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    From Our Mailbag
(Continued from page six)
tect her honor and her interests.
And some of the best gossip
I’ve heard about other girls
has been repeated to me as com
ing into general knowledge at a
bull-session—not a hen-party.
Jane Clark.
To the Editor:
If there was one thing I learned
in Philosophy 201 it was "the ap
plication of critical habits of
thought, anrd the employment of
rational criteria in the evaluation
of all opinions and prospective
beliefs.” This is introduced for
those with the questioning mind,
by the way of saying, the word
“Students” as used in last Sat
urday’s Emerald in the statement:
“Students Oppose Semester Plan,
Survey Shows,” was used very
ambiguously. In fact, the writer
felt the article was very over-bal
anced; in one direction.
Certainly anyone familiar, in
some respects at least, with sur
veys or public opinion polls,
knows that those obtaining the
information are, or should be, pri
marily concerned with the infor
mation are, or should be, primar
ily concerned with securing a rep
resentative cross section of the
individuals being questioned. I
throw out the question: “Was this
the procedure in the survey at
hand?” Yes, the writer is aware
that this was a “short random
survey,” and also why then should
a "short random survey” repre
sent the “Students” opinions
The issue at hand is the term
system versus the semester sys
tem, and as you have undoubted
ly surmised by now the writer is
partial to the latter. I have now
been under both systems, since
coming to the University of Ore
gon, and it behooves me to find
any educational, or logical rea
sons that justify the term sys
tem in preference to the semes
ter stystem! If there are reasons
would some one informe me as to
why some 600 odd colleges
throughout the United States
prefer the latter, as opposed to a
small minority in favor of the
former ? ?
As for students who maintain
that, under the semester plan
they would have to study for fin
als during the Christmas holi
days, why take your books home ?
I see no reason, other than psy
chological, why you have to study
during the holidays. I have sin
cerely enjoyed my short stay at
the University of Oregon, and
shall go along with whichever
plan is sanctioned in the end, but,
let us be more objective and get
at the essence of this matter.
Look what happened on Dr.
Gallup’s last presidential poll!
(“short random survey”?)
Michael Rybarczyk
With the Legislature
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Ark) of the senate executive ex
penditures committee to give him
broad authority.
It was sponsored by three other
Democrats as well as Senator Mc
Carthy of Wisconsin, Republi
can spokesman on that commit
tee. Senator Aiken (R-Vt) for
mer chairman, told a reporter he
agrees with the Hoover recom
In the house, Speaker Rayburn
(D-Tex) told reporters he expects
the president’s plan to have no
trouble there.
But Taft said the reorganiza
tion request will be studied Fri
day by the senate Republican pol
icy committee, which Taft heads.
“It ought to be very carefully
examined by congress because of
the tremendous powers in
volved,” Taft told a reporter. “We
don’t want to give the president
authority to legislate, to change
the powers of bureaus set up by
McClellan said in a statement
that under the bill Mr. Truman
may submit to congress plans to
“transfer, consolidate, or coordin
ate any agencies or functions of
the executive branch and may
also abolish functions.” In addi
tion, such plans “may authorize
any officer to delegate any of his
Be a dream girl
a Lustre-Creme girl!
LUSTRE-CREME SHAMPOO leaves hair with new
Dream Girl,” 3-way loveliness: (1) Fragrantly
dean; (2) gleaming; (3) soft and manageable.
Ao/ a soap, not a liquid, but a dainty, new cream
MlUIIipoO. DICIia 01
secret ingredients plus
lanolin. Created by Kay
Daumit, famed cosmetic
specialist. Try it today!
1 LB. JAR...$3.50
Radio Script
Contest Opens
The Association for Education
by Radio is sponsoring its second
National Radio Script contest,
open to any student regularly en
rolled in any recognized college
or university in the United States.
The contest is co-sponsored by
the American Educational Thea
ter association, the National
Council of Teachers of English,
Plays Magazine, Scholastic Mag
agines, and The Writer’s Maga
zine. Audio Devices, Inc., National
Safety council, Radio Station
WJJD, and World Book Encyclo
pedia have contributed cash
awards for winners, and have un
derwritten the expenses of the
contest. Added awards will be
contributed by the School Broad
cast council, Board of Education,
at Chicago, Illinois.
Cash prizes will be awarded in
ten divisions for original dramat
ic scripts, scripts for dramatic
adaptation, non-dramatic scrips
for one or more voices, scripts
suitable for home or school re
cording, scripts of various sorts
on safety, and scripts in Ameri
can history.
The contest will close Marcn
30, 1949. Scripts may be submit
ted any time before the closing
date. Authors may enter several
types of scripts and in several of
the divisions will be allowed to re
tain ownership of their scripts.
Contestants, however, must ex
pect to give permission for publi
Any students interested in en
tering this contest may see Mr.
D. Glen Starlin at the radio ex
tension building for additional in
Alaska Missionary
To Address IVCF
The Rev. Donald Stump, a mis
sionary from Alaska, will speak
at the regular meeting of the In
ter-Varsity Christian fellowship to
night at 7 p.m. in the dining room
of John Straub hall.
The Rev. Mr. Stump, a graduate
of the Bible institute of Los An
geles, has spent the last four years
at Lake Iliamna, Alaska.
I.V.C.F. is an interdenomination
al organization designed for college
students. The meeting is informal
and all interested are urged to at
Willamette Ski .
Trip Planned
A ski trip to the Willamette Ski
Bowl will be sponsored by the
YMCA Sunday, January 23. The 35 *
passenger bus which has been char
tered for the trip will leave the Y _
bungalow at 7 a.m. Sunday morn
ing. The transportation fee will be
$2. The Y will furnish coffee and '
doughnuts for the trip. Those at
tending should bring a sack lunch
or arrange to buy their lunch.
All ski enthusiasts who are in
terested should contact Jack Mer- _
ner at the YMCA before Thursday
This trip is the first in a series *
of activities which the Y will spon
sor this term.
Ticket Sale
(Continued from page one)
Stevens, Tau Kappa Epsilon; and
Roger Mocksfort, Theta Chi.
Ticket Door Sales
Tickets will also be on sale at
the commons in the Vets dorm and
at the door of the dance.
The ball is sponsored by the sen
ior class under the general chair
manship of Robin Arkley, presi
dent. »
These are styles for you—if you want an
exciting, new career ... a future far and
above the ordinary ... opportunities open
exclusively to women!
Wearing these, you’ll go places in the new
Regular Women’s Army Corps or in the
United States Air Force.
All these benefits—thrilling travels, free basic
living costs, thirty-day yearly vacation with
pay, rapid promotion, and a generous retire
ment fund—can now be yours ... because
these fields are a permanent part of the
Regular Services.
This is an opportunity tailor-made for college
women ... styled for you who would do
something worth-while. Prestige positions are
now available in the military Service.
Where to go?
Just visit your nearest U. S. Army and U. S.
Air Force Recruiting Station.
Check these distinguished careers
with your advisor or college place
ment oificer.
— enlisted and commissioned
— enlisted and commissioned
— as commissioned officers
— as commissioned officers
— as commissioned officers