Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, January 11, 1950, Page 7, Image 7

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    j/ux/ey Novels
ecture Subject
Aldous Huxley and his novels
ill be discussed by Dr. Carlisle
ioore, professor of English, in a
brary browsing room lecture at
:30 this evening.
I The lecture is open to members
the University faculty and stu
" jHuxley, an English author who
ittled in Southern California in
$38, has written nine novels. His
Brave New World,” a picture of
le future world, started many of
s contemporaries on books with
similar theme, according to Dr.
Dr. Moore will discuss Huxley’s
range from a satirist with no
lith in God or ideals to his pres
et standing as a modern mystic,
le thinks Huxley to be one of the
dttiest authors of our day.
Huxley is brother to Julian Hux
jy, head of UNESCO.
Other books by the author in
lude “Point Counter Point,” “Ape
] *id Essence,” and his most recent,
pyeless in Gaza.”
thess Players
Enter Tourney
iChess teams from three schools,
icluding the University of Ore
011, will unite to play a tourna
lent with the highly praised Port
ind Chess' Club Feb. 19, according
o Tom Young, tournament direc
or for the club at the University.
Playing in the tournament will
ie the University of Oregon, Ore
Ton State College, Pacific Univer
ity, and possibly the Salem Busi
tessmans Ch.ess Club. The games
vill be held in -Salem.
Young said the Portland1 Chess
earn was very good and is con
idered the champs of the Pacific
The University of Oregon Chess
Hub has played two tournaments
pis year winning both. They de
eated the Oregon State College
3hess team and that of Pacific
University—both by close scores.
Twenty boards will be played,
wo games to each board. Players
vill be ranked according to
itrength—the best players of each
earn being matched.
Crads in Foreign
* Service Return
Two Oregon graduates now
working as junior officers in the
tate department foreign service
re paying a short visit to the
University campus, Karl W. On
hank, graduate placement service
lirector, reported.
Thomas Turner, class of ’39, is
'n leave from work in . Zurich,
Switzerland, and Robert' Schott,
lass of ’43, returned from Teheran
or a vacation. Turner was form
erly stationed in Tunis, while
Schott previously worked in Iraq
md Iran.
Seniors Offered
WAC Commissions
Commissions in the Women’s
Army Corps of the Regular Army
are being offered to women college
graduates or prospective gradu
ates in their senior year.
Applicants must be single and
between 21 and 27. Application
forms may be obtained in the of
fice of the Director of Women’s
Reserve commissions as second
lieutenant will be given those who
are accepted, and they can qualify
ior commissions in the Regular
Arm v after a basic training
Deady, Villard
Parking Nixed
Warns Neely
Traffic court chairman Dick
Neely Tuesday night issued a
warning to speech and drama stu
dents who have been parking in
the small area between Deady and
Villard Halls.
“This area was put in by a
requirement of the state fire mar
shal for protective purposes and
must be kept open at all times,”
Neely stated. “In the future tick
ets will be issued to violators, who
must also pay towing charges if
it becomes necessary to haul the
vehicle away.”
Neely’s warning came after the
first winter term session of the
student traffic court Tuesday eve
ning. A total of $8 in fines was
collected, with two students who
appeared being fined $1 each, four
$1 bail forfeitures and one $2 bail
Sentence was suspended in the
cases of four students found guilty
of violations.
The chairman also reminded new
students to register their cars
with the student court. Failure to
display a student registration
sticker is a violation in itself. Over
2000 cars are now on the court’s
rolls, Neely said.
Council Approves Parking Meters
The Eugene city council last
night approved the purchase order
for an additional 75 parking met
ers to be installed in the business
district adjacent to the University
of Oregon campus.
The meters, to be installed with
in the next two months, will be
placed on 11th Avenue between
Hilyard and Alder, parts of Alder
between 11th and 13th, and along
13th in the Kincaid to Alder block.
As with the parking meters now
in use in the city, the new meters
will be purchased on a time pay
ment plan. Fifty percent of the
monthly "take” will be paid to
the manufacturing company until
the purchase of the meters is com
The council also agreed to ap
prove the fire protection plan for
the campus recently compiled by a
joint meeting of University offi
cials and the City Water Board of
Eugene and to pay its share of
the cost of installing water lines
and hydrants.
Modern Films
Slated Today
A program of movies on surreal
ism and experimentalism will be
shown at approximately 4 p.m., to
morrow, at the Mayflower Thea
ter, under the sponsorship of the
Foreign Movie Club and the Jour
nal Club.
R. L. Picard, president of the
Foreign Movie Club, will introduce
the program, beginning at 3:30.
The four movies will last for about
an hour and a half.
Tickets, which may be obtained
from club members or at the box
office of the theater, are priced
at 25 cents.
Rebec Gets Books
From Quota Club
Rebec house received 40 books
this Christmas for the house lib
rary, from the Eugene Quota Club.
The Quota Club, business wom
en’s organization, purchased and
collected the volumes and pre
sented them at the Rebec Christ
mas party.
Books include best known works,
novels, poetry, short stories, and
two copies of the Bible.
Shirley McFarland is house lib
Three Indiana youths held up
a store after they had been in a
dance marathon. Now they can
practice the lockstep.
Hal Coleman, Assistant
Managing Editor.
Gretchen Grondahl, Desk
Copy Editors: Donna Holbrook,
Donna Pastrouich, Bob Shoe
maker, Bob Paul, Jack Young,
Larry Meiscr, Tom King, Lorr.a
Reporters: Iven Metzler, Marty
Weitzncr, Stan Turnbull, Sarah
Turnbull, Coralie Nelson, Marjory
Bush, Larry Meiser, Gretchen
Grondahl, Bob Paul, Lorna Larson,
Jackie Pritzen, Donna Pastrouich,
Betty Lagomarsino, Bill Frye.
Night Staff: Cliff Cain, editor;
Lyn Morgan, Gretchen Grefe, Hal
lie Williams, Mary Gillham, Tom
Weightson, Bob Bowin, Dick Still.
Sports Staff: Ray Alpeter, Nor
man Anderson, Sam Fidman, Mar
j tin Meadows, John Barton.
VA Wants. Evidence
Evidence of dependency should
be submitted by veterans acquiring
dependents through marriage or
birth of children who wish addi
tional subsistence allowance, the
Veterans Administration announ
Do YOU Need Anything?
WANTED—One trunion-bearing
Call Sam Glottz, Smoo Hall.
does your MOTHER-IN-LAW
FOR SALE—One large, as-good
as-new, slightly used, reddish
blue, size 38 V2, Winter King,
long underwear. Excellent for
winter serenades. Call Mrs.
Schmaltz, Housemother, Signi
fy Nothing.
Get In Touch With Your Long Lost
WILMER — Come back to me,
Huckle buck—little Joe has the
mumps, I broke my leg and Paw
lost his job. We need you bad.
Pleaze come home. Your ever
lovin’, June.
n Daily