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By Clyde Fahlman
Emerald Intramural Editor
Sportswriters are crazy!
They’ll stand in the worst rain of the year and sink their
brogues into four inches of mud any afternoon of the week just
so the Emerald reader may awake the next morning to find a
comprehensive coverage of the intramural pigskin derby.
Not one intramural writer has shirked his duty during the
present campaign, and Uncle Sam’s postmen with their motto,
. . through wind, sleet, hail and snow . . would have to go a
long way to match the faithful to the sports page cause. And
just so you know who I’m talking about, here is the list of faith
ful scribes : Jim Mendenhall, Jack Clement, Bob Pierce, and Jack
Campaign Finished
Well, the football campaign is all over except for the semi-final
and final playoffs today and Friday. If yesterday's quarter-final
matches have a great deal of bearing on the tournament in the
finals on Friday. (There is no future in prognostications ... I
lost a buck last year on Theta Chi in the finals.)
Yesterday’s action featured rip-snorters. The Phi Delts eked
past Beta Theta Pi, 7-6. However, the Betas had the edge in first
dawns, and the semi-finals berth almost came their way. In the
AnCrth quarter, the Beta crew had a “first and goal" on the Phi
Belt six-yard line but they failed to go over.
Minturn snapped past Pi Kappa Alpha, 19-0, while the ATOs
smacked Sigma Nu, 21-0.
So today on the intramural fields, Minturn meets the Phi Delts
and ATO takes on Nestor, a team which drew a first-round bve.
Independent Finals
Should Minturn and Nestor go to the finals, it will be the first
time in intramural history that two independent teams will have
gone that high on the intramural football ladder.
Should either hall get to the finals and take the championship
game, it will be the first time an independent team has taken the
football crown since 1936-37 when the Yeomen did the trick.
Now for the final league standings. In League One : Pi Kappa
Alpha, (4-0); Chi Psi, (3-1); Lambda Chi Alpha, (2-2); Gamma,
(1-3); and McChesney, (0-4).
In League Two: Nestor, (4-0) ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, (3-1) ;
Theta Chi, (2-2); Sigma Phi Epsilon, (1-3); and Cherney, (0-4).
In League Three : Sigma Nu, (4-0); Sigma Chi, (3-1); Pi Kap
pa Phi, (2-2) ; Sigma, (0-4) ; and Legal Eagles, (0-4). (The Legal
Eagles and Sigma forfeited to each other . . . hence the double
Jin League Four: Phi Delta Theta, (4-0) ; Philadelphia House,
(2-2); Sherry Ross, (2-2) ; Tau Kappa Epsilon, (2-2) ; and Phi
Sigma Kappa, (0-4).
j In League Five: Alpha Tau Omega, (4-0); Delta Tau Delta,
(3-1); Hunter, (2-2) ; Phi Kappa Sigma, (1-3) ; and Alpha, (0-4).
J In League Six: Minturn, (4-0), Kappa Sigma, (3-1) ; Phi Kap
pa Psi, (2-2); Sigma Alpha Mu, (1-3); and Yeomen, (0-4).
iln League Seven : Beta Theta Pi, (4-0) ; Campbell Club, (3-1);
elta Upsilon, (2-2) ; French, (0-4) ; and Stan Ray, (0-4).
■ JJ1 Cu ZT
Boxing Front Quiet
Herb Nill is still endeavoring to get 10 houses to sign the peti
ti >n for a special boxing meeting ... the intramural office remains
si ent.
The one disadvantage in such a boxing program, as this writer
s it, is the “training program” before bouts. If there are not
h rd and fast rules concerning how long two fighters should
v 5rk out before a fight there are likely to be a few casualties
Dug the line.
Let’s take this hypothetical case. In one corner of the ring we
ve Joe J)oaks, a fair to middlin’ boxer, who works out every
y to get in shape for the fight. In the other corner there is John
hmoe, one of the best boxers in the school, who hasn’t trained
Everything goes all right in the first round. Although John is
ipposed to be the better boxer, he can't touch Joe because the
tter pugilist is in shape.
In the second round John begins to tire, and relaxes his guard,
oom ! Joe lands an uppercut and John is on the mat with a con
fission . . . this sort of thing has happened.
So that is why I say that if this boxing deal goes through (and
I one hope it does) there will have to be careful supervision
o training for all competitors.
Final Enrollment Number Drops
Final registration figures reveal
a total enrollment of 5,102 at the
University which is a 13 per cent
decrease under last year. This de
crease is the same as that at OSC.
According to registrar Clifford
L. Constance, most schools over
the country have shown an ap
proximate 15 per cent decrease.
The ratio of men to women
has been slowly going up during
the last three weeks, until there
are now 2.12 men to every woman
on the campus.
In the various classes, the jun
iors show the greatest percentage
increase, 66 percent but this is
because unlike in previous years,
junior standing is determined only
by the number of credits. This
same reason accounted for the
drop in the sophomore class of 34
The sophomore class, however,
is still largest, with 1,795 mem
bers. They are followed by the
seniors with 1,461; the freshmen
with 1,269; and the juniors, in
spite of having the greatest in
crease, are the smallest class,
numbering 533.
Enrollment in the various
schools also dropped except in the
Coliege of Liberal Arts which in
creased 29 percent and the School
of Education which increased 19
percent. The School of law showed
the greatest drop, 72 percent, while
the School of Business Adminis
tration dropped 59 percent.
There is a decrease of only 6
percent in the number of new stu
dents registering. The total of re
turning students dropped 16 per
Books Sold Quickly, j
Co-op Manager Says
The book sale in progress this
week at the Co-op has been suc
cessful thus far, according to G.
L. Henson, manager of the stu
dent store. Henson reported that
approximately two-thirds of the
books had been sold by Tuesday
morning. The remaining books
will be on sale through Saturday.
Philip Morris challenges
any other leading brand
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