Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, September 27, 1949, Page 7, Image 7

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    VVS Schedules
lunion Derby
Reviving an old tradition, AWS
las scheduled Saturday night for
he once-annual Bunion Derby,
rom 8 to 11 p. m.
Men’s living organizations will
ittend' women’s houses, staying
ipproximately fifteen minutes at
=ach group. Men will start out on a
schedule to be published later this
General chairman is Flo Hansen.
Shirley Hillard is in charge of col
lections ; Donna Buse, flying speech
es; and Ann Gillenwaters, publicity.
The Derby replaces the AWS
Nickel Hop, formerly held during
spring term on AWS weekend.
It takes a girl to find out that
a gay blade often is very dull.
Carson Maze Requires Wily Femmes
By Kay Johnson
Living in the new girl's dorm is
no cinch.
The girl who finds her bearings
in relation to that pile of lumber she
turns left by may soon find herseli
floundering in a pool of concrete.
For as soon as you have oriented
yourself by heaps of lumber and ce
ment, the entire arrangement has
been redistributed with wicked in
It’s rumored that some girls were
standing on the front porch talking
during the early days of Carson and
by the time they finished, concrete
bad been poured, bricks laid, and
the steps ready for them to descend
in true lady-like fashion. It was not
determined whether the girls were
extremely talkative or the work
men fast.
However, talking is not without
difficulty. Many a conversation has
been drowned and doubtless many
reputations spared by the well
timed rat-a-tat-tat of a jack ham
Boyfriends present a unique
problem. When an old flame drops
in you can hardly say “Darling,
pull up a slab of concrete in front
of this pool of asphalt and make
yourself at home.” No matter how
much he thinks of the girl, he won't
relish the idea of ruining his just
back-from-the-cleaners suit by re
laxing on cold concrete or floor
freshly frosted " with that black
sticky substance known as “plasti
Entering the building is a major
decision. Many girls have been
known to stand wringing their
hands in indecision for hours. Best
way is to steel yourself for the or
deal and with eyes straight ahead
pick your way through the obstacle
course toward the stairway. Wan
dering from the beaten path is at
your own risk.
March purposefully upstairs,
never casting a backward glance
and go immediately to your room.
When the door is bolted against
marauding workmen you can be
alone, at last, in your color-har
monized room with natural wood
paneled doors and flourescent light
above the built-in waslistand.
There in the sanctity of your own
room you can have your nervous
breakdown, accompanied by cement
mixers and diesel engines.
YM Sets Outing
For Saturday
Timber Carnival, billed as an
afternoon of food and fun for
freshmen men is planned by the
YMCA for this Saturday, Oct. 1.
Moose Park at Fern Ridge lalto
will be the scene of the first “Y”
outing of the year.
Transportation will be furnished
from the YMCA bungalow, on Kin
caid between 12th and 13th, at
1:30 p.m. Saturday, according 1o
Bill Wise, publicity assistant. The
outing will end about 9:30.
The Rev. Wesley G. Nicholson,
minister of the Congregational
church, will speak to the group in
the evening, following a picnic
supper and an afternoon of recrea
tion. The event will be free.
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