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personal—Ellsworth, please
return my socks. 13
WANTED—Graduate student in
speech desires room and board
in private home, or will move
in with another graduate, or
faculty member, Burton Filut,
1208 Beech (Side) Phone 5-6369.
tion. Very low rates. Fast pro
gress. Room 72, Barrister Inn. 15
FOR SALE—Smith-Corona silent
portable typewriter. Phone
5-7800. . 12
WANTED—Model “A” in good
condition. Call Ext. 388 McChes
ney Hall. Ask for Phil Block. 12
nOR SALE—Dietzen slide rule
leather case. Used one term. H.
: J. Kaiser 4-2269 $15.00. 13
'OST—Glasses in tan case in vi
cinity of campus in front of
Johnson Hall. Dr. Ruhndorf in
scribed on case. Phone Barbara
Bennett Ext. 462. 12
>frash to Instruct
Russian Literature
Night classes in translated Rus
an literature are being offered
om 7 to 10 p. m. Tuesday nights
. 203 Chapman under the instruc
on of Victor C. Strash, assist
•it professor of Slavic languages.
Three credit hours are granted
' University students taking
ie course. Sponsored by the Gene
il Extension Division of the State
aard of Higher Education, the
ass is also open to Eugene towns
3 Trams
to serve you
Choice of Pullman accommo
dations; club and lounge cars;
wonderful dining car meals;
declining coach seats.
Enjoy the beautiful autumn
breather : s: vacation enroute at
Sun Valley, owned and oper
ated by Union Pacific.
Let us help with your travel
201 Ardel Offices
33 East 10th Ave.
Phone 4-9353
union pacific
of thf daily streamliners
Yanks Over 38th
As Wohsan Close
Compiled by John Barton
(From the Wires of Associated Press)
American tioops are pouring into Communist North Korea to
day after General MacArthur's “final” order to the Korean Reds
to surrender. South Korean Republic forces are already deep in
side Red territory in heavy strength.
United States forces crossed the 38th parallel late Saturday on
the west side of the Korean peninsula. The first troops were
members of the First Cavalry division.
Twelve Infantry Divisions. . .
. . . and overwhelming air and sea forces are at the command of Mac
Arthur o help him back up his surrender demands. More than 40,000
men fighting under the United Nations flag have now crossed the 38th_
and more are on the way. The South Korean third division is within 10
miles of the east coast port of Wonsan.
Surrounded Red Troops...
. . . aie continuing to surrender in batches sou h of the parallel. The
,°tal of prisoners now exceeds 50,000—and more than 10,000 of these
have come in with their hands up in the last two days. Reports from the
northern front near Wonsan indicate the Reds are running shor of man
More Billions For Europe...
. . . ma ybe asked by the administration when Congress meets again
eariy next year. Reports to this effect are becoming more numerous in
Washington as Britain’s economic minister, Hugh Gaitskell, already in
the capi al, and France’s Maurice Petsche, on his way, get ready to meet
next week with U. S. Secretary of the Treasury Snyder.
The money reportedly is being asked to set up a defense force against
possible Russian aggression in Western Europe. State and defense de
partment officials are rushing preparations for a series of high level
meetings with European leaders on set ing up and equipping an inter
national army powerful enough to stop the Reds.
French Reds Are Changing...
Y ’ their tactics for disrupting rearmament of France. The shift of
policy is being called radical by some authorities. Up to now, the French
Communists have been using any me hod—including sabotage—to slow
shipments of American arms to France, as well as foul France’s own
arms manufacture.
The new policy has apparently been ordered by the Cominform because
many previously pro-Red groups in France were becoming shocked at
the methods employed by Communists there. The new plans must please
t e freshmen, says the Cominform, so that they will toss in heir lot with
Communism in France.
Relief For War-Torn Korea.....
... is being planned by the United Nations this week. All organs of the
U- N —the new Korean commission, the economic and social council, the
agencies for health, feeding and technical assistance, and the U. N. s aff
—are working on plans to coordinate help for Korea. This program was
authorized by the U. N. assembly in its 47 to 5 vote Saturday.
Right now, the primary cost of rehabilitating Korea is figured to be
34 million dollars—and hat figure is rising fast. What it will cost even
tually is anyone’s guess.
Overriding A U. N. Veto...
. . . may become possible in the near future if a U. S. sponsored plan
for emergency meetings of the general assembly is accepted by the
political committee of the U. N.
As things stand now, no action can be made by the U. N. if the se
curity council is deadlocked by a veto. John Foster Dulles will open
debate today before the political committee on the Acheson program.
This plan calls for emergency sessions of the assembly if the security
council is paralyzed.
Wage Increasing Demands...
. . . will be made soon when the powerful CIO United Steelworkers
union meets with employers. Philip Murray, president of the union,
says he wants a wage boost for his men. They are now averaging $1.70
an hour. He isn’t saying how much—just that raise* must be “very
healthy and substantial.’’
The steelworkers’ contract says that new talks for wages start Nov.
