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Flace jour ud at the Student
Union, main desk or at the
Shack, In pomon or phone ext.
219, between 2 and 4 p.m.
•titles: First Insertion 4c a
word; subsequent Insertions,
JSr per word.
FOR SALE: Six registered (hook
ers rabbits, one registered
springer spaniel, Call Alan Orant
after C p.m. Springfield 63143.
man, four years exp. tenor and
combo. Read or fake. Would
like weekend engagements. Call
119 Cherney Hn!l Ph. 360 eve
—Union John Eckstein. 81
Wesley's Visitor
To Talk on India
David Leveling, regional travel
ing secretary for the World Stu
dents Service Fund, will be guest
Speaker at Wesley Foundation at
4 p.m. Feb. 2ft. Marian Briner is
t* charge of his visit.
Levering will speak on condi
tions In India. "He has first-hand
knowledge of student needs in
Southeast Asia," Miss Briner said
While in India Levering work
ed for the World Student Service
Fund. While on the Oregon cam
pus he will help outline plans for
WSSF Week which will be held
heie in April.
He was graduated from Redlands
College in 1950 and since that
time has been distributing funds
among students in Asia in con
nection With WSSF.
All students are welcome to the
Footsore, Moitle?
It's Your Goidle!
Women, take It from an expert,
your girdle may cause your feet
to aehe.
That lx what Or. H. L. Collins
told the Southwest Chiropody
Congress meeting in Oklahoma
City Wednesday.
Or. Collins says women woukl
have fewer foot worries If they
didn’t hook their nylons so
tightly to their girdles. The
tug eurls up their toes, the foot
expert claims, causing ingrown
toenails and other disorders.
Collins advises buying hosiery
a half size too big and fastening
supporters closer to the top of
the stoeklngs.
"It’s I>etter to he a girdle
liiteller than a cripple,” Collins
UO Magazines
(Continued from faqc one)
H. K. Newburn. ASUO President
Barry Mountain recommended the
appointment of Miss Kellogg to
replace ASUO Vice-president Herb
Nill, who had previously resigned.
Moore replaces Robeson Bailey,
associate professor of English,
who is not on the University facul
ty this term. Scroggin, as new
business manager of the Emerald,
is an ex-officio member replacing
Don Thompson, who was business
manager the frist half of the year.
Duck Track's
(Continued from parie four)
when he led both quintets with 13
lioscutoff saw SO minutes of
action; the famous Ihm Barks
dale, rated as the outstanding
amateur hoop star in the nation
in 1049, played for 40 minutes
and took only 12 rebounds.
Barclay, Peterson, Krause, and
Streeter also can be expected to
provide strong backboard compe
tition for the Washingtonians. The
Duck-Husky games should rank
among the top local hoop perfor
mances of the season.
Architect Conference
Schedules Discussion
OfA.I.A. Problems
The Northwest Regional Confer
ence of the American Institute of
Architects opens today on the Uni
versity campus, with Sidney W.
Little, dean of the School of Archi
tecture and Allied Arts, as host
for the one-day meet.
The conference, which is one of
ten scheduled throughout the coun
try, is designed to supply informa
tion for the benefit of the commis
sion for the survey of education
and registration for the AIA.
Kdwin Burdell, director of Coop
er Union in New York City, will
preside over the general discus
sion session.
University men participating in
the conference, in addition to Lit
tle, are H. K. Newbum, Univer
sity president, and Frederick Hunt
er, chancellor emeritus of the Ore
gon .State Board of Higher Edu
Ralph Walker, president of AIA,
will outline the purpose of the
survey and nature of the problems
of thr architecture profession at 11
a.m. in the Student Union.
A discussion session will be held
during the afternoon, and during
the evening dinner session the
members will have the opportun
ity to amplify upon any points and
reach possible conclusions.
Candidates for Hostess
Reduced to Six Finalists
Mrs. Bernie Tiland, Mrs. llirh
ard Smart, and Mrs, Gene Rose
are the three finalists for Dads'
Day Hostess chosen from photo
graphs at a meeting of the judging
committee at 4 p.m. Thursday in
the Student Union.
Paid Lasker, special events
chairman, notified the winners
Thursday afternoon and scheduled
a meeting for 8 p.m.
Mrs. Smart, the former Beverly
Zamsky, thought the phone call
was a practical joke and replied
to Lasker's congratulations, "Oh
that’s fine." Smart, a fifth-yoai
architecture student, submitted hi.“
wife's photograph unknown to her
An Oregon student for two years
Mrs. Smart was enrolled in the
School of Architecture and Allied
Arts and was affiliated with A1
pha Phi sorority. She is now si
stenographer at Winn, Shinn
Snyder and Co.
This contestant is a 23-year-old
brunette with dark brown eyes who
loks forward to Dads' Day because
"Dick's father is coming down.”
Another architecture student's
wife is ex-Oregon Stater Helen
Roth Tiland, whose husband ia a
Mrs. Tiland is 21 and 5 feet 6
inches tall. She has long brown
hair and a ready smile, and is em
ployed as a food cost accountant
for the Student Union cafeteria
and soda bar.
