Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, February 15, 1949, Page 7, Image 7

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    Forensic Meet
Draws UO Pair
Kloh Ann Mayer and Faber De
Chaine will represent the Universi
ty of Oregon at the annual Inter
Collegiate Forensic Association
contest at the University of Port
land. Wednesday, Dr. K. E. Mont
gomery, assistant professor of
speech revealed yesterday.
DeChaine, a freshman in Liberal
Arts, will speak at 4 in the contest
entitled “The State Experimental
Speech Program.” The title of his
sppech will be “Behind the Airports
Miss Mayer, a liberal arts sopho
more, will speak in the program at
7, entitled “The State Peace Ora
torical Contest.” The title of Miss
Mayers’ speech in “I Hold These
Truths to be Self Evident.”
Also represented in the contest
will be students from the Universi
ty of Portland, Pacific college,
Lewis and Clark, Linfield, Pacific
university, Willamette university,
and Oregon State college.
Second Trio of Captains
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A senior in business administra
tion, Captain Lois is the treasurer
of Phi Chi Theta, and last summer
! was a delegate from Oregon to the
^ national convention of the business
women's honorary in Washington,
D. C. While she was in the East
she attended the national Republi
can convention in Philadelphia
which she describes as “the experi
ence and thrill of a lifetime.’’
Lois, a member of Alpha Delta
Pi, found that the hardest part to
being a “Little Capt ain was keeping
the secret from the other girls in
her house.
Wild Notes
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far as you're to know. Nonethe
less, as was stated, its pleasant
in its slowness and piquant in its
frantiqueness. The other side is
simply titled “He Was a Good
Man As Good Men Go, and As
Good Men Go He’s Gone.” Which
is as those things go.
Sweet toons. Ilyann Carol and
Charlie Ventura harmonizing
voice and reed in “Please Be
Kind.” As many good things, it is
found on National record. Nation
al has quite a few Ventura rec
, ords made several years ago
when he had a big band that was
rated among the best at that
time. Most of these records can
be found around town.
Still plugging Rosemary Clu
ney’s “You Started Something”
With Tony Pastor and good sound
ing band on Columbia. And anoth
er seet tune for a tasteless collec
tion takes us back to Ventura and
“Moon Nocturne.” Two sides of
moody modern, music featuring
Ventura’s pretty tenor and Nel
Hefti’s Bermanlike trumpet.
No excuse for encouraging hit
paradized maladies when offer
ings like the three mentioned are
American Airlanes
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This coming from Wordsworth
is good enough for me. See you
at the Side.
Question of the week for Round
Table discussion:
Why do school administrations
continue to O.K. the construction
of women’s dorms when men out
number the women 3 or 4 to one ?
Plush lined palaces for the girls
and plywood barracks for the
guys seems a little inconsistent...
Question of the week facing
aspiring journalists: Is it better
to get mail like Hank Kane or is
it better to get no mail at all?
Physical Therapy
Scholarship Offered
Scholarships in physical thera
py are being offered by the Na
tional Foundation for Infantile Pa
ralysis, according to information !
received by Karl W. Onthank, di
rector of the graduate placement
A student with a degree or three
years of college work is eligible to
apply for the awards, which cover
the completion of physical theraphy
training in approved schools.
The winners must agree to work
under a qualified physical therapist
in a United States institution for
one year upon completion of train
ing, although it is not necessary to
take this training in a polio institu
Today’s Staff
Vic Fryer
City Editor
Copy Desk: Bill Churchman, Bar
bara Hollands, Don King
Warren Collier
Night Editor
Night Staff: Tom Sloan Don Smith
Students to Begin Atomic Studies
ine university of Oregon’s ac
ceptance of a research grant from
the Atomic Energy Commission,
has made possible, for the first time
at Oregon, student participation in
atomic research. Work on the as
signed projects will begin as soon
as equipment arrives, and labora
tory facilities are constructed, ac
cording to Dr. Paul L. Risley, head
of the department of biology.
Qualified graduate students will
have an opportunity to conduct
specialized atomic research pro
jects under faculty supervision,
while attending the University. In
dividual study programs will be
worked out, to enable undergradu
ate to qualify for studies in this
field. Holders of fellowships, if ap
proved by the A. E. C. fellowship
board, may also participate. Such
fellowships are granted quarterly
by the Atomic Energy Commission,
to beginning, pre-doctorate and
post-doctorate graduate students.
Faculty members, engaged in the j
research have decided to study, "lo- j
calization of radioactive isotopes in
reproductive and germinal tissues,
during periods of quiesence and ac
tivation.” Those active in this pro
gram will bo Professor Risley, Pr. i
Donald’ L. Sodenvall, assistant pro- :
fessor of zoology and Donald I. J
Siwneheart, assistant professor of ;
chemistry. The research, to be !
laregly theoreUcal, will deal with ,
the sensitivity of germ cells to ra
diation. It will be an attempt at
clarifying the facts pertaining to
radiation causes damage often
leading to sterility in animals.
Laboratory animals will be used,
and studied by a “tracer method." I
Chemical properties of the germ
cells of animals of all ages will be
observed. The use of data thus ob
tained will be applied to other bio
logical phenomena relating to re
production and sex differentiation |
in animals.
With the signing of the final con- |
tract, Oregon became the recipient
of a $17,300 grant, and one of four
schools in the “Oregon Area" to re
ceive such aid. Oregon, the Univer
sity of Oregon Medical School, Reed
College, and Oregon State college
constitute the membership of the
Oregon Area division of research
aid. Each will carry out research in
some specialized atomic field.
Three other areas, in the United
States, have been chosen to conduct
experiments. The total range of re
search will be in biological, medical,
and agricultural atomic fields. The
other research areas are, Colorado,
North Carolina, and Texas. The
work in all areas is to be coordi
nated to supplement the activity of
federal government research plants
already in operation.
Cancer kills more mothers of school age children than any other disease
• Once, not too long ago—Mom heard her
prayers at night, dressed her in the morning
and got her off to school. . . . But Mom went
away and didn’t come back.
No home is safe from cancer. Last year cancer
killed more mothers of growing families than
any other disease. Tragic—but even more tragic
is the fact that many of these deaths need never
have happened.
Many of the mothers who now die could be
cured—IF they learned to recognize cancer’s
symptoms and seek medical advice immediately
—IF sufficient money can be found for the
cancer research needed to discover the causes
of the disease, to perfect its treatment.
The American Cancer Society, through its pro
gram of public education and medical research,
is dedicated to the conquest of cancer. Will
you help?
&V6 to tho American Cancer Society give today-give more mu before