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"Sigma Delta Chi Places
In Efficiency Contest
The University of Oregon chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, pro
fessional journalism fraternity today holds a coveted fifth place
in the organization's national chapter efficiency contest.
The honor was announced at the SDX convention at Dallas.
Tex. during the weekend, and relayed to the campus by Bob
Tweedel, Oregon delegate to the convention. Indiana University
'Joe and Betty'
Dates Awarded
Late Salesmen
Beverly Williamson, freshman,
and Eric P. Bosshart, senior in bus
iness, won dates with Joe College
Bob Gray and Betty Coet Helen
Simpson in a drawing at Satur
day’s Homecoming game.
Hostess Marguerite Johns drew
the names from a list of Oregana
late sales drive receipts. The win
ners will also receive free Ore
Top salesman in the late sales
drive was Dick Coenenberg, Camp
bell Club. Top Saleswoman was
i Donna Holbrook, University
House. Coenenberg sold 12 books,
or 25 per cent of his house. Miss
Holbrook sold six, or 16 per cent.
The two salesmen will receive
complimentary copies of the Ore
May Be Checked
Nov. 28-Dec. 10
Checking with the registrar,
listed as step three in the winter
term tirfie schedule, may be com
pleted from Nov. 28 through Dec.
10 and on Jan. 3, not on Jan. 3
only, as stated in the schedule.
This information was released
Monday morning by Registrar Clif
ford L. Constance, with the start
of advance registration for winter
Registration material may be
obtained through Wednesday of
this week and from Nov. 28
through Dec. 2 inside the center
door of Emerald Hall.
Steps two and three, securing
advisers’ approval and enrolling
with departments, may be com
pleted from Nov. 28 through Dec.
Deadline for checking with the
r Student Affairs Office, listed as
step four, is Dec. 10. Students will
be assessed the full late fee of $5
on Jan. 3 if they fail to complete
steps one through four by Dec. 10.
Checking with the registrar and
paying fees, steps five and six,
may be completed from Nov. 28 to
Dec. 10 or on Jan. 3. All students
must finish step six on Jan. 3 or
pay the late fee of $1 per day.
Veterans may not (fontinue fur
ther than step four in advance reg
istration. Special procedures listed
as' steps five through seven, will
be completed by all veterans on
Jan. 3. The steps are outlined in
the time schedule.
Oregana Pictures
Deadline Wed.
Today and Wednesday are the
last days for Oregana individual
pictures to be taken, according
to Oregana Associate Editor
Ruth Landry. Re-takes and sen
ior pictures may be taken at
Kennell-EUis studios in down
town Eugene without appoint
Last year pictures were taken
up to the end of the term but
no pictures will be taken for
this year’s book after tomorrow.
won first place.
The contest judged chapter ac
tivities during the 1948-49 school
year. Among the points considered
in the judging were the quality of
professional programs, attendance
at meetings, compliance with na
tional reports, and the quality of
professional and academic work
done by the chapter’s undergradu
ate members. Contest entries came
from 52 undergraduate chapters.
Kirk Braun, Emerald photogra
pher last year and now with The
Oregonian, also was a winner at
the convention, taking first place
in two photography contests. Ris
picture of volunteer firemen fight
ing a lumber yard fire at Oswego
swept top honors in the spot-news
classification. He also won first in
the feature picture category.
Braun dominated the SDX pho
tography contests last year, when
he won six prizes, including all
three places in one contest.
Officers in the Oregon chapter
last year included Dan Sellard,
currently the city editor for the
Eugene Register-Guard; Warren
Mack, sports editor of the Rose
burg News Review; Roy C. Wil
liams, now with the Grants Pass
Bulletin, and John Benneth of the
Journal of Commerce, Portland.
Current chapter officers, who
prepared the winning contest entry
for Oregon, are Tweedell, presi
dent; Malcolm Epley, Vice-presi
dent; Victor Fryer, secretary; Hal
Coleman, treasurer; and Charles
Grell, historian. All are seniors in
Robert Q. Karolevitz, journalism
graduate student, helped prepare
the convention display report
which also was judged in the effi
ciency contest.
This is the first national honor
in the SDX national chapter con
tests won by the Oregon chapter
since 1938, when it took first place
in the country.
Red Imperialism
Good: Phillips
~By Walter Dodd
“I rejoice in the spread of Red
imperialism,” Dr. Herbert J. Phil
lips told an audience of some 75
people meeting in Hampton Hall
last night in downtown Eugene.
Dr. Phillips, ousted communist
professor of philosophy at the
University of Washington, spoke
under auspices of the Young Pro
gressives of Eugene and the Civil
Rights Congress.
The Civil Rights Congress is
listed by the Department of Jus
tice as a subversive communist
front organization.
Phillips told the audience that
he does not propose to defend aca
demic tenure of those who are
members of groups which mentally
enslave their members.
“Communists,” Phillips contends,
“have come to a certain theory of
historical development and follow
truth where it leads.”
Phillips, who testified in the
recent Communist party trials in
New York City, holds that the
Communist party is committed to
popular ism, to the party of the
working class, for the realization
cf the will of the people.
Under questioning Phillips ad
mitted that the “new Democracies
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Deferred Living Plan Battle
Continued by Social Groups
Exec Council
Oregon Seal
Moving' of the Oregon seal from
its present location north of Vil
lard to the Student Union building
was approved in an informal poll
of the class of 1912, donors of the
seal, senior representative Dorothy
Orr announced.
