Paget to Port
lander Marilyn Casey; Beta- alum
Tom Mannex to Sally Nichols.
Portland: Jack Da Ik to Dorothy
J an Petersen of Salem: and Don
T -ipeny to "Bunny” Malone of Los
Glen Holden and former Kappa
Gloria McCiintok will marry in
On the steady side at present are
Bob Sawyer and Kappa Phyllis
At Campbell Club...
'tov Brothers was elected house
p ^sident for the next year, assist
ed by Dick Fuhr, vice-president:
Roy Ellsworth, secretary: Les Sim
ons, house manager: and Don
Monte, social chairman.
Bob Stansbury was married Feb.
17 to Zeta Tau Alpha Ardelle Carl
son. The couple will live in Eugene
ar.d continue studying at the Uni
Harold Fritz married Mary Jo
Batdorf. ZTA pledge fall term.
Feb. 24 at Arlington, Wash., the
bride's home. After a short honey
moon, the couple will return to Eu
gene where Fritz will finish school.
The engagement of Dave Mullan
ar.d Caroiie Youngs, a freshman at
Vanport in Portland, was recently
Pinnings included Jerry Garrett
to Mary Karns of Klamath Falls;
Ken Sipe to Jo Griffin of Gresham;
and Bill Hammerbeck to Mary Ann
Levin of Hendricks Hall.
At Delta Zeta...
Edna McCurdy was pinned re
cently to eX-Delt Skip Freeman,
n 194S graduate.
Maureen Sullivan is now wear
ing the Lambda Chi pin of Don
At Highland House.. .
The latest Highland pinning is
Janet Borbit to Bar Cross, Sigma
Phi Epsilon.
At Sigma Phi Epsilon. . .
Newly elected house officers are
Dick Ending, president; Tom
Barry, vice-president; Jim Kippey,
comptroller; Bruce Shaffer, secre
tary; and Larry Hobart, historian.
AChiO Dorothy Taylor was pin
ned by Mert Meeker.
At Theta Chi.. .
Oregon's northern branch was
dealt a second straight basketball
defeat as the UO chapter of Theta
Chi rallied to upend a quintet from
the OSC chapter, by a score of 21
After falling behind 12-7 in a
slow first half, the Webfoot crew
rallied on buckets by Don Krieger,
Ron Clark. Bill Korpela, and Jerry
Hendren. With three minutes to
go, the Ducks began a stall that
froze the score. Doug Coghill was
high for the winners with seven,
John Reardon lead all scoring with
A preliminary game featured
more beef than basketball, as both
chapters were required to field
teams with a weight total of 1.000
lbs. The Aggie 200-pounder took a
4-0 lead, but hard-charging Hollie
Piht waddled through their dense
defense to even it up. The game
ended in a deadlock.
The win in the main event gave
the Oregon Theta Chi's possession
of a rotating trophy, which is con
tested annually in football, basket
ball. and softball.
/ /I /
8and Bra 9
% M-l . $2.50
l *t!« Bay S -or‘s
• )-20 . $5.75
a*ordfisH Cap
^ \l-2?. $3.9$
^ Village Squar*
Skirt, 10-20
White Stag Play-Mates for havin' fun
When you’re out and under the sun;
A'o matter what the time of day . . „ ^
Mix and match ’em to your play!
In the only OKICIYAL SAILCLOTH—that’s Sanforized,
wash-easy, iron-easy and zephyr cool! In Coffee-Cream,
Citrus Yellow, Pollen Gold, Sail Red, Depth Green,
Turquoise, Cucumber Green, Summer Navy, Tar Black,
Clean White and New “Airmail" Stripes.
1S7 K. Broadway
Toggle Jack
S-M-L . $5.9J
10-23 . $4.9$
C't'< Hat
Oeck Troii
DHt/ Ba®
Ferrer, Holliday
Win 'Oscars'
Jose Ferrer and Judy Holliday
stepped into Filmland's elite Thurs
day night, winning Hollywood»
Academy Awards for the best act
or's and actress's performances, re
spectively, ut the annual presenta
Ferrer won his Academy Award
for his role in "t'vrano de Berge
rac”. Miss Holliday won hoi "Os
car” for her performance in "Born
Best supporting actor award
went to George Sanders for his
acting in "All About Eve, while
Josephine Hull won the best sup
porting actress award for her pei
formanee as Klwood 1’. Dowd s sist
er in "Harvey.” a role she had pre
viously played in the stage produc
tion of the same pluy.
"All About Eve" copped addi
tional honors. It was named the
best picture of the year, and Joseph
Mankiewicz was given the best di
rector and best screen play writer
awards for the same picture.
Special effects honors went to
"Destination Moon," while "Mona
Lisa,” written by Kay Evans and
Jay Livingston, won the best song
Emerald Jobs
Available Now
Applications are now being tak
en for reporters, feature writers,
proof readers, and filing workers,
on the Oregon Daily Emerald.
Experience is prefered for re
porting and feature writing jobs.
Political Science
Group to Hold
Meeting at UO
The annual meeting of the Paci
fic Northwest Political Science As
sociation will be held on the Uni
versity campus Apr. 21 and 22.
Featured speakers will be Huber
tus J. Van Mook and Julian Tow»
ler, faculty members of the politi
cal science department of the Uni
versity of California.
Four round table discussions will
highlight the program: current
problems of state government in
the Pacific Northwest: foundations
and limits of civil liberties; the
Poi: t Four program and recon
stri rtion in southern and eastern
Asi ; and the effect of mobilization
on national politics und administra
K. S. Wengert, head of the poli
tical science department, is vice
president of the organization.
Charles P. Schleicher, professor of
political science, is a member of
the executive council.
Delegates to the meeting will in
clude Peter H. Odegai'd of tin- Uni
versity of California, president of
the American Political Science As
sociation; Claudius O. Johnson of
Washington State College, presl
! dent of ihe Pacific Northwest as
sociation; and J. K. Cunningham of
Whitman College, secretary of the
| regional group.
but not essential. No experience is
necessary for proof readers and
filing workers.
Students interested may apply
hL the Emerald "Shack,” located on
University St. next to the Journal
1 ism school building.
Cars to Park Where
The Falcon Roosts
The Falcon, 18-year-oWl campus
eating establishment, will close Its
doors permanently In .June, Owner
Clara Buerstatte told the Emerald
Mrs. Buerntatte snld the Tlnlvcr
aiiy, which owns the property on
which the eatery, better known as
"The Bird,” stands, will tear it
down to make room for develop
ment of the Student Union mall
and parking lot.
Medford has a city superlnten
dent form of city government.
by Bristow's
To make proposal
Less depressing,
Just buy the
And have her
620 Willamette
Do You Know a Rumor—
when you hear one7}
During the war we knew enough to
mistrust rumors and particularly
knew how dangerous it was to
spread them. We knew then that
rumors affected our unity, and
unity was vital to winning the war.
But perhaps we don’t know that
rumors are just as dangerous today
as they were during the war.
Because — rumors about other
groups, other religions and other
races always threaten our national
unity—without which we cannot
hope to survive.
Be an active citizen—help keep
your country strong, united and
secure—a good place la which men
can live together, prosper together
and pursue happiness together.
Make sure lhat you are not spread
ing rumors against a race or reli
gion. Speak up, wherever you are,
against prejudice, and work for
> better understanding. Remember
that’s being a good American.
Accept or reject
people on their
individual worth