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    WEATHER — Fair today with in
creased cloudiness tonight and
Thursday. Highest temperature to
day 62.
Fiftieth Year of Publication and Service to the University
ATTITUDE of Oregon coeds to
beering dates is discussed at the
bottom of page 1, colums 2, 3, anti
University students will have
the opportunity to hear the
four major parties’ stands at
7:50 p. m. tonight at the Mc
Arthur court student political
assembly. Thursday and Fri
day sample ballots will be dis
tributed to all students for an
all-campus mock election on na
tional and state issues. •
Liquor, over the bar, defici
ency fund bill, and the veterans’
bonus, three measures on the Ore
gon ballot November 2, will be ar
gued from both favorable and un
favorable viewpoints.
Following short talks on national
candidates and issues by represen
tatives from the Republican, Dem
ocrat, Socialist, and Progressive
parties, an open discussion and
question period will be held.
Next Clay Myers, members of
the Oregon Young Republicans
Federation executive board and
president of the campus chapter,
and Bob Davis, president of both
the Lane county and the Univer
sity Young Democrats, will discuss
state politics, followed by another
open discussion eriod.
juacn Party Represented
Bob Miller, secretary of the
Lane county Socialists, will speak
for his party on the national scene.
Roy Stauffer, president of the
Young Progressives, will represent
the Wallace party. John Chatt,
delegate to the Democratic Nation
al convention, will present his par
ty’s national stand, and Nancy Pet
erson will carry the banner for the
All of the speakers are students
at the University. Warren Miller,
graduate assistant in Political Sci
ence, will be moderator.
Purpose of the- political assembly
and the mock election, according
to co-ordinating chairmen Bob Mil
ler and Walt Preauff, is “to stir up
student interest in politics and to
give them another chance to hear
every side in the coming election.”
New Book Reviewed
A mortuary is the main settting
for Evelyn Waugh’s “The Loved
Ones,” the best seller to be dis
cussed today at 4 p.m. in the
browsing room of the library by
Dr. Carlisle Moore of the English
lack of Curiosity
Defeats Mixer Ad
Bravery is a just a lost art, ap
....Completely deserted in the
midst of a throng of humanity
in front of the Co-op yesterday
was what purported to be a tele
sope, bearing the enticing in
scription, “Free Look.”
Apparently afraid of a prac
tical joke, or of looking eager, or
something, would-be free-lookers
were staying away in droves.
Honest, though, it just adver
tises a YWCA mixer coming up
this weekend.
SX Sweetheart
Race Narrowed
To Six Coeds
Six finalists for Sweetheart of
Sigma Chi were serenaded last
Friday night by members of the
Oregon chapter. The girls will be
dinner guests this evening and next
Sunday afternoon at the University
chapter housee.
Those girls whok were chosen
are Lucille Durst and Aonnn Dar
by, Pi Beta Phi; Joan Nelson, Del
ta Gamma; Jackie Wren, Alpha
Delta Pi; Jeanne Hoffman, Kappa
Alpha Theta; and Mary Ann Clark,
Gamma Phi Beta.
Wednesday evening, November
3, the six girls will be interviewed
on the radio between 9:30 and 9:45,
and the sweetheart will be an
nounced at that time. The sweet
heart and her court will then be
honored the following Saturday
night, November 6, at the annual
Sigma Chi Sweetheart ball.
Directory Distributed
This year’s faculty directory, a
booklet containing the addresses
and phone numbers of members of
the faculty, was distributed Mon
day by the University editor’s of
The light blue booklet also con
tains names of the house mothers
from many living organizations,
the various schools and the loca
tion of their main offices and other
places of importance.
University of Oregon facultj
committees for the year 1948 and
1949 are listed on the last page ol
the booklet.
This book is printed each yeai
in conjunction with the studenl
IFC Conference Opens
C. HERBERT SMITH, president
of Willamette university and na
tional president of Beta Theta Pi,
will be one of the main speakers
during the IFC conference.