Negotiations are now under way
to sec if the class is willing to use
its funds to finance the moving.
Other traditions discussed by the
Council included possible additions
to the present Hello Walk between
Fenton and Villard Halls and post
ing of signs identifying the Walk.
The Council will investigate the
moving of the Senior Bench from
its present station near the Susan
Campbell parking lot. The bench
was originally placed between Fen
ton Hall and the Pioneer Father.
Chairman for Dads' Day, Jan. 28,
will be selected by the ASUO Ex
ecutive Council at its next meeting
Dec. 7, the Council determined at
its meeting Monday.
Petitions will be due Thursday,
Dec. 1. Applicants will be inter
viewed at the meeting.
Permanent flashcards for the
rally board were advocated as the
group went on record in favor of
the stunts, commending Chairman
Jerry Kinersley. Kinersley h a s
been authorized to work on money
raising methods for the purchase
(Phase turn■ to pai/c ciyht)
/DC in Favor
Of Living Plan
The Interdormitory Council last
night passed a unanimous resolu
tion favoring the “basic concepts”
of the deferred living plan and ex
pressed belief that deferred rush
ing should be included.
The council also favored the
holding of rush week for second
year students just before fall term.
Victor Fryer, president of the
council, said a letter would be
drafted and copies sent to Univer
sity President Harry K. Newburn
and to the deans in the Office oi
Student Affairs. The letter would
set forth the views held by the
council in favoring deferred rush
ing, Fryer said.
The council listed three reasons
for favoring deferred rushing:
(1) Academic standing of the
freshmen would be improved if
they were not required to observe
the social obligations o f two
(2) Freshmen would not be re
quired to divide their loyalties be
tween two social groups.
(3) The financial obligations of
two social groups would be an
unjustifiable burden.
Council members felt rushing
ought to be held just before fall
term of the students’ second year
because spring term pledging
would cause undue interference
with academic work and social ob
Administration Approaching
Controlled State, Sav Allumni
fraternities and sororities continued to fight the deferred liv
ing plan over the weekend, although many of the “can the plan”'
signs had been torn down by Monday night.
The predicted chant at the Orcgon-Orcgon State football
game came through as rumored when rooters shouted “Deferred
The mysterious “card stunt No. 6” which was supposed to
chide the plan failed to materialize, however.
Jerry Kinersley, who was in charge of card stunts, said he didn’t
know anything about the arrangements until 9 a.m. Saturday morning
when he saw it on the diagrams.
A student who did not want his name used declared “card stunt No.
6" was to say “No deferred livin.” He added that the Interfraternity
Council knew about the stunt and did not disapprove.
Fred Van Horn, president of the council, declared he had no personal
knowledge of the arrangements.
Although there was much agitation on the part of many of the flash*
card section to put on the stunt, Kinersley said he wanted to stop it.
When card stunt No. 6 started to go off I was at the microphone
and I told them to start passing the cards to the ends of the line because
we’ll want to use them again.”
Also distributed through the campus were leaflets carrying cartoons
implying the University administration was approaching a dictatorship.
They carried the message, “Deferred Living Is Undemocratic.” yellow
leaflets said “Deferred Living, No!”
The Interfraternity Council emphatically denied sponsorship of the
In a stormy Alumni Association meeting held Saturday morning,
Sid Milligan, Eugene attorney, charged that the administration was ap
1 he basic concepts” of the deferred living plan were favored
by the Interdormitory Council in a unanimous resolution passed last
night. It also went on record as favoring deferred pledging. The
council will draft a letter today giving members’ views on the plan
with copies going to President Harry K. Ncwburn and deans of the
Office of Student Affairs.
See story elsewhere in this issue.
proaching a controlled state and that the Office of Student Affairs has
taken the element of leadership from the students.
He predicted that some of the smaller fraternities would fold when
the. plan goes into effect. He also asserted that a number of fraternities
had been told that they would have their charters revoked by the Office
of Student Affairs if they sought legal aid in fighting the plan.
University President Harry K. Newburn told the Emerald Monday
afternoon that lifting charters of fraternities that are aided by outside
help was not in line with the University policy.
This is certainly contrary to our policy. We have not revoked any
charters and have no intention of doing so,’’ he said.
He commented that many fraternities arc already receiving outside
help from alumni, yet no charters have been taken.
In discussing the deferred living plan, President Newburn said the
policy was adopted only after careful consideration had been given to
the educational benefits and after authorities had been consulted on the
pros and cons of the policy.
He added that informal conferences are often held with student
groups, although the University administration's policy does not allow
formal student representation in formulating general educational poli
“We have looked upon the matter as a broad educational policy,” he
said. “We have given careful consideration of the advantages and" dis
advantages of the policy with consultation of authorities on the matter.
As yet no new issues have developed that we haven't considered.”
Milligan, chairman of a special committee of the Alumni Interfra
ternity Council, was appointed at the Saturday alumni meeting as chair
man of an alumni committee to study the deferred living plan and sub
mit a report to the alumni association.
Milligan said Monday that he would wait before holding a meeting of
the committee “to see if the University administration will confer with,
Speaking for the Alumni Interfraternity group he added:
‘•Everything possible should be done to prevent the plan from going
into effect.
“We feel that this (the plan) is the first of many steps to take away
the element of leadership that the students are supposed to have.”