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Fifty-First Year of Publication and Service to the University
Ken Lewin
Wins Grant
Of $1000
MacKenzie Award Goes
To Premedical Student
Kenneth W. Lewin, junior in
premedicine, is the winner of the
annual MacKenzie Memorial Schol
arship, the Office of the President
announced Friday.
The scholarship has a potential
value of $1000. Lewin receives $200
now and this is renewable each
.year for four years if he enters the
University o f Oregon Medical
School in Portland and maintains
a high scholastice record.
Lewin is completing his premedi
cal studies here this year and’ plans
to continue his training at the
school in Portland, where he will
receive his Bachelor’s Degree. Plis
home is also in Portland.
The Premedical and Predental
Advisory Committee unanimously
recommended Lewin and this
choice was subsequently approved
by President Harry K. Newburn.
Book Turnback
By Vets Slow
Only about 12 veteran students
ha . e returned books issued by the
Government for classes they have
dropped, G. L. Henson, manager
of the Co-op, disclosed today.
Under a new Government ruling,
all books and supplies for courses
not completed must be returned,
regardless of their value. The Em
erald carried a story giving details
earlier this week, but response has
been poor.
The registrar’s office is now
compiling a list of students who
will be affected, and letters will
be sent notifying them of the re
Workers in the registrar’s office
expect the list to be large as they
were only as far as the “l’s” Friday
afternoon and had accumulated a
large number of cards.
identity Mistaken
As Reporter Grilled,
All In Day's Work
A reporter doing a history
feature on the Oregon “O” ap
proached a receptionist in the
Office of Student Affairs.
“May I help you?” the recep
tionist asked sweetly.
The reporter mentioned the
“Ah ha! You want to confess
to blowing up the ‘O’ eh?”
That wasn’t the idea at all,
the reporter said.
“Why did you dynamite the
‘O’?” she asked.
Telephone rings.
‘‘Hello, Madge,” she said. “A
student just confessed to de
stroying the ‘O’.”
She hung up the telephone.
“That’ll be 30 days,” she said.
The reporter left. To heck
j^vith the feature.
Total of$861#832
Given by Board
In Portland Friday
Contracts totaling $861,832 for
the new University heating plant
were awarded Friday at Portland
by the State Board of Higher Edu
Work on the plant is expected
to begin next week. An appropria
tion of $1 million has been set foi
the project. It will be in operation
sometime during the 1950 school
Lee Hoffman of Portland was
awarded the general contract with
a low bid of $216,896.
P. S. Lord of the same city was
given the contract for boilers and
auxiliaries after submitting a bid
of $558,323. W. S. Grasle, also of
Portland had a successful bid of
$70,983 for the electrical contract.
Condensing equipment will be in
stalled by R. H. Brown & Co. of
Portland who bid $15,629.
The board voted to reject all
turbine contract bids after a ques
tion arose as to whether the equip
ment offered in the successful bid
of the Worthington Pump and Ma
chinery Corp. of New Jersey met
specifications. Worthington under
bid 19 other organizations with a
$142,500 estimate.
New turbine bids will be called
at a later date.
Robert R. Carney of the attor
ney general’s office in Salem ad
vised the board on the contracl
Funds for the new plant were
appropriated by the board Iasi
spring when it was shown that the
present plant could not take the
load now needed due to the Univer
sity building expansion.
Plans call for the new building
to be built with the idea of blend
ing it in with the architecture oi
nearby campus buildings.
Payments Due Nov. 15
For 1950 Oregana Space
Payment for club and honorary
space in the 1950 Oregana is due
Nov. 15, according to Jim Sanders,
Oregana business manager. Checks
may be mailed or brought to the
Oregana office from 3 to 5 p.m.
Monday through Friday.
'O' to Enforce
U.O. Traditions
As of Monday
University of Oregon traditions
will be enforced by Order of the
“O” members beginning at 8 a.m.
Monday in preparation for Home
coming Weekend, Nov. 18-19.
All University students, both
male and female, will be affected
by the week’s rules.
Traditions to be observed
throughout the week are:
1. Class pants — Freshman men
may wear tin pants, nut not cords
or levis; sophomores may wear
levis or tin pants, not cords; jun
iors and seniors may wear cords
or anything else they wish. All
classes may wear slacks.
2. Yellow and green rooters’ lids
must be worn by freshman men.
3. Freshman women must wear
green hair ribbons.
4. “Hello” greetings will be in
order for all students while on the
Hello walk between Fenton and
Villard Halls.
5. No students will set foot on
campus lawns.
