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Emerald Sports Editor
Baseball and track finally have grabbed the sport spotlight,
but there’s still plenty of time for comments on this year's basket
ball season, and a little speculation on action to come.
It was a pretty fair Northern Division cage season from the
fan’s standpoint, and a highly successful one for Cliff Crandall
and the rest of Slats Gill’s Oregon State Beavers, who waded
through PCC opposition and into the NCAA finals to finish
fourth in the nation.
Northwest basketball followers were fortunate to have the
national finals played in Seattle, since it isn’t too often that
teams like Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Illinois can be seen in
Some reports seem to indicate dislike of the caliber of ball
shown in the tourney, but the lack of shtfer thrill-chill action
probably accounts for it.
Kentucky's NCAA Comeback Expected *
Few could dispute the skill of teams like Kentucky and Okla
homa A & M, who put on a real offense-defense battle, although
some say the Oregon State-11 lini game was better for thrills.
Kentucky’s comeback after the National Invitation sur
prise was expected, although Oklahoma had a good upset
Biggest surprise of NIT action wasn't Kentucky’s break
down, but the spurt shown by the San Francisco Dons, who
whipped Loyola in the finals. Few expected Pete Newell's boys
to show much against the eastern powers.
Committee Made Two Major Rule Changes
The National Basketball committee of the United States and
Canada also held its annual rules meet in the Puget sound city,
coming up with two major revisions and several minor ones, all
to affect the game in one way or another.
The spectator, the guy who shells out for the behind-post
ducats every week, probably has his opinions on rule changes
made during the two-day session, and if he’s an ND basket
ball fan and saw a few games this year, we’ll bet he’s all for
the two big revisions.
Even most of the coaches should favor the top changes, ex
cept when their team is on defense in the final two minutes.
Planning to curb intensive fouling tactics used by defensive
teams to break up a stall, the rule barons changed the penalty for
personal fouls charged after the two-minute signal.
Out-of-Bounds Given After Free Throw
In the future, each of these special fouls will be treated as a
personal against the offending player, except that the out-of
bounds rule previously used on technicals will be tacked on.
After the free throw attempt, the ball will be ruled dead
and the team which has been fouled will take it out of bounds
at the center line. Two free tosses will still be given to a player
fouled in the act of shooting.
Under the new setup, any defensive team will be mighty wary
of last-minute fouling, even though it's only a few points behind,
and these hectic, hair-raising “two-minute” ball games lasting
five times that long should go out the window.
The offensive team comes in for its share under the second
revision, which transforms the old held ball rule. No player will
be permitted to withold the ball from play longer than five
seconds under the new ruling, which calls for a jump ball when
no effort is made to dribble, pass or shoot after the time limit.
A Good Stall Pays Off With Wins
If a team can stall expertly, neither change should hurt, and
the first helps a great deal. A good razzle-dazzle, now-you-see-it,
now-you-don’t game of keep-away can win ball games all year,
and “stall practice” is becoming more popular with coaches over
the nation.
Clair Bee and his fancy flock of Long Island Blackbirds
were very handy with ball-control tactics, and it paid off in the
Oregon series.
Aside from these two major changes, the committee did little
else, rewriting sections here and there and adopting several
minor revisions.
Duck Nine Faces Willamette Today
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weapon as he collected a single and a double over the right field
hedge in four trips to the plate.
Bar lie, who led the Webfoots in hitting last year with a .390
mark, banged out a double and two singles in five times up, a
feat duplicated by third sacker Don Kimball.
Shortstop A1 Cohen also got three hits, a double and a pair
of singles, in six attempts.
Dick DeBernardi pitched the final three frames for the Duck
nine, and like his two predecessors, gave up two hits to the op
The Webfoot catching position, considered a weak spot be
cause of the inexperience, was handled ably by both Dale War
berg and Gene Rose, although neither one managed a hit off the
three Rinfield pitchers.
Frosh-Varsity Meet Today
Field Events
Scheduled for
Duck Harriers
by Dave Taylor
Oregon track fans will get
their first look at Coach Bill
Bowerman's 1949 cindennen
when he pits them against the
talent-laden Frosh this after
Weight and field events will
he run today while the running
of distances will be held Friday
afternoon. Distances will be run
only three-quarter length.
