Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, November 11, 1949, Page 5, Image 5

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    Oregon Daily
By Bill Willard
Emerald Sports Writer
This coming weekend the Ducks go to play Cal;
\\ hat the team needs is a real rootin’ tootin’ pal.
To say that we are underdogs is putting it mild,
W e aren’t picked by any father, mother, or child.
Our team has speed, class, and power,
Here’s hoping at Berkeley it shows in that hour.
C. U. Berkeley
We can’t moan, groan, or cry about last week’s encounter
with the “Big Bad Dogs” from Seattle. They deserved that
victory and by far played their best game of the ’49 season.
In case a few of you have any complaints coming about Mr.
Daniels, you had better check the records; that is only the
third kick he has missed in 35 attempts.
Bruno (our Alibi Ike) is not going to discuss the postmortem,
he prefers to look ahead and not backwards. He feels that he
should tell “Papa Aiken” to tighten up that pass defense or Cel
eri will set a new conference record this Saturday.
Key Game for Golden Bears
A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go, to catch a Bear
and make him square, a hunting we will go.
Scene: Berkeley, Calif, at 2 p.m., Saturday as the playing
opens mighty Goliath Bear is pushing little David Duck around
but David throws a pitch-out to his friend Woodley Duck and
the two Webfoots escape leaving a stunned Bear sitting on the
field. This can be a true story. (Let’s hope it is).
The bowl-bound Bears may easily slip on the Webfoot
stairs. They stopped us from going to the Rose Bowl last year
by politics. Let’s stop them this year by an Oregon victory.
We’re not writing to gain school spirit, but to launch a cara
van from Eugene to Berkeley to watch what promises to be
a rough-and-tumble ball game.
On past performances we deserve to be a 20-point underdog
Cal has been playing Rose ball; they haven’t shown any signs of
weakening and there is no indication that Saturday will be an
off da^ffor them. But an inspired team could very well topple
For the past two years Stanford has been weak and yet
they only lost to Cal by the margin of an extra point. Maybe
we can stop Waldorf and his happy eleven. We think so, and
the team does too, which is far more important.
Cal has a forward wall like bricks and a set of the fastest
backs in the business. They have the team edge, but we’re snif
fin’ for an upset (with a prayer on it). Green Machine 24, Blue
Machine 21.
Still in the Runnin7
Stanford last Saturday showed more power than a mad red
head. Marchie and his Indians beat USC like they haven’t been
beaten since the Rose Bowl of ’48. The Boys from Palo Alto meet
Idaho, but we doubt if there will be a real vandalism. The Idaho
team will probably be singing, “Oh, why, oh, why, did I ever
leave the Potato Land.” Rumors have it that Stanford will be
smelling Roses on Jan. L
The UCLA team, after a week at the beaches, will swing
back into action against Washington. Don’t place any bets on
this one. After last weekend, Bruno is convinced that Wash
ington is capable of making life rough for the Boys from West
wood Hi, better known as L. A. Tech.
Both teams are close to equal, but UCLA has the advantage
of playing on their home field and having Ernie (run or pass)
Johnson. The Bruins by 7; say—-28-21.
Still Walking, Yet
Poor Cornvalley Tech is in for some pretty rough treatment
from Michigan State this weekend in the Multnomah Bowl. Still
a little wobbly from their 10-point victory over Idaho, the Beav
ers will play host to the Midwesterners. It’s too bad that OSC
can’t give them an afternoon of the art of football, but then
Michigan State doesn't mind.
This game might well be a sequel to “Slaughter on Tenth
Ave.” and be entitled “Squish in the Multnomah Bowl.” We
like Michigan State. They should show Oregon where the
holes are in the Beaver line. Ho hum, Poor Bum. Mich. St. 34,
OSC 14.
People are a little cautious about betting on the Oregon-Cal
game, but they are betting that there will be over 40 points scor
ed. What’s that you say that’s no bet that Oregon will score that
all by itself . . . well, you may be right; it wouldn’t suprise us
much... much!
Coast League Eliminates
Governor's Cup Playoff
Pacific Coast Baseball League |;
voted yesterday to eliminate its
Governors’ cup playoffs for at
least one year and to split an
$80,000 purse among the four
teams leading the league after the
regular season.
League directors meeting here
yesterday were expected to make
a later announcement about dis
cussions for a proposed “Little
World Series” with the champion
of either the American Association
or the International League. »
Under the plan to eliminate the
Governors’ cup, the league cham
pion will get $40,000. The next
three teams will get $20,000, $12,
500 and $7,500, respectively, and
each will get “an appropriate
Other decisions included:
Plans for a 28-week 1950
schedule, opening March 28 and
closing Oct. 8.
Two weeks’ more pay for all
players than they received for
Extension of the player limit
from 23 with three rookies to
25 with no restrictions.
Unanimous support for a pro
posal to have PCL players ex
empted from the major league
draft. The proposal has been
laid before the major leagues
for consideration at their Decem
ber meetings.
Naming a committee to meet
in Baltimore with officers of
the Association of Professional
Ballplayers of America, the
game’s benevolent organization,
to draw up a program where
by organized baseball will give
more money to the Association.
Decision to eliminate the Gov
ernors’ cup playoffs followed a
series of years during which the
playoff attendance was down.
A league purse of $50,000 was
divided among top teams for the
1949 season, with the pennant
winner getting $15,000 and the
playoff winner $15,000. The elimi
nated finalist in the playoffs got!
Celeri Still 'Doubtful'
BERKELEY, (UP)—All-Ameri
can Quarterback Candidate Bob
Celeri and first-string center
George Stathakis remained on the
“doubtful” list as starters for the
Oregon game as the University of
California squad worked out on a
wet field for the second day run
Celeri showed up in a sweat suit
to run through plays with a de
cided limp. The team worked on
offensive with passing emphasized.
MORAGA — (UP) — St. Marys
College students said yesterday
they’d return the little big game
bell to Santa Clara at a bonfire ral
ly Friday night, but vowed they’d
win it back “legally” Sunday.
We have
the "thickest"
shakes in
Open every day—
780 E. 1.1th
510,000. Eliminated first-round
)layoff teams got $5,000 each.
Sports Staff
Dave Taylor
John Barton
Lorna Davis
Bill Willard
Sam Fidman
Clyde Fahlman
Cotton—W ool—Rayon
Guaranteed No Shrink
$.55 to $3.00
Eugene Springfield
Are YOU romantic? .. . Are YOU exciting? .. .
Are YOU suave and sophisticated? Are YOU a well
balanced college girl? You can’t be if you don’t sleep
in our Penney-fireman-red pajamas and gowns.
Seriously speaking, we know of no warmer,
more practical bed-clothing for these coming Win
ter nights. In case the Freshmen don’t know it, it
can get awful darned cold in a sleeping porch . ..
Our very finest fireman-red flannel has gone into
these gowns (pictured) and pajamas . . . they’re
trimmed with lace and button up close around the
neck. Whichever style you choose, you’ll thank us
heartily when cold weather comes.