Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, October 03, 1950, Page 8, Image 8

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‘Tttenny-fia- IRaccad
A summer pin was accepted by
Barbara Callender from Sig Ep
Rod Heestand early in July.
Summer engagements were:
Jan McCoy to Bob Cook, Lam
bda Chi Alpha; Charlotte Stone
to Pat Rankin, Oregon State
College; Pricilla Cuthbert to Gary
Haynes, Phi Kappa Sigma; and
Shirley Crabb to Bill St. Hilaire,
Pi Kappa Phi.
Married are:
Fran Baldwin and Lou Hed
lund, Delta Upsilon; Lois Rettig
and Claud Sourbeer; Ann Cuth
burt and Bill Bowerman, Nu Sig
ma Nu; and Ann Butler and
Chuck Wirkkula.
At AOPi. . .
Along with Portland weekend
excitement, Mary Eilertson re
turned to campus wearing the
badge of Theta Chi Ray Swarth
A welcome guest at AOPi this
year is Maire Parkali, a Finnish
student majoring in history.
Maire likes Americans because
they are “so alive” and feels very
much at home, although she ar
rived only a week ago.
In the matrimony department,
there were two summer weddings
—those of Mary Keller to Sigma
Nu Jim Burwick and Joy Miller
to Kappa Sig Lee Perry.
At Sigma Chi...
Contrary to the shortage of oc
cupants being felt in many cam
pus living organizations, the Sig
ma Chi house is fairly bursting at
its seams as the result of numer
ous membership affiliations trans
fers, and the acquisition of a Ger
man exchange student.
Tom Myers is a transfer from
San Diego State, Jim Dersham
and Harrison Fagg from Montana
State, Jack Clement from Oregon
State, and graduate student Fost
er Provost from Louisiana State.
Wilfred Meading, sophomore in
journalism, attended the Univer
sity of Berlin last year. "Fred”
has been teaching the fellows
German songs.
Several former Webfoots have
returned to the University this
fall after attending other local
colleges. They are Millard Mc
Clung, Dick Ruckdeschel, Jim
Andelrson, Emile Holeman, iand
Dick Estey.
At Sig Ep. . .
The armed forces have taken
their toll on the Sig Ep house.
Rog Middleton, Bud Barnum, Newt
Thornton, and Sam Wilson have
enlisted in the Air Force. Jim
Purcell was recently recalled by
the Navy. Glenn Lorenz is now
in the Coast Guard.
Dick Kading has been selected
cadet colonel of the ROTC Air
An overheated boiler ..Sunday
brought the Eugene Fire Depart
ment and caused some excitement
amongst the four weekend stay
at-home residents.
Roommate Comes Through In Clutch
Aroommate can be very help
ful at unexpected times—as illu
strated by a little drama enact
ed in the middle of the Burnside
Bridge in Portland last Saturday.
The car in which freshmen Gail
Savage and Lila Carlson were rid
ing become stalled on the bridge.
There they were, stuck in a line
of several hundreds of cars also
returning from the game.
Amid the harsh chorus of honks
from irate drivers came one
friendly “beep." It turned out to
be Kay Woodson, Lila’s room
mate, and Martha Bartenhagen,
who lives just below the three in
Hendricks Hall.
They gave Gail and Lila’s car
a few helpful bumps and both
cars finally moved off the bridge
under their own power.
IBM means International Busi
ness Machines. This choice fact
is meant to enlighten freshmen,
■and make seniors smile as if
they’d always known it.
In this day of war and rumors of
There is no such thing as an in
evitable war. If war comes it will
be from failure of human wisdom
Duck Spirit
(Continued from page one)
still in the preliminary stages, ac
cording to a report from Herb Nill,
first vice-president. Present plan
of action is to secure 10 signers to
a petition of living organization in
tramural managers asking for a
meeting to discuss the question.
The idea of having student danc
ing lessons as a recreational activ
ity was turned over to the Student
Union ballroom committee for con
sideration. Dancing has been offer
ed as a course by the General Ex
tension Division in previous years,
but some movement in the direction
of non-class dancing lessons has
been underway since last year.
Reporting on the student court,
Don Pailette stated that student li
cense cards and parking permit
stickers were issued to student car
owners during registration and are
now ready for operation.
Students who failed to register
their cars during the regular regis
tration period may sign up at the
Student Affairs office in Emerald
Hall, Pailette explained.
Car Owners Need Stickers
Any student car-owner whose ve
hicle is found parked in a student
lot without sticker on display will
be fined, he said.
Petitions for new student court
members will be called for within
the week, ASUO President Barry
Mountain stated.
Rally Board Member Jim Cris
mon reported that the board is now
contacting various western institu
tions on their ideas for rally promo
tion, presentation, and entertain
The council voted $24.55 for the
purchase of a new ASUO minute
book, which will be completely
bound in leather. The president was
authorized to purchase a new ASUO
gavel to replace the old one, en
graving'Space on which has been
completely filled with the names of
past student body presidents.
Appointments to Committees
Appointments to student faculty
committees made during the sum
mer were announced, as follows:
assembly committee, Donna Mary
Brennan and Bob Gray; military
education, Jim Goode; student af
fairs, Barry Mountain, Barbara
Stevenson, Jackie Pritzen, and
Hank Panian; student discipline,
Ed Peterson, Anne Goodman, and
Eleanor Johns (withdrawn from
school and replaced by Tom Bar
ry) ; student publications, Anita
Holmes, Ruth Landry, Bob Funk,
Herb Nill, Bob Schooling, Don
Smith, and Don Thompson.
University Play Nears Open/ffgl
Tryouts for one play and re
hearsals for another are the ord
er of the week at the University
Final casting for “Born Yester
day,” first presentation of the reg
ular season, continues this week;
and brush-up rehearsals for “John
Loves Mary,” pre-season show,
started last night in preparation
for performances this Friday and
Saturday nights.
Season ticket holders nave first
preference of seats for the return
engagement of “John Loves
Mary”. Cards sent out to season
ticket buyers should be returned to
the theater box office by Tuesday
evening, Virginia Hall, business
manager, has stated. Since this is
an additional production, season
ticket stubs are not valid.
Box office opens at 10 a. m.
Wednesday for regular sales. The
Friday night performance has
been sold to the Soroptimist club
of Eugene, and persons wishing
to buy tickets for that evening
may contact a member of the club.
‘‘John Loves Mary”, directed
by Ottilie T. Seybolt, was the last
production of the summer session
season. Because of its success the
production is being given two re
turn engagements this fall. This
is the first time that the Univer®
sity Theater has given a summer
season play as an added attrac
tion before the opening of the
regular season.
Night Editor: Rusty Holcomb
Night Staff: Betty Nachter,
Joan Cavy, Jean Asplund, Doris
Just because you have sounc
opinions is no excuse for going
• • •
of Bowling will be given to the man
and woman who bowl the high
est game in any week.
• • •
• • •
Welcome Back Students
Now that fall term is in full swing we hope you'll let us
take care of your car again this year
• Quaker State motor oil and lubricants
• Wash jobs
• Goodrich tires, batteries and accessories
when we say "WE SERVE—YOU SAVE" we mean it
Phone 5-9020
Broadway and Alder