Mrs. Rose, the third finalist, was
unavailable Thursday night.
Judges were A. L, Peiterson,
assistant professor of business ad
ministration: K. W. Onthank. grad -
uatc placement director; Capt. N.
N. Mihailov Jr., assistant profes
sor of air science; Mrs. Edith R.
Jacobs, counselor for women, who
substituted for Gold a P. Wickham,
director of women's affairs; Sid
ney W. Little, dean of the School
of Architecture and Allied Arts;
the Rev. Wesley Nicholson, pastor
of the First Congregational Church
of Eugene; and Jack Foster, Eu
gene businessman.
One of the finalists will be
chosen by dads' vote at registra
tion, Feb. 24.
Tickets for the Washington
basketball games Feb. 23 and 24
are available in the general admis
sion section for $1.20 and may be
obtained at the McArthur Court
ticket office.
Luncheon reservations at $1.25
may be made with Mrs. Lowe in
216 Emerald.
Physics Assistant
Receives New Post
K. Bon Nehr, graduate assist
ant in physics, has accepted a posi
tion with tile engineer research
and development laboratory’. Fort
Belvoir, Va., where he will work
under Dr. Fred W. Paul, former
associate professor of physics at
the University.
Nchr, who left last week for
his new job, was in his final year
of work towards the doctor’s de
gree, and was doing research in
microwave spectroscopy under W.
V. Norris, professor of physics.
B'BgII Assembly
Planned Friday
A special liariiotball assembly
will be bold next Friday in the
Student Inion, Harry Moun
tain, ASCO president, announc
ed Thursday.
Flans for the assembly are not
complete yet, h« said. However,
President H. K. Newborn, Coach
John Warren, and the basket
ball team will probably be on
starring: William Bendix, Rosemary
Decamp and Jimmy Gleason
Time: 2:30 and 4:15 price 30c
Senior Boll
(Continued from payc one)
Decorations for the dance will be
in line with the “Cotton Pickers' “
theme. Chairman Bonnie Birke
meier and committee have arrang- !
ed a “typical'1 cotton pickers' back
porch on the ballroom's stages as
a band platform. Walls will be de
corated with cartoon figures pick
ing cotton from cartoon cotton
Intermission entertainment, with
added acts to come, will feature1
several comedy skits and a boogie ,
combo of Steve Church on piano.
and Bob Wheelcss on bass. Bob i
Chambers and gravel-throated j
Marcia Knosher will present a
comedy routine, a group of Carson !
girl will give a "slightly Ameri
canized" Hula, and Jack Faust and
Cy Newman will add corn to the
"The committee wishes to re
peat that all classes are invited
to this dance,” Church said. “We
feel that in presenting a low-cost
dance with appropriate dress the'
students will be given a dance that j
should be a lot of fun even if not ;
Chairmen of committees for the
dance included Joe French, chaper
ones; Rog Nudd, promotion; Geor-;
gie Oberteuffer, programs: Vir-j
ginia Kellogg, tickets; Bonnie!
Birkemeier, decorations; Stan!
Turnbull, publicity; Donna Mary!
Brennan, Leslie Tooze and Emily
West, entertainment. Class officers
working on the dance were Church,
Vice-president Bob Pierce, Secre
tary Leslie Tooze, and Treasurer
Florence Hansen.
Three Firms List
Job Opportunities
News of job opportunities in j
three concerns has been received 1
by the graduate placement office.;
The jobs offered include sales per- j
sonnel and display advertising
work for graduates or other stu- j
A major rubber company is look
ing for graduates interested in sales
careers, and a meat packing con
cern also lists several openings.
Two rental display advertising
personnel are being sought by a
western Washington newspaper.
Further information about the
jobs and application blanks for j
them may be secured from the j
graduate placement office, Erne- i
raid Hall.
The happiest time of the holi
day season is when the last guest i
has gone home.
Write Dad
"Kansas Raiders”
lltk&ttCB DIU 5-1022 _
"Kternal Return"
Foreign Movie Attraction
"Rocketship XM”
“Baron of Arizona”
"\\ atcli the Birdie”
Red Skelton
‘Grounds for Marriage”
Van Johnson
W '■.PaiNOFff lp» I 7*340'
‘Bells of Coronado”
Roy Rogers
"Jungle Stampede”
Petitions Due
By 8 Sunday
Petitions to fill vacancies on the
campus Red Cross Board should be
turned in to Donna Mary Brennan
at Kappa Alpha Theta by 8 p.m.
Sunday instead of Monday as p: e
viously announced.
Offices to be filled on the board
include those of president, vice
president, treasurer, secretaiv,
publicity chairman, disaster chair
man, chairman in charge of ent< r
tainment tours to the Veterans’
Hospital in Rosrburg. and chair
man for Red Cross blood drives.
The disaster chairman helps tne
Lane County chapter of the Red
Cross accomplish its work on the
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