Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, January 05, 1951, Page Eight, Image 8

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Winter-Spring Social Agenda
Jan. 2 Classes begin
5, 6 Basketball, Washington at Seattle
12 Basketball, University of San Francisco at San Francisco
13 Basketball, St. Mary’s at San Francisco
House dance—Lambda Chi Alpha
19, 20 Basketball, Idaho at Eugene
20 House dances
Chi Omega
Alpha Omicron Pi
Delta Zeta
Highland House
Sigma Kappa
Hendricks Hall
22-25 Religious Evaluation Week
26 Basketball, Oregon State at Eugene
Lemon-Orange Squeeze
27 Basketball, Oregon State at Corvallis
House Dances
Theta Chi
Phi Sigma Kappa
Minturn Hall
Alpha Hall
Delta Upsilon
Chi Psi
30 Smarty Party
Feb. 5-10 International Student Week
2, 3 Play
Basketball, Idaho at Moscow
3 Senior Ball
5, 6 Basketball, WSC at Pullman
5-10 Play
8-10 Northwest Drama Conference
9 Blue and Gold Athletic Club at Portland
Heart Hop
10 Blue and Gold Athletic Club at Eugene
House dances
Sigma Nu
Phi Gamma Delta
Beta Theta Pi
13, 14 Basketball, WSC at Eugene
16 WAA Carnival
17 Military Ball ? ? ?
House dances
Ann Judson House
Kappa Alpha Theta
Pi Beta Phi
Delta Gamma
Kappa Kappa Gamma
23, 24 Basketball, Washington at Eugene
24 House dances
Cherney Hall
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
French Hall
International Fun Fest (“Y”)
Dad’s Day
Mar. 1-3 High School International League Conference
1, 2 Play
2 Baskeball, Oregon State at Corvallis
3. Basketball, Oregon State at Eugene
House dances—Sigma Hall
5-10 Play
7 Women’s elections
8 WAA initiation
13-15 Closed period
16-21 Exams
20-24 State High School Basketball Tournament
25 Easter
26 Registration
31 Retreat
Apr. 1 Retreat
7 House dances
Gamma Hall
M inturn Hall
Merrick Hall
Sigma Alpha Mu
Kappa Sigma
9-15 WSSF drive
13-15 Duck Preview Weekend
•/j-21 Play
21 House dances
Sigma Kappa
Alpha Xi Delta
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Gamma Phi Beta
Zeta Tau Alpha
Rebec House
Alpha Phi
Delta Delta Delta
Alpha Gamma Delta
Highland House
22 YWCA Jr.-Sr. Breakfast
23-28 Play
28 WAA Sports Day
House Dances
Phi Gamma Delta
Delta Tau Delta
Tau Kappa Epsilon
Alpha Hall
Philadelphia House
Campbell Club
Pi Kappa Phi
Sigma Chi
Phi Kappa Psi
May 2-4 Orchesis Concert
5 House dances
Chi Omega
Susan Campbell
University House
11-13 Junior Weekend
12 Junior Prom
16, 17 Amphibian Water Show
19 House dances
Theta Chi
• Sigma Nu
Lambda Chi Alpha
Sherry Ross
Delta Upsilon
Chi Psi
Phi Delta Theta
Beta Theta Pi
Sigma Hall
22 WAA initiation
25, 26 Play
26 Mortar Board Ball ? ? ?
28-31 Play
SO Memorial Day
June 1 Play
2, 3 Closed Period
4-8 Final exams
9 Alumni Day
10 Commencement
Signs of Times Seen on Doors
By Tom Shepherd
Whoever said, “What’s in a
name ?” should take a stroll through
Veterans’ Dormitiories and not the
nameplates on occupants’ doors.
The simple task of writing an alias,
prospective means of support, city
and-or alma mater seems to pose a
problem for “Pasteboard Palace”
residents, and the signs that do
eventually hobnob with the plywood
are -—well, let’s get on with the
The words “Come in” and “Wel
come” are foreign to most Alder
St. boys. “Let it not be said that
studies interfere with my education
—enter,” states the longwinded oc
cupant of 133 Hunter while Bob
Cool of Merrick says “Take a peek
Along the same line of feminine
thought, Merrickers A1 Golden
berg and Sharky Weatherall em
phatically state “Boys! Keep out!
—Ladies without escorts cordially
invited.” Philosopher James BjiJJof
Stan Ray BB21 known affectionate
ly as “The Mangier” offers advice
on how to get rid of unwelcome
guests: “Do Em in right and you
won’t have a comeback.” Perhaps
the unknown occupants of Stitzer
AA3 summarizes the mood of the
dormitory units with her (or hersl,
“Well, what in the hell do you
“Golden State” residents are well
represented at Vets’. Taking it for
granted that every passer-by knows
there’s only one “God’s Country,”
Stitzer AA19 Norm Hays of the Bay
City inscribes there two words on
the door while room-mate Bob Stout
simply says “California also.” Doc
tor-to-be Richard Buchanan from
“God’s Country” says “When do we
start skiing?”
Some of the Carson Hall “peni
tentiary atmosphere” must have
mingled with the Weyerhaeuser
aroma and drifted over to the Web
fot Matchbox. The not on 200
Cherney institutionally says: “Cell
200; Block C; Prison 2; Inmate—
Gordon Gullum; Sentence—1 year.”
BB19 Stan Ray inmate Gislove “Ex
pects parole in—June 1953.”
Prospective mothers at Oregon
having trouble with baby’s layette
may soon be making the long trek
to 16th and Alder. It seems that an
enterprising young man in E20^1
vertises on the door to his lodging's,
“Alterations—Hemstitching.” Not
to be outdone by Merrick’s seam
stress, Leroy Dunn and Bob Scholer
of EE 2 appeal to the large major
ity of University students who wear
shoes with “Shoe shine $.20—Dye
But—come Saturday night when
the Oregon co-eds receive a reprieve
until 1 a.m., the sign on'Nestor 208
is most representative of all the
guys at “Cardboard Manor.” It
says simply “And Then Larry Went
Into Action.”
The worst feeling in the world!
Nine years old and he can’t play with the
gang! His parents say two or three of the
boys are different and he shouldn’t associ
ate with them.
What do they mean, different? He re
members that only a few days ago his his
tory teacher told him that all Americans
are equal—all citizens of one country and
all working together.
This kid judges the rest of the gang by
their individual personality, character and
how they play ball—not by their race or
Each race, each religion, contributes its
own talents, culture and idealism to pro
duce that amazing blend of ideas and vigor
which have made America great. This boy
wants to be proud of his country . . . not
ashamed of it—and he can be if we don’t
influence him to the contrary!
Make sure that you are not spreading
rumors against a race or a religion. Speak
up, wherever you are, against prejudice,
and work for better understanding. Re
member that’s what it means—to be a good
American citizen.
Accept or reject people
on their individual worth ^