Punishment for violation o f
these rules will be dunking for
women and hacking for men stu
Names of violators and viola
tions will be published in the Em
erald starting Nov. 15.
Co-chairmen of the Homecoming
traditions committee are Bob Don.
Beta Theta Pi; and Herb Nil],
Theta Chi.
Football Broadcast at 1:45 p.m*
Carries Duck-California Game
Today’s football name between the University of Oregon and the
l niversity of Ciriifornia will be broadcast at 1:45 p.m. over radio
station KTJON, Eugene, 1400 on the dial. The broadcast will originate
in Berkeley, Calif.
Details of the game will be found in the sports section, pages 4
and 5.
Talent Auditions
To Begin Monday
Cataloguing of Women's Houses Inaugurates
Drive Throughout Campus for Entertainers
A drive to catalogue individual groitp talent on the campus
will begin Monday when girls from the first half of an alphabeti
cal list of women s living organizations give opening auditions.
1 ryouts start at 6:30 p. m. in Gerlinger .Annex, according to
bred A’oung, talent chairman.
Remaining women’s houses will be auditioned Tuesday.
Phi Beta Kappa
To Pick Students
For Members
The “Senior Six" will be chosen
for this year by Phi Beta. Kappa,
national liberal arts and science
honorary, Monday.
Elected by vote of members, the
group will be judged on leadership,
character, and diversification of
studies, as well as high scholastic
Other qualifying seniors are cho
sen'for membership in Phi Beta
Kappa spring term.
New chapter officers will be
elected at the meeting of the hon
orary, 4 p.m. Monday in 204 Chap
man Hall.
E. C. A. Lesch, professor of Eng
lish, is now president of the organi
zation. M!rs. Lois Baker, law librar
ian, is vice president; Mrs. Andrew
Moursund, secretary-treasurer; P.
W. Souers, head of the English de
partment, chairman of the mem
bership committee; and B. E. Jes
sup, professor of philosophy, mem
ber of the executive committee.
Piggers'Guide Due Nov. 15,16
a Brilliant rod cover will fea
ture the 1949-50 riggers’ Guides,
scheduled for distribution Nov.
15 and 16.
Another change in the new
handbook is the addition of emer
gency telephone numbers on the
front page.
Phi Theta Upsilon, junior worn
en’s honorary, and Kwania, soph
omore women’s honorary, will
distribute the Guides at McAr
thur Court on both days. They
may be obtained between 8 a.m.
and 5 p.m., including; the noon
A booth in the Co-op will han
dle late sales.
Hostess Pins Chairman
CAUGHT IN THE ACT of pinning a Homecoming Button on Chair
man Willie Dodds is Marguerite Johns, Homecoming Weekend Host
ess. The lemon yellow and green buttons, priced at 10 cents each, are
now on sale to University students.
Men's organization tryouts aro
scheduled for a later date.
Acts do not necessarily have to
be composed of members from a
single group, but may appear as
combinations from different ones,
Young stated.
Cards to be filled in with infor
mation concerning the acts have
been distributed to all women’s liv
ing organizations and all houses
have been notified of the auditions.
Aim of the drive is to have om
file information about talent that
can perform at rallies and other
campus and downtown functions.
Following are the organizations
being auditioned Monday:
■ Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Delta
Pi, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha.
Omicron Pi, Alpha Phi, Alpha Xi
Delta, Ann Judson House, Carson.
Hall, Chi Omega, and Delta Zeta.
Car Kills Teddy,
Fraternity Puppy
A hit-and-run driver killed
Teddy, hot: ?e dog of Delta Tau
Delta, at about 9 a.ni. Friday
near the corner of 19th and Uni
versity streets.
A spectator reportedly record
ed the license number on the car
as it sped away from the scene.
One Delt said Friday the driver
will be prosecuted.
Teddy, a half-grown Collie
Shepherd pup, had been with the
Delts for three months. About
four months old, he wandered
into the house one day in Sep
tember and has served as mas
cot since then.
The name of the car owner
was obtained within 30 minutes
after the mishap when members
of the Delt house called the State
license bureau i n Salem and
asked for identification of the
U.S. Bureau Reports
Recent Rain Normal
Recent local rainstorms are nor
mal weather conditions for this
time of the year, according to a
report of the U.S. Weather Bureau.
On the other hand, sunny weather
which has occurred in the past
two weeks is definitely abnormal,.
The Willamette River rose al
most imperceptibly during the
rains, dropping immediately after
the rain stopped.
Conditions on Willamette Pass
are good, on the information of the
State Police. Approximately five
inches of roadside snow have fal
len. The highway, however, is bare
and rain is expected.
Weather today will continue
cloudy with showers.