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Mrs. Betz
Net Wins
University and Eugene tennis
fans—3,200 of them—last night
saw the touring ptofessional world
championship net group perform in
McArthur court. . . * »
The results were:
In the singles, Pauline Betz de
feated Gussie Moran in one set, 7-5;
Jack Kramer beat Pancho Segura
in two sets, 6-4 and 7-5. In the mix
ed doubles, Kramer and Moran de
feated Segura and Betz, 6-4, in one
set. * ?
Betz Brilliant -
In the women's set, it was a case
of Mrs. Betz with her consistent,
workhorse performance, gradually
overcoming the younger, hard serv
ing, determined and classy Gussie
Kramer, with his complete con
trol of the ball at nearly all times,
flushed his way to victory over the
liard-seiving, vicious-returning lit
tle Segura, the “challenger.”
Segura Sharp
Fans got their leal show of color
in the doubles set. when Kramer
and Moran teamed to beat Segura
•and Betz.
Segura’s showmanship ability
and colorful clowning kept spec
tators wondering what the little
Latin American would do next.
Miss Moran, by far the best
dressed player on the court, gave a
tremendous exhibition of determin
ed returning during the doubles.
The touring group arrived in Eu
gene from Portland yesterday, and
returned there last night, on its way
to an engagement in Tacoma to
night. They will appear in Seattle
tomorrow night.
Frank Guinness, Washington
stalwart, a ill !>.■ starting at for
ward for tin* first time in liis
hoop career tonight when the
Huskies meet the Ducks at Se
McMillan Refutes
Layne's Contention
MOBILE. Ala. <».I\ Courtesy ot'
Station KUGNl Alvin i Bo i Me-j
Millan said he is not surprised to
hear that Quarterback Hobby
Layne was critical of his methods i
of handling' the Detroit Lions. Me
Millin, who recently resigned as
-coach of the Lions, added that sev
eral other players were critical, but
he pointed out that some players!
have disagreed with him ever since i
he started coaching.
Concluded McMillin: "After all.
we don't go out on the football field
to make love."
Duck-Husky Record
Oregon 58, Washington 60
Oregon 64, Washington 54
Oregon 49, Washington 48
Oregon 51, Washington 68
Oregon 54, Washington 69
Oregon 78, Washington 58
Oregon 44, Washington 48
Oregon 39, Washington 56
Oregon 43, Washington 44
Oregon 44, Washington 47
Oregon 65, Washington 58
Oregon 70, Washington 69
Oregon 49, Washington 69
Oregon 51, Washington 66
Oregon 57, Washington 49
Oregon 63, Washington 60
Irish Take Title:
'Flop of the Year'
SOUTH BEND ((/P), Courtesy of
Station KUGN)-1The Notre Dame
football team was voted the “Flop
of the Year” in a poll of sports ex
perts taken by the Associated Press.
The Irish Coach, Frank Leahy,
and the president of the university
-the Reverend John Cavanaugh—
were asked for their reactions.
Here they are:
Says Leahy: “I’m sorry about the
season and I’m sorry about that
new title. We seem to be extremists
—either very high or very low.
We’ll simply try hard to do better
in the future.”
Says Father Cavanaugh: “We
don’t feel at Notre Dame that our
team was the flop of the year. Our
team played to win and played the
best it could. After that the score is
not, so important. One team always
has to lose. We lost four games.
The Rose Bowl Champion Michi
gan-lost three. Would you consid
er then that Michigan should be
ranked flop number two of the sea
son ?”
Fighf Force Studied
PORTLAND (CP), Courtesy of
Station KUGN) There may be an
explanation tonight in Portland -
reasons for Billy Smith's eight
round walkout the other night in a
bout with Archie Moore of Toledo,
Smith a Negro fighter from
Oakland, California—will appear
before the City Boxing Commission
and his report apparently will be
for the record, since Smith explain
ed earlier he quit because he had no
“Battle Plan" and felt the situation
Moore won a technical knockout.
Smith has been suspended by the
commission. Chairman Ray Smith
said today he had advised the Na
tional Boxing; Association of the
suspension, and he added that he
expected the suspension to be up
held in all other states except New
York, which operates apart from
the NBA.
The Portland commission will de
termine what's to be done with
Smith's purse, amounting to about
one-thousand dollars.
Wegner Leads
Frosh Scoring
With High Mark
Guard Kenny Wegner of Roose
velt High in Portland has scored 40
points in three games (a healthy
13.3 average) to take the scoring
honors for Coach Don Kirsch’s Ore
gon Duckling basketball sauad.
Although Wegner scored only
five points during the opener in
which the Frosh seized a 49-44 de
cision over the Portland Frosh at
Portland, he found the mark for
five field goals and three free
throws for thirteen points in the
following contest, a 66-42 Oregon
triumph over the Linfield Frosh.
Wegner received 15 free throw
opportunities in the latest Frosh
performance—a 66-55 win over the
Oregon College of Education var
sity—and he dropped 12 of them
through the hoop, adding five field
goals for an impressive 22 points.
Wegner is followed by Forward
Bob Stout, who has just been de
clared scholastically ineligible for
further competition. Stout has scor
ed 24 points, including 14 in the op
ener at Portland.
