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    [WEATHER—Eugene and vicinity:
Increasing cloudiness today with
rain by evening. High today 55.
UNIVERSITY radio cast practic
ing ad-libs for presentation of
scriptless show over KOAC—Lis
ten to the chatter tonight at 9.
Fiftieth Year of Publication and Service to the University
Students Pack Court for Rally
'Consider Ducks' Telegrams to Officials
What now?
Oregon is definitely out of the
running for this year’s Rose Bowl.
California, picked yesterday by the
faculty representatives of the Coast
Conference schools, will have the
honor of meeting Northwestern, the
Big Nine Bowl choice, in the fea
tured New Year’s Day classic.
And what about Oregon ?
Although visibly upset over mis
sing a chance at the Rose Bowl, Uni
versity officials said yesterday they
would seriously consider any other
bowl offers.
Another group, composed of stu
dents, felt the same way. But in
stead of waiting for offers they
went right to work as soon as the
shock from the Rose Bowl news had
worn off.
Putting heir heads together,
they came up with three propos
1. Send telegrams to the spbrts
departments of the Miami Herald
and the New Orleans Times-Pi
cayne urging that Oregon be giv
en consideration in selection for
Pacific Coast Conference
W. L.
California .6 0
USC .4 2
WSC .4 3
Stanford .3 4
OSC .2 3
Washington .2 5
UCLA .2 6
Idaho.1 5
Montana .0 3
T. Pet.
0 1.000
0 1.000
0 .667
1 .571
0 .429
2 .400
1 .286
0 .250
0 .167
0 .000
Big Nine Conference
Northwestern .5 1
Minnesota .5 2
Ohio State .3 3
Purdue .2 4
Iowa .2 4
Indiana .2 4
Illinois .2 5
Wisconsin .1 5
An Editorial...
Roses and Second-Raters
It’s probably better this way.
Since the Big Nine, because of a rather silly ruling,
will be sending its second best team to the Rose Bowl
January 1, why shouldn’t the Pacific Coast be repre
sented by its second best also?
either the Orange Bowl or the
Sugar Bowl.
2. Proposed, themselves, that the
Oregon Webfoots, the "Pacific
Coast Conference champions”, meet
the Michigan Wolverines, the "Big
Nine champions”, in a New Year's
Day game cither in Yankee stadi
um, New York City or Soldier's
field, Chicago.
3. Talked up the idea that Oregon
meet the winner of the Northwest
ern-California game. They admit
ted, however, it was doubtful a Val
entine's Day game would be permit
ted by Conference fathers.
The two telegrams suggested
that Officia’s consider Oregon as
a possibility for either the Orange
or Sugar Bowl. A number of
students within this group dis
closed a preference for the second
proposal. They figure that a game
such as this would be a big draw
ing card, and give both Oregon
and Michigan the national spot
light. No matter where the teams
played, Chicago or New York,
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'We Was Robbed' Theme Expresses Feeling
“We was robbed,” the words
Oregon students had hoped all sea
son long they would not have to
say, seemed to be the three words
that best expressed the campus
feeling yesterday when the Univer
sity of California was voted into
the Rose Bowl.
The disappointing news was re
ceived in Eugene at 11 a.m., or 12
noon, Los Angeles daylight time.
Congratulations from Coach Jim
Aiken, and Athletic Director Leo
Harris to the California team were
forthcoming shortly afterward.
Victor Schmidt, Pacific Coast
conference commissioner, refused
to disclose the actual count of the
voting, saying some members felt
it “might put some institutions on
the spot.” Asked if it was close, he
declined to answer.
Suggest Benefit Game
Oregon and Oklahoma have been
asked to play a benefit for the
American Legion’s county council
in Memorial coliseum in Los An
geles December 18. While there is
a conference rule which prohibits
coast teams from playing post
season contests where the man
agement is by a third party,
Schmidt said his office would poll
league members on a waiver if
Oregon requests it.
Harris Note
Leo Harris, director of athiet
i ics, sent this message of congrat
ulations to California.
“The University of Oregon has
sent its congratulations to the
University of California on its
, selection as the Pacific coast
conference representative in the
1949 Kose Bowl game. We at
Oregon are certain that Califor
nia’s football team will ably rep
resent the conference in the
game with the western confer
ence team on January 1 at Pasa
Aiken would not comment on
the chance of Oregon’s playing
“I don’t want to think about any
other game than the Rose Bowl,”
Aiken said.