Varsity Should Win
The varsity harriers should eas
ily cop a one-sided victory, but will
not capture all the number one
spots with men like Jack Hutchins,
Canadian comet, on the Duckling
Yesterday Hutchins clipped the
half-mile off in 2 minutes and 11
seconds to top the field by at least
5 seconds in a warmup canter. In so
doing, the little speedster looked
to be just cruising effortlessly
along at a dog trot all the way Hut
chins ran with the Canadian
Olympic team last summer in
| Rasmussen Gone
Another break for the Yearlings
will be the absence of the varsity's
stellar pole vaulter, George Ras
mussen, from the meet. Rasmussen
has accepted an invitation to the
Texas relays to be held April 2.
However, this will not weaken
the varsity’s entry in this event
since Don Pickens, Bowerman’s
Number 2 vaulter, will move into
the driver’s seat and will be forti
fied by Lloyd Hickok and Don
Bevos Win Opener
From Frisco, 12-0
Portland’s unpredictable Bea
vers kicked the lid off the 1949
Pacific Coast League last night
with a 12-0 win over their arch
foes, the San Francisco Seals.
The Beavers, considered weak at
the plate, stumped the experts by
slamming Cliff “Mountain Mu
sic” Melton ofr 12 runs. Vince Di
Biasi went the route for the win
Seattle ran true to predicted
form by slugging their way to a
9-7 decision over the Los Ange
les Angels, while the Sacramen
to Sacs, surprised with a 5-2 de
feat of the defending champion
Oakland Oaks.
Oregon W Emerald
Golf Qualifying Matches
To Determine Starters
Qualifying matches for places on
the Oregon varsity golf team are
presently under way at the Eugene
Country club, according to Coach
Sid Milligan, and will be going
strong through April 12.
The ten lowest divot-diggertl will
comprise the 10-man squad, Milli
gan explained, while the six lowest
scores will be good for the compet
ing team. In conference play, Ore
gon fields a six-man crew, but in
play-offs, only four. After the qual
ifying matches are completed, the
top six men (that is the low six)
will have to accept challenges from
the remaining four competitors,
Milligan said.
The first official match for the
Webfoot golfers is slated for
April 15 at Victoria College, B.
C. Milligan plans to take four
men up for the non-conference
Top prospect, and team captain,
is Dom Provost, a two year letter
man. The only other two returning
lettermen are John Prince and Bob
Sederstrom, with one “C” each.
Milligan has high hopes for Ron
Clark, a good steady player, suf
fering from a temporary case of
eligibility trouble.
Another possible ace in the golf
hole is Jim Dunahoo, of The
Dalles, who lettered here two
years agio, but left the Universi
ty. Milligan is hopeful for his re
turn to Eugene before the Victor
ia College match.
Spring IM Play
Starts Monday
Intramural sports will get their
spring inaugural Monday after
noon when the campus organiza
tions drag their bats, softball, golf
clubs, and tennis rackets out of
moth balls and start swinging some
mean licks.
Schedules of all contests are in
the process of being multigraphed
and will be sent to athletic manag
ers before the end of the week, ac
cording to IM sports manager Jim
Does Spring Fever
Cause Your Appetite to
Good Food
As for title hopes—they are not
bright. As in the case on the tennis
courts, the Washington Huskies
have got it. The defending Seattle
champs have got too much on the
“club” for the rest of the Northern
Division teams, Milligan added.
Tennis Player
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penter picked up some valuable
experience in the Northern Divi
sion playoffs of 1948. Fleming is
pionship, national ceding and all.
Backed up* by Wally Bostick and
Jack Lowe, Brink and company
are practically untouchable.
If the injured Oregon netmen
can get into top shape, however,
the Webfoot might cause plenty
of trouble. There are no real
stars, such as Washington’ss
Brink. The first six positions
show little difference between
the first and last man..
There are presently 15 "good
men” out for varsity berths and,
as Lesser put it, there are no free
riders weighing the squad down.
After final cuts are made, the reg
ular team will consist of 10 play
ers, with a traveling crew of five.
The final paring will be announced
later, according to Lesser, after
a double elimination tournament
has been played off.
The Emerald street courts are
presently being utilized to this end,
and will be throughout the week,
weather permitting. After the
tournament, which will spot the
men in a tentative order, chal
lenges will be run off under the
ladder system for another week.
The opening ND match ia
against the powerful Huskies,
April 9, the Eugene Tennis club;
April 15, Willamette University;
and April 16, Lewis and Clark.
At The
4:30 P. M.