Stout is closely trailed by another
ineligible, Forward John Reynolds,
another Portland boy, who has
scored 23. Other leading scorers in
clude Forward Ron Phillips (Roose
velt of Portland), 20; Barney Hol
land (Marshfield High), 18; Doug
Rogers of Salem. 15; Ineligible Paul
Poetsch (Roosevelt of Portland),
13; Bob Hawes (Bend), 9; and Don
Siegmund (Eugene), 9.
The Ducklings have won 37 out
of their last 42 games. All five loss
es were suffered at the hands of the
Oregon State Rooks, the Yearlings'
next opponent. Although a 40-34
Rook triumph last season ruined an
undefeated record for Kirsch’s
charges, the Ducklings had former
ly taken a decisive 66-41 win over
that same Rook quintet, and they
later added two vengeance victor
ies, 44-43, and 62-45.
The Frosh now have a 12-game
winning streak which has initiated
with an amazing 81-19 massacre of
Redmond High last season. The
streak has seen other impressive
victories; 68-54 over the Marshfield
Pirates, 70-47 over Hillsboro, and
70-27 over a hapless Klamath Falls
The Ducklings will meet the Ore
gon State Rooks at Corvallis next
Friday and Saturday. The Rooks
will return to Eugene for two more
tilts Friday and Saturday, Janu
ary 19 and 20. The two squads will
meet again on four different nights
in February—twice at Corvallis
and then twice again at Eugene.
Beaver Business:
PORTLAND ((.P), Courtesy of
Station KUGN)— General Manager
Bill Mulligan of the Portland Beav
ers and Club President George W.
Norgan will go to Victoria, British
Columbia, today. They'll finish ar
ranging a working agreement with
the Victorian club of the Western
International Baseball League.
Ducks at Seattle
For ND Opener
With Husky Squad
Oregon opens its 1951 Northern Division basketball season
tonight against the University of W ashington Huskies in huge
Edmundson pavillion in Seattle.
The two squads will play again Saturday night.
Starters for Oregon will be Will Urban and Bob Peterson, who
is now eligible for conference competition, at forwards. Center
will be Jim Loscutoff, and guards will be steady Jack Keller and
Mel Krause. .
For Washington, starting forwards will be Frank Guisness,
Husky Guard Louie Soriano—All
Northern Division hoop artist.
Aiken Fortunes Drop
NEW YORK ((fP), Courtesy of
Station KUGN)—The fair-catch
rule seems certain to be reinstated
and some changes may be made in
the unlimited substitution rule
when the college football coaches
convene at Dallas next week.
The fair-catch was eliminated in
a rules change this year and by
mid-season most of the coaches
were screaming for reinstatement
of the regulation. They said their
safety men were taking a batter
No really major change is ex
pected in the unlimited substitution
rule, which made possible the two
platoon system, but some minor
hitches may be taken in it.
WAA Meets, Plans
Women’s Athletic Association
President Bonnie Gienger called a
meeting of all house athletic man
agers representing WAA organiza
tions last night.
The managers discussed the win
ter term program, which will in
clude competition in basketball,
swimming, and bowling. Teams are
scheduled to open practice next
John Barton
Sam Fidman
A1 Karr
P. W. Johnson
DANCING 9:30-12:30
moved irum a, gutuu jjwiuuu ^
last year’s Husky squad, and Doug
McClary, 6-foot, seven-inch sopho
more standout. Center will be Bob
Houbregs, who also stands six feet,
seven inches tall.
Soriano at Guard
Guards for. Washington will be
Louis Soriano and La Don Henson,
who has been moved from a for
ward spot since last season.
The games this weekend jvill fea
ture the fast break versus the fast
break, which is a style of play »
new to either school, Oregon Elfl
used this type of basketball ever
since Howard Hobson first hit Eu
gene, and former Husky Coach Hec
Edmundson was famous for his em
phasis on a race-horse game.
Under Art McClarney, who re
tired from the Washington coach
ing staff at the close of last season,
the Huskies used a slower, smooth
er type of ball, but present Coach
William H. H. “Tippy” Dye has
again introduced the fast break to
Duck Coach John Warren may
alternate his charges frequently in
an effort to wear the Huskies down.
He has good reserve material for
this use in Mel Streeter, Curt Bar
clay, Jim Vranizan, and Ken Hunt.
Washington Depth
Dye, of course; may use his depth
of strength for the same purpose.
Men like Keith Jefferson, Duane
Enochs, Russ Parthemer and Jack
Ward give the Purple and Gold
mentor plenty of reserve strength.
Also fairly untried as yet is the
much talked of “Slippery” Joe Cip
riano, sophomore guard.
After the Washington series, the
Webfoots will next meet San Fran
cisco university Friday, Jan. 12, in
the San Francisco Cow Palace. The
same floor will be the scene of the
Duck-St. Mary’s college battle the
next night.
Oregon’s first ND home game
this season will be against Idaho
on Jan. 19.
Sports Reporters Needed
Men interested in covering Uni
versity sports events are asked to.
contact anyone in the sports offfljf
in the Shack or Jim Mendenhall at
Stan Ray hall, phone ext. 387. Jobs
are open now for reporters. Experi
ence is not necessary, but is help
30fQG on
cr *UNO
SUTIIFF TOBACCO CO , 650 Fifth S» ,S F Col,#
HEINE'S TOBACCO CO , Mosullon, Oh.o