Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, January 19, 1949, Page 8, Image 8

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Young Democrats
The Young Democrats will meet
tonight at 7:45 in the YWCA to
discuss the forthcoming March of
Dimes dance scheduled for Friday.
The Young Democrats and Alpha
Phi Omega will sponsor the dance.
Friendly House
Mrs. Turnipseed's group will dis
cuss “Christian Teachings” Wed
nesday at 7:30 p.m. when they meet
at Friendly house.
The group has been studying
comparative religions.
Theater Tryouts
Tryouts for “Command Decision”
will continue this afternoon at 4 in
room 1, Johnson hall. The play,
fourth of the 1948-49 season, has
an all male cast of 18 characters.
Direction will be by Mrs. Ottilie
Amphib Tryouts
Tryouts for membership to Am
phibians, women’s swimming hon
orary, will be held Thursday, Jan
uary 20 from 4 to 5:45 at the Ger
linger pool. All women who are in
terested in joining this organiza
tion are urged to attend, since there
is a considerable number of vacan
cies open for membership. Amphib
ians will sponsor this term an in
tramural meet and an Oregon-Ore
gon State water play-day.
Oregano Schedules
Oregana pictures will be taken
at 2 Thursday afternoon in the Ore
gana office. All students who have
worked on this year’s Oregana have'
been requested to be in the office
at that time.
Jtfnior Commission
Members of the YWCA junior
commission will meet from 4 to
6:30 Thursday at the Y bungalow.
All junior girls are invited to at
tend and bring their own lunches.
March of Dimes
All students wishing to work on
committees for the March of Dimes
drive are asked to turn in applica
tions to Virgil Tucker at the Em
eral business office before 5 p.m.
Thursday. Committee chairman
ships and member positions are
Ski Club Pictures
Ski club pictures will be taken
this afternoon at 4 o’clock on the
steps of the art museum. Campus
clothes will be worn.
Theta Sigma Phi
Theta Sigma Phi, national pro
fessional fraternity for women in
journalism, will hold a formal
pledging ceremony this evening at
7 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Mary
Lothian, alumnae advisor, 810 East
12th. All members and pledges are
asked to be present. Campus clothes
will be worn.
Why Wait 'till
The Last Minute?
NEEDHAM, Mass., Jan. 18
(AP) An organization out of ex
istence for 32 years has contribut
ed $500 to an event not scheduled
for 62 years.
The Needham military band in
active since 1917 gave the money
to help finance the town's 300th
anniversary celebration in the year
The $500 was found unclaimed in
local bank and seven of the 28
charter members of the bank vot
ed to give the money to the fund.
Present "Scandal"
At Springfield
“School for Scandal,” University
Theater production under the direc
tion of Mrs. Ottilie T. Seybolt, will
journey to Springfield tomorrow,
where a condensed version of the
play will be presented at a matinee
for school children.
The only notable change in the
cast of the play since it was pre
sented last term is that of Pat Lax
ton, who will replace Nina Sue Fer
nimen in the part of Lady Teazle.
Pat has been active in University
Theater activities, having served on
the executive board, and played
roles in “The Male Animal” and
“Midsummer Night’s Dream.” She
is also a member of National Col
legiate Players and Phi Beta.
“School for Scandal” will be
available for touring purposes
throughout January and February,
it was announced.
With 99 political parties, Italy is
worse off than this country, which
doesn’t know what to do with three.
Britains Stuck
But Not Like
Travel Agency
(AP)—Eating like kings and sight
seeing like paupers, 32 British citi
zens are stranded here awaiting
transportation to New Zealand.
They haven’t a penny to spend
—and they may be here for months.
But the travel agency handling
their transportation is paying all
their room and board bills at their
downtown hotel. And meals in Eng
land were never like this!
“Just to have all that eggs and
ham and bacon to eat—that is
enough,” sighed Mrs. George E.
Dunn. “The only snag is, when we
go about town and see all those
lovely clothes . . .”
The 32 reached San Francisco
last Thursday en route to New
Zealand where they plan to settle.
Here, they discovered, there had
been a slip—they had no air res
ervations to continue their trip.
The two scheduled airlines to
New Zealand and Australia were
reported booked up solid through
next April. One liner also serves
New Zealand, sailing from Van
couver, B. C., but it, too, was re -
ported filled for many voyages.
The travel agency, watching the
hotel bills roll up, is praying for a
civil aeronautics board permit that
would allow a chartered plane trip.
(Normally, non-scheduled air lines
cannot carry passengers.)
As British subjects, the travelers
are restricted by their government
to the spending of $12 each during
their days in the United States.
(This is part of England’s move to
build up dollar credits.)
Chairman Chosen
Dr. Waldo Schumacher was ap
pointed as chairman of the schol
arship committee by President
Newburn. fir. Schumacher succeeds
Dr. H. G. Townsend.
Mexico to Canada
Expedition Planned
A continuous hiking trip along
the entire length of the Sierra Ne
vada-Cascade mountain crest from
one border of the United States to
the other is being planned by Jo
seph C. Wampler, archaeologist
mountaineer of California.
Scheduled to leave Campo, a
small community on the Mexican
border, about April 1, 1949, the ex
pedition plans to arrive at the Can
adian border in early October. The
group will need six months to com
plete their 2200-mile journey. The
principal ranges crossed by the
route are the San Bernardino, Si
erra Madre, Sierra Nevada, and
The party will be small, proba
bly ten to fifteen persons. Plans.
have been laid to give considera
tion to those who may wish to join
the group for a month or longer.
Students interested should contact
Joseph C. Wampler, 1940 Hearst
Ave., Berkeley, California.
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