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    pG Promoting
Eernational Festival
m Broadcast Today
I .rt In the »*•«*•
YW VMi’A Intrrnati-nnl
1br h«M Snt
L progrnm •"» *
i» 1 bf prev nlfil «t t! « >
Und»r th<- .It... non of
fh*lrm»n Annr Or*
Kr,m »ill t* Carolyn
t ,fnrnl chairman u<r th*
' ,(;»:!■ who Will Ktv.
f ^gwminl .".‘lion
],v fratival. an'' J“‘h.r
Mr.chfon dMtnw»B. WkO
^ :hr lunchron piogram
T!j*<,n ft*tW** a* Kur»l
rCliffortl K. Maw: .Iran
| jfju,,,! of anil
Ly »t Or*1!"- Stair Col
lunchron t* <>p*«» to i,l!
o rtsh to altrntl and I*
i»t 12 noon m i he MiiiUml I'liinn
r»frtri In
Tw» foreign ntiwlenin wiU Kin,,
(H-nk on thr lirnn<tr,iit nhoiil
Ihrlr |>*rl of I hr roffrr hour rn
tntnlnmrnt Thr roffrr hour will
U- from 3 to 5 j> m with n progmm
of mtrrtninmrnt front 3 3o to t go
l> m Cnivrmtty nitnlmtn mr mvit
r«t to thin |«»rt of thr KmtlVal pro
grnnt nino, Minn Dimmit wm<|.
Othfr Uni imnntr prrpnrnUonn
nrr Uiutri way for thr thnitri and
iUii<r whlrh together with thr
lunrhren and roffrr- hour, ntakr
tijt HnturiUy’n fentlvltien
Koielgn Minimi* nrul Conmopoh
inn (Tub memhrtn who wi*h to U
at thr dtmu-r munt hnvr thru rr
nervation* lb hy noon Friday to
thr YWCA offirr
tlDC Rushing Compromise
s IFC Attention Tonight
Inter-Fraternity Council,
rmdory Council ruahing
...re will be dliwuaard by
»• : pro today at Sigma
EpNkxi. according to pre
ruijung dt*CU**fa>n i* the
S of a letter calling for
edging which *o »ub
Dorsald DuShane. direct
r.„>-r,: »{'*-• y>' 20 1>>
f> * i - ' ry
IDC letter recommended
r.Sg and plrdg ng be <Sr
(£».J the beginning of the
ut year The dormitory
stt egprevwd th< opinion
(ferred living c .M never
the result* de-.;<■! by the
T. .11! r h:: g <1 pled*
p tie. -a re also deferred
acr-e UU* aclwd -
i’.ory fcalU can have no
r of | ■ ■
from year to year so long
have pledges living in halls
teir hearts belong to the
ity, the dor m council said
fraternities have every
lislature Talk
ited Tonight
of the Stale l>rg;»la
£ ie brought '.<> ' ‘nivrr*ity
■' s'. 7 20 tonight *hen Hen
k--P Hitch* o-li -ji-alti it!
ffon Hall.
t'-c btliR as well as general
t.!' matter* u ..i ),<• o.tK’imt
H.' R. » who , ha:r:s;an
-46or and < om -
of the Senate.
*- on major matters
i-to-K. *uch as the pr»b
conirol. labor bills, and
>" of ti.,. .Stale ta-gis
• A di.vussion period wjii
tb'/k 'aho has had • xjxir
agriculture, lumbering.
m now in tnc truck
>!T" l’<|Uiprn«-!i! biisii.i-HN in
*•0 tails. Hr- is a graduate
^■•gton State College,
-i s talk is being sport
th,‘ Young Republicans
• of thr-ir project to bring
■^“Uture to the student*. A
tr of lh'' House „f Kepie
"*s *il1 "P*ak on the cam
r‘ng term.
10 Workshops
Anting Comedy
^Pertinence of Being
fcv ,V:"rdy' Wl11 b* broad
' Badio Workshop at
f ^ay over KOA<
"* f-ole, director
*ill be
of the
awiHti-d by Klin a no
Bob Mathtoon.