Tomorrow's IFC
Program Schedule
9:00-9:10 a.m. Opening Business.
Discussion groups:
9:10-10:20 a.m. “Rushing”'
Montana State, presiding.
Panel: University of Califor
nia, Washington State College,
and Fresno State College.
10:30-11:50 a.m. “Pledge Rela
University of Oregon, presid
Panel: University of Washing
ton, University of Utah, Oc
cidental college.
1:30-2:50 p.m. “Fraternity Schol
Oregon State College, presid
Panel: University of Denver,
University of Wyoming, San
Diego State College. ' <
3:00-4:20 p.m. “Fraternity Social
University of Oregon, presid
Panel: Montana State, Univer
sity of Orizona, Santa Barbara
Ballots Distributed
Sample ballots will be distrib
uteed in living organizations and
at the Co-op Thursday and Fri
day, allowing students of all ages
to “unofficially” show fheir na
tional and state political prefer
ences prior to the November 2
Do Our Coeds Like Beering Dates ?
y isuu mjKsr
(Emerald Special Writer)
NEWS ITEM—“Cornell univer
sity coeds are fed up with beering
dates, some of them claim.” This
writer set out to investigate the
Webfoot attitude on this subject
and here are the results.
The question asked was—“Do
you like to go out on beer dates
with the boys you meet.”
Answer No. 1. “I think that
would be swell! When will you be
by to pick me up?”
We re-phrased the question be
fore asking it again. After revi
sion it ran thus—“Do you think it
is proper for girls to go out drink
ing beer -with the boys they meet.”
Answer No. 1. “W'hat’s wrong
With it? What are you trying to
imply! Why the very idea! I’ll
have you know that I'd never think
of such a thing. I think you’re
simply horrible. You get out of
here and don’t ever come again.
The nerve of some people. "Why I
never —I went gaily off to buy
some band-aids for the cut on my
brow. Then I re-phrased the ques
Third revision. “Should boys
buy beer for their dates?” .
Answer No. 1. “I don’t know how
it would taste-so I can’t say. I’ve
had beer with pretzels and potato
chips but never with dates. I should
think it would upset their stomach
terrifically. They grow dates in
Arabia, don’t they? I was in Ara
bia once, just before the war when
my father worked for the -I
ran to the nearest fishpond for a
cool drink of water. Then I re
phrased the question.
Fourth revision. “Why do girls
drink beer when they are out
with boys?”
Answer No. 1. “Do they?”
“I referred her to the freshman
counseler in Gerlinger hall for an
invitation to the Smarty Party.
Then I beheld a beautiful blonde
walking past the Side. I re-phased
the question.
Fifth revision. “Hey, baby,
how about a quiet brew? Just
you and me, whataya say?”
We will continue this topic to
morrow. Answer No. 5 was satis
Full Scale
Some 100 fraternity presi
dents will arrive on the Oregon
campus this afternoon for the
Western Regional Interfrater
nity Conference to he held here
Thursday, Friday, and Satur
Registration will continue
during the afternoon. The op
ening business session is scheduled
for 9:00 a. m. tomorrow. King
Crosno, USC, Pacific Coast, IFC
head, will preside. Discussion
groups led by different panel
groups will find the remainder of
the day’s program, ending with an
8 p. m. general assembly.
G. Herbert Smith, president of
Willamette University since 1942,
will address the a'sssembly on the
topic, “The*Relation of the Fra
ternity to the College.” Dr. Smith
himself is national president of Be
ta Theta Pi and the holder of A. B,
A. M, LL. D, and D. Ed. degrees.
He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa
and Phi Eta Sigma.
Friday’s program will include
discussion groups, a business ses
sion, and an afternoon of recrea
tion using the UO men’s physical
education facilities.
Principal speaker at Friday
night’s interfraternity banquet will
be U. G. Dubach, head of political
science at Lewis and Clark College
and for 23 years Dean of Men at
Oregon State College. Dr. Dubach
holds A B., M. A., and Ph. D. de
grees. He will speak on “What a
Fraternity Ought to Be and Do.”
