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Mountain,Overbade Win
Top Positions in Elections
25 TNE Members
Put on Probation
TNE has been broken on the University campus.
Twenty-five men students, admitted members of Theta Ku
Epsilon, secret illegal society, have been placed on probation for
the rest of their college days at the University, school officials
announced Monday afternoon.
Officials announced at the same time that a campus TNE
chapter has been “thoroughly and completely exposed and
Co-op Receipts
Due Thursday
Thursday is the last day to turn
in Co-op Cash-register slips for
the regular yearly patronage re
Manager of the Co-op, G. L.
Henson announced that no envel
opes containing recipts will he ac
cepted after Thursday’s closing
hours. The color of the cash-regis
ter tape will be changed Thursday
night, so there is no reason for any
customers to wait to pile up more
Last year the patronage refund
was 10-percent of all cash-register
receipts turned in, and it is hoped
that the same percentage can be
given this year. After all receipts
have been turned in, the Co-op
Board will decide upon the percent
age of refund and will make the
announcement after June 1.
All Co-op members who turn in
their envelopes and tabulated re
ceipts can pick up their cash rebate
beginning June 5. Henson re
quested that all rebates be picked
up in person before the end of the
term to avoid book-keeping diffi
culties in writing checks and mail
ing refunds.
Weather . . .
Fair and a little warmer today
and Wednesday. High today, 72;
low, 44. High Monday was 69.
broken. .\o list of members- j
names has been or will be re
An extensive investigation of
the situation by the Office of
Student affairs under the di
rection of Donald M. DuShane
preceeded the announcement.
All TNE members signed affida
vits admitting their affiliation with
the illegal society, according to Du
Shane. Also in the hands of the ad
ministration are membership cards,
a copy of the society's ritual, shing
les—small certificates of member
ship, and other “pertinent informa
Although University officials
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Nill Loses Presidency by 165 Votes;
Joanne Fitzmaurice Polls 613 Tallies
* * *
'I'm Surprised/
Says Mountain,
New President
Barry Mountain, newly elected
ASUO president, sandwiched
enough time between fraternity
tubbings and an impromptu USA
celebration at the Alpha Tau Ome
ga house to say he was “a little
‘'These things are always a little
uncertain,” he commented. That
was even before he had dried him
self off from the tubbing he had
received from his fraternity bro
thers, at the ATO house.
It was an eventful evening for
the newly-elected ASUO president
who beat second place Herb Nill
by only 166 votes. After he had
gotten the water out of his ears
he said the first thing to do is to
reorganized student spirit at the
University of Oregon. He wants a
rally squad that the University
can be proud of and that will be
known all over the state and the
About Theta Nu Epsilon, the sec
ret fraternity, he said ‘‘I hope
everyone will let bygones be by
gones. We're starting out with a
clean slate now.”
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For the third successive year the United Students Association
copped the number one and two ASUO positions, receiving the
student nod tor ASUO top executive spots next year.
USA Candidate Barry Mountain emerged from student body
elections Monady as top man in the race for ASUO president
with 1084 votes, winning over Herb Nill, non-partisan candidate,
whose tally counted 918.
USA Running Mate live Overbade edged into the number
two position with a 90-vote margin over AGS candidate Joanne
r uzmaiu ice, who ponea old voces. -
Associated Greek Students
candidates stepped into the major
class offices and the yell king po
sition by narrow margins, award
ing them the class executive spots
in the coming year.
A narrow margin of 10 votes put
Steve Church, AGS, into the num
ber one spot of the senior class.
Church polled 221 votes, winning
over Bob Pearce, who polled 211.
USA candidate Anne Goodman
received the nod for number three
senior position with 259 votes, top
ping Florence Hansen, AGS, who
polled 208 tallies.
Vernon Beard slipped into the top
junior position on a six-vote margin
as he received 330 tallies to 324 for
Willie Dodds. Shirley Hillard top
ped Donna Buse in a race for secre
tary. Official tabulations for secre
tary were not available to the Em
erald before press time Monday
Sophomore Joe Kaiser received
the winning tallies, to become
sophomore class president with 304
votes, edging out Helen Jackson,
USA candidate, who polled 268
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Election Review: Withdrawals, Riots
Boltings Mark Wild Campaign Week
The battle cry of the 1950 spring
term elections might very well be
“Wha’ Happened!”
One week of the most confused,
startling, and hectic campaigning
in campus annals left the student
body with hardly enough strength
to go to the polls Monday. And
there they found the “Spirit of
1950” carried through in ballots
which were already outdated, be
cause some of the candidates
listed weren't running anymore.
The campaign was enlivened
with all the 19th century political
trappings of charges and counter
charges, parades, street dances,
riots, "secret meetings,’’ “bolters,”
and a political issue as deep as the
Tea Pot Dome scandal of the
Harding Administration.
Probably no one, not even ASUO
president Art Johnson, who got
the ball rolling, really knew ex
actly what was happening from one
day to the next. And the AGS
party, split by dissenters and
tinged with sweeping accusations
from all sides, was as baffled as
Some hint of the campaign which
was to follow came when word went
around the campus the weekend be
fore the nominating conventions
that the Alpha Tau Omegas and the
Delta Upsilons intended to bolt the
Greek Bloc.
This word was verfied Monday,
May 15, when Art Johnson opened
political warfare b y nominating
Barry Mountain, ATO, and hurling
his charge that AGS was operating
under "political pressure” by Theta
Nu Epsilon, banned and disgraced
secret fraternity.
The issue was heightened that
same night, following the AGS
meeting which nominated Gerry
Smith for ASUO No. 1. Word
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Voting Resumes
For Constitution
3 Booths Open
Although most of the political
furor has died down, three polling
booths will remain open today anil
Wednesday for voting on the pro
posed new ASUO constitution.
If approved, the instrument will
go into effect for spring elections
next year.
Booths will be open in the lib
rary and on 13th St. between Fen
ton and Friendly Halls, and be
tween the Co-op and Condon Hall.
Poll books will be marked with
a different color of pencil today
and Wednesday to avoid confusion
with Monday's officers election.
The same poll books are being used
for all three days.
The constitutional election was
set for three days by the ASUO
Executive Council in an attempt to
insure that 50 per cent of the stu
dent body would cast ballots for or
against the document.
A two-thirds affirmative vote of
50 per cent of the student body is
required for approval of the new
constitution. The 50 per cent mark
was reached after three days of
voting in April, but the election
was declared invalid by the ASUO
Judiciary Committee because the
Council had extended the election
after the polls had been opened.
The committee stated, however,
that it felt that a three-day elec
tion would be legal if so announced
in advance.
Oreganos Still Available
Unclaimed copies of the 1950
Oregana are now available at the
Student Union office, on the first
floor of the Erb Memorial building
across from the infirmary.
Questions about orders will be
answered at the office.