AntLm00^' Mikh W^nOeH.
tajj U’iJl11 DeLand, Mike
hX"™ KM"m'
thing t<» gain after the first > ai
of opyntllon Ultilrr a completely
deferred plan !!»«• council stated
ThU it! *. 1 tilde is hrM hy s }ftigr
miltlbri of national fraternity of
ficer*. Any sort of compromise
*hi' h would separate deferred tiv
!!■». from defected pledging 1 ,> a
compromise of long range itlcaln
fey short-sighted planner* "
IHiHham ha* dr* lined [o com
ment on the letter
Sign-up Ends Saturday
*«lurtlM) U I hr l*»t day to
turn in rrg|nirntli>n mntn to Ihr
rrgutrur’* ulllir in Kmrrald
llnll Th.mr Mho do nol do lhl«
Mill hr ihargrd an »H prnaJty frr
for rrKUirrlnc Intr.
" P»> mrglt nrrd not hr
nuidr until Ihr hrgtnnlng of nr»t
Irrm. Mtudrnl* not nothing pny
mrnu novt nlmpl) turn Ihrlr
<*ard» In. onil plrh thrtn up nrtt
trrm, |>a\ log thr u
SU Board Discusses
Price Change, Magazine
\ |»r«• j>*> al that faculty mcinlx i In- admitted to Stud< nt I ni» ■»
|'"ii-<>rr«I proyratn* at prict In lim tlx.-r paid by town-pcoj
ou t with comment.' from l>ot!i *i<|<*» of the fence \V< dne-day
> vi tiiny at a mei tiny >>f tin SI' boatd.
< Mlicr hii'-ine-' >>n the ayendn included a proposal to the Stn
Vodvil, Donee and Open Houses
Are Preview Weekend Highlights
The All Camp-i* Vodvil, it dame
in thr Stmii-ni I'mon ballroom. and
hoUM in living organization*
«III hr major at l rat lion# for high
M hfx.l »tndi-nt* during l>m k l*rr
vmw wrrkrnil Apt 13, M, and 15.
Groiglt* Ohrrteuffi-r, Pmlew
rhaiunan mrj with tommlttM
h**»d<* Ttt«j>4*y night to dhtrua*
plan* for thr forthcoming week
A f ill »t*t<* i« a waiting vMtlng
high «■ hunl nrnioi s from thr timr
they arnvr <>n thr campu* Friday
of that Wirkrml 'i.itil Uiry havr
Loscutoff, Plus Yo-Yo,
Feature of UO Rally
v\. bfoot Cniti »
Mtitt hi* >u-yu u ill U one u( tit*
featured attraction* *t tonight »
',".owball rally fur lbe 0trj{on'08i'
inutkrtlMlI sitiirs The ratty i»
*< hrduted lo start »t ( 15 Jt !11
fmm living organizations.
A mw switch on former snow
ball rallies Wilt barr the WOfnrn’S
living organization* picking up the
men « group* The rally wilt iw held
at the #r»t entrain e of the BU at
6 to p m unle** it lain*, in which
Ok#* the nil* will !*• moved to Gee
linger Annex.
No parking will be allowed after
pm on University St. between
l.'tth and ltth Avr» K The area
will be roped off by the Kugrne
police Department.
Art Unuiii, Prerudent of the
Kugrne 1'uck club, will apeak at
the rally. Ron Symona will be
master of < eremnnie* Roll enil of
house* by pairing* will be held.
Other speakers will include
Coach John Warren, team ■ aptain
Will Urban, and team member*
tawcutoff. Bob Peterson. Ken Hunt.
Curt Barclay. Mel Krause. and
Jack Keller.
All Htudenfa are urged by the
rally board to attend thia rally.
Pairings are an follows Alpha
Chi Omega, Sigma Alpha Kpatlon.
Alpha Delta Pi. Phi Kappa Sigma
Alpha Gamma Delta. Lambda Chi
Alpha; Alpha Omteron Pi, Sigma
\Jph* Mu Alpha l‘h: Hein Theta
Pi; Alpna Xt Della. Campbell Club.
