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    APPLICATIONS for Emerald news
and ad staff positions accepted to
day at Emerald Shack—next to
Journalism building.
New System Registers 609
New Rally
Teams On
Toni 1
Girls and men interested in
being members of the 1948-49
Oregon rally team will .save a
chance to show their ability to
night at 8:80 in Gerlinger annex.
Alex Murphy, chairman of the
rally board, has announced that
each person trying out will be
asked to perform at that time.
Murphy emphasized that fresh
man girls desiring to try out
should come to the meeting fol
lowing the student affairs as
sembly, also slated for tonight. He
explained that this is the first
time that freshman girls will
have a chance to try out, as the
rally team has formerly been
chosen spring term.
The rally board is a seven place
planning group, set up for this year
by the executive council as follows:
Yell King Marv Horenstein; three
upper-class members-at-large; Alex
Murphy, chairman of the board,
Joanne Prydenlund, Bill Monroe;
Kwama president Ann Case; Skull
and Dagger president Barry Moun
tain;' and the Executive committee
representative, Ed Anderson.
The board will operate with a
budget from the athletic business
office. Additional funds will be rais
ed from rally dances and by sale of
the new girls’ Eton rallie-lids. Ap
pointing the rally squad will be a
duty of the board. The board will
have complete supervision of all
rally activities.
Committee chairmen for hand
ling this year’s rally activities
have been announced. They are
Sally Moore, secretary; Mildred
Chctty and Jack Schnaidt, wel
coming; Norm Morrison and
Denny Marvin; Margery Weeks
and Jim Bocchi, decorations;
Jack Hecht, promotion; Bill
Walker, equipment; John Holt,
Mascot; Fred Young, publicity.
These selections were made from
petitions turned in spring term.
The board has asked for the student
body’s cooperation, with which help
they promise to back an even more
successful athletic year.
Morse to Speak
Senator Wayne Morse will speak
at the Eugene press club meeting
tonight at 8 p.m. in the Dey Rey
cafe. Senator Morse promises to
give some off-the-record observa
tions about the coming elections
and will attempt to answer any
questions put to him by the audi
Board Grins Over Future Rallies
Donald M. Dushane, dean of student affairs, stands at the left of the newly organized rally board.
from left to right are Marv Horenstein, Barry Mountain, Bill Monroe, Ann Case, Ed Anderson,
Murphy, chairman of the board, and Joanne Frydenlund, seated. (Photo by L. V. Nuttman.)
Others |
Activity Books
Available Now
To (JO Students
Student activity books are avail
able to students registered in the
University, Howard Lemons, ath
letic business manager has an
nounced. The books, which admit
students to athletic and other Uni
versity affairs, may be picked up
at a booth in McArthur court near
the north entrance.
Books should be picked up before
Saturday, as a ticket from them
will be necessary for student ad
mission to the Santa Barbara State
football game. The registering pro- I
cess must be completed prio/to ob
taining the book.
Sign Own Book
To protect the owner in case of
loss, Lemons warned, each student
must sign his own name to his
book. This year the book number
will not correspond to the student’s
rgistration card number. Late reg
istrants may pick their books up
at gate 16 Saturday.
Admission for wives of student
veterans to football games this sea
son will be based on one-half of the
reserved seat price—making this
price for the Santa Barbara game
Seating Traditions
No special section will be pro
vided for couples, according to
Lemons. Student seating tradition
at games is under the supervision
of the Order of O.
Women to Wear
Lids at Grid Games
Women’s rooters lids!
This is the never-done-before in
novation to be introduced this year
by the rally board, according to
Chairman Alex Murphy. Reversible,
kelly-green and lemon, and defin
itely no men's rooters • lids, the
women’s lids are on sale in the Co
op and at McArthur court by Kwa
ma and Skull and Dagger. They
will replace the formerly tradition
al pom-poms.
Homecoming Head
Petitions Sought
Petitions for Homecoming
chairman and for Homecoming
ing committee heads will be ac
cepted until Thursday, ASUO
President Bob Allen announced
yesterday. Final selections will
be announced next Monday by
the ASUO executive council.
The petitions which should be
submitted to Olga Yevtich at the
Alpha Xi Delta house will be con
sidered by a special subcommit
tee of the University executive
council. Personal interviews will
be conducted by fhe subcommit
tee before selections will be an
The executive council will meet
tomorrow to decide whether
Homecoming committees will be
selected by the Homecoming
chairman or by the ASUO presi
Choral UnionPlans'M essiah'Con cert
A presentation of Handel’s ora
torio, “The Messiah,” is planned
this year by the University Choral
Union, according to Dr. Theodore
Kratt, dean of the school of music.