Oregon’s fighting spirit Was ap
parent in the thoughts and feel
ings of townspeople and student:
pions” at an Oregon club luncheoi
who acclaimed the team as “cham
and McArthur court rally yester
Aiken Not Convinced
Aiken told an overflow crowd a
l the noon luncheon of the Oregoi
Believes Team Slighted
“COACH OF THE CHAMPIONS.” Jim Aiken told an overflow noon
luncheon of the Oregon club, “I’m from West Virginia and down there
we never forget a favor or a slight. I think our football team has
been slighted. I think this is the best football team I’ve ever coached
and I’m proud with the caliber of football they have played all season.”
i club he was not convinced Califor
i nia had the better team. “I think
■ our football team has been slighted.
■ I think this is the best football
team I’ve ever coached and I’m
proud with the caliber of football
they have played all season.”
1 j ‘‘We could have beaten Califor
j nia. We could beat Northwestern,”
was the opinion expressed by most
of the players on the team. ‘‘We
will win all of our games next sea
son and play in the 1950 Rose
When Van Brocklin was called
on to speak, he broke into tears.
Aiken had described him as “The
best football player I've ever
coached—a coach's player who de
clines personal glory in the interest
of the team.”
- “This disappointment,” Aiken
told the luncheon group, “will knit
us together and make us fight
Cal Celebrates
University of California students
were beating Oregon to it yester
day afternoon when in their jubi
lation they were setting fire to
the Cal campus. Police were having
trouble, and a dozen fire trucks
clanged to the University area to
control the bonfires set by stu
dents on street corners surround
ing the campus.
Aiken Message
Coach Jim Aiken’s message of
congratulations reads as fol
lows :
“The Oregon squad, its coach
es o and rpyself congratulate
Coach Lynn Waldorf and his Cal
ifornia squad on its selection as
the Rose Bowl team. We are
naturally disappointed, but at
the same time we are certain
that California is a fine football
team and will do an excellent job
in the Rose Bowl.”
Huge Ovation
Given Aiken,
Team Members
Perhaps the largest ovation
that the UO campus will ever
hear shook Mac court yesterday
afternoon as hundreds of stud
ents gathered to cheer Coach
Jim Aiken and his undefeated
With the crowd chanting “we
want Aiken,” the coach was in
troduced hy President New
burn. Aiken expressed disap
pointment at the Pacific Coast Con
ference vote which gave California,
the Rose Bowl bid, but reasoned
that “sports are a funny thing—and
there’ll always be another chance.”
Introducing the team, Aiken
admitted that, he is “mighty
proud of ’em,” giving Norm Van
Brhcklin the title of “greatest
quarterback in America.”
Stanford Students
Have Right Idea
Rumor has it that the Stan
ford student body came up with
the best spontaneous yell of the
week end. Following the Stan
ford-Oal game Saturday after
noon, the Indians are reported to
have chanted:
“Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
You’re scared to play Oregon,
To hell with you.
Members of the team were given
cheers by what was probably the
biggest rally crowd of the season.
Some of the Webfoots had some
thing to say; others made their ap
pearance without comment.
President Newburn, making pre
liminary remarks, noted that the
crowd was exceedingly large for
one which had just received a Rose
Bowl disappointment. “I imagine
you all feel just like I do,” he said,
voicing the general dejection of the
Speaking last on the program,
Leo Harris made the disclosure
♦ hat “we have ordered gold foot
balls bearing the inscription ‘Uni
versity of Oregon, Pacific Coast
Conference Champions!’ ”
After the rally, which was led by
Marv Horenstein and the yell dukes,
the floor was cleared for dancing.
Entire proceedings were broadcast
over a local radio station.
Interviewed during the rally, Ed
ucation Activities Director Dick
Williams stated that the rally was
“the best in many years.” Attend
ance was substantially more than
that of any such rally held recent
Students assembled last night
in front of Jim Aiken’s home to
cheer the Oregon coach. The rally
snowballed through the campus
last night, and an estimated 1,000
persons gathered to hear Aiken
respond to the shouts of “We want
a Bowl bid” by telling the crowd
that the athletic department and
faculty would seriously consider
any bowl offer.