Ann -Unison lion**- Delia Cpailon,
< «i «*<n 2. I*t Kappa I’hi. (‘anon
Ktgma Xu < *iu »*>n 1 Sigma Phi
Kpdl«<n C«n**»n V Alpha T»U
Omega (In Omega. Sigma Chi,
IVUn Delta Delta. Theta Chi; Del
ta Gamma, Veteran*' Dutmr Del
(a Stela. Delta Tan Dtlta; CJamma
Phi Heta, Chi Put Highland House,
Philadelphia House Sigma Kappa.
Cnlvci*lty Huitiu, llciilrlck* Mall,
Jnhn Straub. Kappa Alpha Theta,
Kappa Sigma, Kiippn Kappa Com
ma Phi Gamma Delta Orlde*. Tail
Kappa Epsilon, Pi Beta Phi, Phi
Della Theta ItrbK House. Phi
Sigma Kappa. Susan Campbell
Mali. Phi Kappa Pal; and Ect Tati
Alpha. PI Kappa Alpha.
Eugene1* new air raid alien
flunked it* (lint teal Wednesday
morning. Eire Chief K. L. Sur
fu* reported. The big screamer
was heard as far away as la a
burg. but was barely audible In
some sections of Eugene,
Hut-fun expressed confidence
that i lie siren can be adjusted to
do "a very satisfactory job.''
Correction of the difficulties
will h<gin immediately, Surfus
said Further tests will probably
take place next week.
Special Assembly to Precede
AWS, WAA, YWCA Elections
( 'nwltcl;ttc ! for AWS, W A A and
VWCA offH't'H will lx* announced
i nd Introduced at a speciAl meet
ing for all women sc heduled for
12:If) pm. Monday lit Alumni Hall,
< lerlingcr.
Voting will begin immediately
after the meeting in the (lerling
er lobby. Barbara Ht evenson A s
Hociated VVonim Students presi
dent, asked all houses to have
early lunches to enable more wom
en to attend the meeting.
Another election day feature will
be a style .show of apring fashions
given by Russell's department store
at -1 p.m. in Alumni Mall. Women
from the campua will model spe
cial spring clothes, now being rush
ed out from the Kast especially
for thin event.
Besides I ho election of officers,
the fate of the new AWS consti
tution will be decided Monday.
The constitution has been worked
on by the AWS council and cab
inet during the year, but final
adoption la up to campus women.
All women showing their stu
dent body cards may vote in the
AWS election, but only members
may mark the WAA and YWCA
'Die date of elections was chang
ed from Wednesday to Monday by
AWS, WAA and YWCA heads so
the results could be announced
in the Emerald before it discon
tinues publication for winter term
the following Sunday afternoon.
Kdueat tonal tour*, amt an a* j
sembly »nd luncheon in the SIJ :
ballroom will pri'iolr th<- Vodvil
Saturday The weekend igeivU will l
lw mm flirted Sunday with ex
change dinners tn living organUa
Mis i Ohrrtuoffer pointed out
that high school senior* will be
■ on I noted by a specially organized
high m hoo) relations committee i
this year. All promotion will tie'
handled through mail, since per
sonal ipjH-,11 am ei have tiecn done
away with.
Aecordtng to Mi * Oberteuffer,
high *1 hi*i| pi mi ipiila had voiced
disapproval of having to hold an
a' -en.bly for each student j«*pie
« ntatlve from the college*
Cerf Lectures
On New Humor
For Americans
M> Adeline fiarbarino
Bennett Cerf Wednesday night
talked of u new kind of humor that
won t make you roar with laughter
but that will make you feel good.
"Humor," he mod, "Is the great
leavenei and the thing that keep*
us from blowing our lop* "
In comparing the page* of "Try
and Stop Me," which was publish
ed seven year* ago. to the page* of
hi* latest book, "Ijiughter, Inc.,"
Cerf discovered a completely dif
ferent pattern of American humor.