This will be the first year in seven
that the school of music has been
able to give a mass voice presenta
Dean Kratt said he expected
about 450 voices in the concert and
it would be given sometime after
the end of fall term. He said, all stu
dents who are interested are wel
comed for application at the school
of music. Although not necessary,
students may register for Music 197
or Music 397 and will receive one
hour credit for participation, said
Dean Kratt. Rehearsals will be held
in the music building auditorium at
3:00 Tuesdays and Thursdays.
“The Messiah” will be given in
McArthur court and will be accom
panied by a full orchestra. Later
concei ts may be planned, according
to Dean Kratt.
Dean Kratt was instrumental in
presenting “Elijah” by Mendelssohn
eight years ago. The chorus at that
time attracted national interest.
Seven years ago, he led a 600-voice
choir in “The Messiah.” Since that
time, the University has not of
fered a mass voice chorus concert.
Emerald Calls
For Writers,
Ad Workers
Prospective Oregon Daily Em
erald news and business staff
members will register for posi
tions on the paper today and
Thursday, Editor Bill Yates an
nounced last week. Special regis
tration booths will be set up in
the Emerald quonset hut, and in
terested students will be inter
viewed and asked to fill an appli
cation form.
Previous newspaper experi
ence, either on the Emerald or
elsewhere, is desirable but not
necessary, Yates said.
About 75 students will be need
ed as reporters and copy desk and
night staff workers, Editor Yates
estimated. Those registered as re
porters will be assigned news or
special beats to cover. Copy desk
and night staff workers will al
ternate daily, so that each student
need devote only one afternoon or
evening each week to the paper.
An additional 75-100 students
will be registered for work on the
advertising' side of the Emerald,
according to Business Manager
Virgil Tucker. Advertising solici
tors and layout workers will, be
especially needed, Tucker said,
with each staff member working
one day of the week, or more, if
Information covered in the Em
erald application forms include
the student’s class, major field of
study, previous Emerald experi
ence, and any high school or out
side newspaper experience.
Oreganos Offered
Orders for the 1949 Oregana
are being taken at registration
in McArthur court this week, ac
cording to Editor Trudi Chernis.
The yearbook will be distributed
to purchasers near the end of
spring term and will contain a
complete record of this year’s
events at the University.
First Day's
Said Brisk
A new system of registration re
quiring appointment for students
to pick up registration material
lias proved a boon to fall term en
rollment, Registrar Clifford Con
stance said yesterday. Six hundred
and nine students completed regis
tration yesterday. Lines are short
er and move faster and the system
appears to be an all-around im
provement over long queues of tir
ing registrants of previous terms,
it was reported.
Constance said yesterday that it
would have been possible for 1,250
old students and 2,600 new students
to have picked up material during
An information booth for
freshmen and other students will
be set up in front of Friend
ly hall by Alpha Phi Omega, na
tional service fraternity. Mem
bers will man the booth through
the week until Saturday noon.
They will have information con
cerning location of various de
partments and registration pro
cedures, Virgil Tucker, president,
Sunday and Monday. With alarge.
number of freshmen required to
undergo entrance exams and other
requirements, and with some old
students undoubtedly failing to re
turn Monday, total enrollment for
the day was expected to fall far
short of the highest possible num
767 Last Fall
The first day of freshman week
last fall term saw 767 students
complete registration. Enrollment
for the term totaled 5,905, the all
time record. This term’s total wan
not expected to reach that number.
Constance earlier forecast a
freshman class of 1,600 entering*
this fall, 2,000 sophomores, 600 jun
iors, and 800 seniors. In the gradu
ate school, 400 students are expect
ed, and there will be about 100 stu
dents and auditors. Only 2,500 vet
erans are expected to enroll, as
compared with the 3,100 attending
last year.
Crowding Unnecessary
Desks where registration mate
rial was picked up in McArthur
court were jammed for a short
time the first of the morning and
afternoon, but Constance said it
was unnecessary for students to
crowd during the opening hours as
they would not be required to stand
so long if coming shortly after.
Old students pick up material on
the date appointed by the regis
trar’s office. After consulting ad
visers and receiving the required
department stamps, students re
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Board to Open Bids
On Expansion Plans
Bids for the student union build
ing, a second balcony for McArthur
court, and a south horseshoe for
Hayward field will be opened to
morrow at the state board of higher
education meeting in Portland, ac
cording to Dick Williams, educa
tional activities manager.
“Whether or not work on the
structures will become a reality,”
declared Williams, “should be
known within a short time.”
Williams left Eugene yesterday
to attend the meeting this morning
at the Benson hotel.