Delegates will be furnished with
dates for the Pacific Coast Rally
Dance in McArthur Court at 9 p.
m. Friday. Mike Madden is in
charge of the date bureau.
One feature of Saturday morn
ing’s agenda will be a “grab-bag
session” for topics which dele
gates think the program commit
tee (OSC) has missed. A sug
gestion box will be placed in
Johnson hall for this purpose.
The conference will conclude
with the Oregon-St. Mary’s foot
ball game at Hayward field Satur
day. Delegates will be provided
with seats for the tilt.
Reginald Sorenson
Speaks Thursday
Reginald Sorenson, at 57 a vet
eran of nearly 20 years’ experience
p.s a Labor party member of the
British parliament, is scheduled to
speak in room 3, Fenton hall to
morrow at 4 p.m.
Sent on tour by the American
Friends Service committee, the
speaker will discuss an unnamed
subject which will relate to the
present international crisis and a
Christian ethical solution.
Mr. Sorenson has been an active
legislator throughout his parlia
mentary career. He assumed a vi
tal role in efforts toward the set
tlement of the India crisis, and is
the author of several books on In
dia and international reconeilia
1 tion.
U. G. DUBACH, head of political
science at Lewis and Clark col
lege will be the principal speak
er at Friday night’s interfrater
nity banquet.
'Miss Oregana'
Choice Tonight
Six finalists for the “Miss Ore
gana” title will be chosen tonight
from 51 senior women by members
of the Orcganan editorial staff.
The finalists will be announced
Tuhrsday or Friday in the Emerr
aid. “Miss Oregana” will be in
troduced Friday evening at the
all-campus rally dance in McAr
thur court.
She will be selected from her pic
tures appearing in past Oreganas,
according to Trudi Chernis, editor
of the yearbook.
Judges are Miss Chernis, Larry
Davidson:, Ed Cauduro, Ann Mor
ton, Dick Olson, and Dorothy Orr.
The following women are com
McFarleane, Alpha Chi Omega,
Pamela Williams, Lois Heagle, Al
pha Delta Pi; Nadina Hall, Donna
Stageberg, Alpha Gamma Delta;
Nancy Bostwick, Aileen O’Rourke,
Alpha hall.
Virginia Givnan, Renee Cowell,
Alpha Omicron Pi; Maragaret
Wells, Carolyn Strong, Alpha Phi;
Olga Yevtich, Jean Huffman, Al
pha Xi Delta; Ailene Ammacher,
Marilyn Wright, Ann Judson house;
Mariel Means, Mary Joy Hamm,
Chi Omega.
Elizabeth Nelson, Gloria Stan
nard, Delta Delta Delta; Cheryl
Hill, Joan Heron, Delta Gamma;
Diane Barnhart, Helen Deardorff,
Delta Zeta; Betty French, Betty
Giere, Gamma hall; Martha Cleve
land, Jean Swift, Gamma Phi Beta.
Carol Hines, Gerlinger hall; Ann
Fenwick, Billie Herzog, Hendricks
hall; Amelie Diamont, Pat Porter,
Highland house; Joan Laue,R Bar
bara Patterson, Kappa Alpha The
ta; Cynthia Griffin, Leslie Palfrey,
Kappa Kappa Gamma.
Gladys Hale, Beverly Pitman, Pi
Beta Phi; Betty Bristol, Helen Ross,
i Rebec house; Betsy Moffitt, Helen
i McFetridge, Sigma Kappa; Mary
leen King, Nadine Hutchinson, Su
san Campbell hall; Mavis Knorr,
Marian Slattery-, University house;
Mary Lou Christianson, Ruth Wil
| son, Zeta Tau Alpha; Kathy Dob
son, Muriel Rappah ** Orides.
YW Committee Meets
An international affairs commit
tee meeting will be held Wednes
day at 4 at the Chi Omega house,
Marjorie Petersen, chairman, an