, but Murray asked that the date be advanced. Any change of wages
m the steel industry is generally the go-ahead signal for changes in
the rest of our national economy. Green may want to open new con
tract talks before the scheduled date because:
Wage And Price Stabilization...
. . machinery is nearly set up in Washington—or so all signs indi
cate today. But it may be weeks or months before the final gears for
stopping the spiral of wage and price increases start to roll
Dr. Alan Valentine, 49-year-old educator and business man has been
appointed top man in the controls program by President Truman. He
will go to work this week to start setting up the remainder of the
Economic Stabilization Agency (ESA). The final action on building
ceilings over prices and wages probably will be after the November 7
elections—or so say politically-minded Washingtonians.
Canadian Army Officers And Men.. .
' ' ; WlU arnve at Fort Lewis, Wash., today as the advance party
ox a large number of Canadian troops which will serve as a U K
force The force is believed to be the first foreign military group ever
to set up on a reservation operated by U. S. military personnel The
exact strength of the Canadian force isn’t being disclosed, but it’s
estimated to be about brigade strength.
Oregana Photos. . .
Oregana picture schedule:
Monday: Delta Tan Delta.
French Hall.
Tuesday: Gamma Hall, Kap
pa Sigma.
(Compiled from Oregon newspapers
by Anne Goodman)
Bend. . .
Minor automobile accidents re
sulted in busy garages in this area,
due to heavy traffic by hunters.
Clatskanie. . .
More than 1000 fans, the most
yet, watched Clatskanie Union high
take a 12 to 0 beating from Rainier
Union high in football Sept. 29. The
game was also the occasion of a
new football field dedication.
“Cookie”, dog of Jewett A. Bush,
placed best in all breeds at a recent
dog show in Victoria, B. C.
Grants Pass. . .
“Effie”, seeing-eye dog of “Blind
George” Spencer, newsstand oper
ator, was shot through the neck by
an unidentified hunter who thought
the dog was a wolf. “Effie” is fight
ing for life in a local animal his
La Grande. ..
A second draft call summoned
five more men from this city. They
are Dale H. Courtney, Fred Wil
liams, Max Moffitt, Velmer Dough
erty, and Elizie Thompson.
Lebanon. . .
Arthur Turner will replace R. V.
Cundiff as manager of three down
town theatres.
A 21-year-old father became the
15th case of poliomyelitis within
the immediate city trading area.
Kick Dewis and Lovern Root,
high school seniors, won first and
second place respectively in a news
paper essav contest.
Pendleton. . .
A building plan which includes a
a hope of getting a national guard
armory for the city was revealed by
Jack Duff, vice president of the an
nual Happy Canyon pageant.
Home and residential building is
continuing at a high pace. A Sher
wood Heights addition of 100 homes
is now under construction.
Seaside. ..
Fifty deer were brought to local
meat markets by last Thursday in
one of the city’s most successful
seasons. Most were killed in the
Nnion park area, opened for the
first time this year.
First steps on a proposed river
boulevard from First to Twelfth
avenues will be taken soon when
property owners will be asked to
sign petitions.
The Dalles...
Dr. Gordon A. Sabine, dean of the
Oregon school of journalism, spoke
to Kiwanians Thursday on “Do
Newspapers Tell the Truth?”
Continental Grain Company re
ported storage of more than one
million bushels of wheat from this
area last week.
'P/ggerV Guide
Being Compiled
The Pigger’s Guide, directory
containing the names, phone
numbers, and addresses of all
students and faculty members,
is now being compiled from re
gistration cards, Editor Virginia
Wright has reported. Address
changes should be made today.
Night Editor—Dick Thompson.
Night Staff—A] Carr, Sella Wine
berg, John Welser, Kathleen Stryk
er, Margie Elliott.
Desk Editor: Jim Knight
Desk Staff: A1 Karr, Joan Miller
Co-ed Housing
Re-check Set
All women students living off
campus are asked to re-checlc
their housing in the Director of
Women’s Affairs Office immedi
ately, according to Mrs. Edith
Jacobs, women’s counselor.
Reason for the re-check is that
temporary permits were granted
previously until Mrs. Golda P.
Wickham, director of women’s
affairs, could check them. The
girls are being asked to come to'
the office to get their permanent
Foreign Student
Luncheons Begin
The first of a series of foreign
student luncheons sponsored by
the campus YMCA will be held
at noon Tuesday in the Student
Foreign students speaking at
the luncheon will be Johannes
Hock, from Austria, and Hiroyn
Katayama, from Japan.
Any interested students or facul
ty members may make reserva
tions at the YMCA office, 318
Student Union.
Now Showing
HE 1116 4
October 9-10
Glen Ford, Broderic Crawford
liii> 8c.ALDER WAt 51022
October 9-10
Ronald Reagan, Edmund Gwenn
October 9
John Wayne
Gary Cooper, Lauren Bacall
Octooer 9-10
James Stewart
Shelley Winters
October 9-10
with Bobby Driscoll
Drive In Theatre
Springfield, Oregon
October 9
Wayne Morris
Loretta Young