Seven years ago his anthology
was filled with wise cracks, Insults
and other jokes aimed at hurting
someone’s feelings. "The humor of
radio today is humor of insult,"
said Cerf citing as examples the
Boh Hope. Jack Benny, and Bing
Crosby shows, in which the main
character is Insulted from be
ginning to end.
(fillet Humor
Today. at least in books amt
plays, there is a more quiet kind
of humor, a kind of humor that
Cerf feels is more valuable and
more constructive.
Tracing recent development in
the field of literature through four
stages, Orf mentioned the time
when people were reading memoirs
<>f generals and other notables, the
period when the top-selling books
were tales of reformed drunks or
insane women, the era of historical
novels with their "tawdry, tired
sex" theme, and then finally the
latest period in which people seem
to be primarily Interested in nostal
gic works like "Life With Father,"
"Cheaper by the Dozen," and "I
Remember Mama,"
"Humor, oddly enough,” said
Cerf, "has kept pace with this
transformation in literary tastes."
As an example of this kind of hum
or, Cerf told the story of Lincoln,
who grew a board because a little
girl thought it would help to cover
his ugliness, which frightened her.
After he had grown a beard, he
stopped one day to see this little
nine-year-old girl, and she com
mented, "Oh, Mr. Lincoln, you look
(Please tuni to fatjc cijlit)
<«'lit i uDurations m>aru <*i
<*ruing a literary mag;»/.inc f* *
the * ampti*. and approval *
daiio •» in the SI Hallfooin dm -
mg three night* of th»* fort!'
coming high school l»;i I.eth- I
Paul 8. Dull. ju«*<k late prof*
for of political science and bistor.,
ami one of the voting faculty men
i*-ni cm the board, spoke in favor
of changing the present pole/
wheicby faculty and town*pcopl*
pay identical admission price* to
all fun tson* on the campus * -
< ept athletic event*.
Entitled to Iteduetlnn
Dull asserted that as part of tic
I "niverMty family, faculty in* ;
ber* should be entitled to so:.;*•
kind or a ! at. : Mil let ion He Mftl
that the program of the Stud*
t'liion was a- much a entice to
them a* to the student*
8U Director Dick Williams to* 't
th*- stand tr.at th* lower *tud<
rat*' were justified because it .
student fee* that pay for the nw. -
t< nance th* St" building
Director of Student Affa :
Don;.Id M DuShfti.* a i «.n-vol ;r
rmiiibei of th*- board, agi<-*d v. .•*■
the stand taken by Dull and add-■*
that the present policy aljfo had
a psychological effect on win*
fa ulty member* to t:.e exter
that some of them feel they do
not belong to the untvendty co . -
A straw vote indicated that a
majority of board member* did r.* '
favor establishing student and
faculty prices on th* same 1* f* i
unless a fee was also included fc"
faculty members.
Further Meeting
Williams recommended that »-./
deciding action should be tab!' *l
until a future meeting, saving that
more thought should be given 'o
th*- pioposal before any policy w.ci
Approval of a literary magar.r
ns suggested earlier by a group r
students was voiced by the board.
Methods of financing the public.v
I tion will be discussed at anoth*
j meeting, but the board sent a r*
Commendation to the Public a tirn
Board that the editorial staff (■-*
selected bv the SIT group subj. - i
(F’rtsr turn to fagt right}
Alumni Leader
Conference Set
For UO Campus
Forty directors of University
alumni around the state will me* t
on the campus Saturday to ho.rt
the third annual alumni leader.’
| eonfci ence.
University matters and Alumni
1 Association affairs will is- discuss
ed. On the day's program are busi
ness and round-table sessions, a
reception at the Eugene Hotel, a •!
n dinner in the Student Union. The
delegates will sit in a reserved sec
tion ut-the Orcgon-Oiegun State
basketball game Saturday evening.
Among the University official '
who will participate in the discus
sions are H. K. Newburn, presi
dent; Howard Lemons, assistant to
the president; Donald DuShane,
director of student affairs; L*.i>.
Harris, director of athletics; J. O.
Lindstioms, business manager; a <1
Lyle Nelson, director of public si r