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    A Pessimist Views One Day's News
i. Fire
- (UP1). A firebug who started seven
separate fires in three apartment
houses—one of which narrowly
missed becoming a major tragedy
—was hunted by police and fire in
spectors today.
A blaze started in the basement
of the Barbette apartments fanned
up through a four-story elevator
shaft to the roof, blocking the only
j stairway and trapping 90 residents
[ who were forced to take to the
fire escapes and fire ladders.
“It was just luck and quick
work that saved those people,’1
said Fire Chief Edward P. Walsh.
Fire investigators had seen
• smoke from the Barbette fire
shortly after 4 a.m. while still in
vestigating another incendiary fire
1 three blocks distant.
Within 35 minutes there was a
total of three apartment house
’ blazes that routed 300 occupants
and caused damages estimated at
NEW YORK, May 14—(UP).
, Michael Colon, age two and one
half, always ran in the closet and
locked the door when he had done
i something wrong.
Michael and his brother, Joseph
Jr , three and one-half, were play
ing with matches in the bedroom
of their tenement home this morn
ing. They set the bed afire.
Joseph ran to his mother, Bene
dicts, 37, in the adjoining room.
Michael, fearing punishment, tod
dled into the closet and locked the
, door. The frantic mother ran into
the room but was driven back by
Joseph scampered down the
stairs to a nearby store where the
father was buying groceries. He
came back, on the run, but was
stopped by the flames
Six other families in the tene
ment fled to the street. No one
was injured except Michael. He
was burned to death in the closet,
hiding so that he wouldn’t be
SHAMOKIN, Pa., May 14—
(UP). Two of three men, entombed
for more than 53 hours in a flood
ed mine, are definitely alive, res
cue workers reported tonight. The
third man was unaccounted for.
A rescue worker approached to
within 12 feet of the two men but
a water barrier prevented immed
iate rescue. Plans were made to
reduce the depth of the water to
permit a rubber raft to clear the
ceiling of tile inundated tunnel
150 feet below the surface.
The rescue worker, Peter Lazar
ski, said the two men identified
themselves as Arthur Peter Gor
don, 32, and Edward Heck 41. He
said they told him they were “all
Webfoot Freshmen
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third. Humble doubled a few min
utes later, only to die at his post.
Oregon State’s Graham picked
on Hann’s second pitch of the
eighth inning for what looked like
a triple to deep right field He was
slightly disappointed after pulling
up at third to see Mel Krause
step on the keystone—which he
had missed in stretching his blow
to a triple. Krause fired the Duck
lings in both games with sparkling
fielding play at shortstop which,
combined with 'Welch’s timely
clouting, sent the Rooks back to
the farm without any bacon. Big
Bobo Clingman expressed the Ag
( gie mood after the last out of the
nightcap when he hurled his catch
The Sovereign State of Israel
came into existance at 12:01 a.m.
Saturday and, a few minutes later,
the Egyptian government ordered
its army into Palestine.
Other Arab armies, including the
mechanized, 10,000-man Arab le
gion of Trans-Jordan, already were
on Palestine soil or ready to march
across its borders from north,
south, and east. Arab spokesmen
threatened a dread “holy war.”
In the course of a day that will
fill pages of history, there were
these developments:
1. Great Britain ended her 30
year mandate rule of Palestine at
10:08 a.m. when the British high
commissioner, Gen. Sir Alan Gor
don Cunningham, stepped off the
dock in Haifa into a launch which
took him to the cruiser, Euryalus.
2. At 4 p.m., in a museum in the
all-Jewish city of Tel Aviv, David
Ben Gurion proclaimed the birth
of a nation for the Jeweish people
who have wandered over the earth
for 2,000 years. As his followers
prayed and wept, Ben Gurion, who
heads the new state, announced it
would come into being with the end
of the British mandate at mid
3. At the White House in Wash
ington, President Truman sur
prised the world by extending for
mal recognition of the new state
only minutes after it came into
the Palestine partition plan a few
month ago had drawn the wrath
of millions of Jews in the United
States and overseas.
4. In Cairo, Egypt, tUf foreign
minister issued an ominous com
munique. It said its armed forces
had been ordered to enter Pales
tine. It was apparent that upwards
of 30,000 Arab soldiers were now
ready to fight for a land which
they- believe is rightfully theirs
and not the Jews.
5. At United Nations headquar
ters at Flushing, N. Y., the UN
found itself facing the apparent
beginning of a war without hav
ing the slightest authority in Pal
estine. The 58 nations, meeting in
emergency session, unexpectedly
killed an American plan for a spe
cial UN Regime in the city of
Jerusalem and threby removed the
only prospect of a UN link with
the British mandate. Jews danced
in the halls of the world organiza
tion headquarters at news of
American recognition.
FLUSHING, N. Y„ May 14—
(UP). Guatemala’s United Na
tions delegate announced tonight
that Guatamala formally recog
nizes the new Jewish state of Is
rael. It was the second nation to
do so.
LONDON, Saturday, May 15
—(UP) The foreign office spokes
man said early today that the
British government would take no
action as regards possible recogni
tion of Israel “before a reasonable
time this morning.’’ A “reasonable
time’’ at the foreign office is pos
sibly 10 a.m. (5 a m. EDT).
er’s gear plus one baseball bat and
a cap into the dirt.
Score by Innings
OSC Rooks 003 100 00 4 5 5
Oregon Frosh 030 100 01 5 6 5
Berg and Clingman; Rogers and
Bennett, Artzt (8).
OSC Rooks 000 000 000 0 0 3 3
Orgon Frosh 000 000 000 1 1 4 1
Brem and Clingman; Hanns,
Schoonover (9) and Bennett,
Artzt (6).
In the wake of yesterday's abortive
drug store robbery and the wound
ing of two policemen, the round
up of a bandit ring operating here
and in Los Angeles was swelled to
14 today with the arrest of two
more suspects in Salt Lake City.
Police in the Mormon city picked
up James R. Lynch, 29-year-old
ex-convict and a man identified
only as Paul Nelson. Lt. Dan
Mecklem of the San Francisco po
lice intimated three or four addi
tional men would be arrested as
accomplices soon.
Police believed the roundup
would solve a wave of Safeway and
chain store robberies here and in
Los Angeles.
Prices on California lemons were
up 20 cents a box this week, the
California Fruit Growers Exchange
reported today, but sales on both
oranges and lemons and orange
prices remained at the previous
week’s level.
The threatened rail strike
caused the market to open stronger
and higher, the exchange said, but
cancellation of the walkout brought
a slight decline.
ALTADENA, Cal., May 14—
(UP) Housewives objecting to in
stallation of telephone poles in
front of their homes staged a sit
down strike over postholes today.
As soon as workmen finished
digging a hole, a housewife
plumped herself down on it. Tele
phone company officials, sum
moned by workmen, temporarily
called off the installation work
pending a study of the situation.
BERLIN, Saturday, May 15^—
(UP)—Father Edward J. Flana
gan, 61, the Jesuit priest who
founded Boys Town, Neb., with a
borrowed $90 and a faith that there
is no such thing as a bad boy, died
today of a heart attack at an army
station hospital.
Hundreds of once-wayward boys
Flanagan prepared for society with
kindness and full stomachs were
orphaned by the death of the Cath
olic priest who came to the United
States as an immigrant.
Col. F. T. Chamberlain, com
mander of the 279th station hospi
tal, announced Flanagan’s death in
a terse statement. The tall, amiable
priest died shortly before 1 a.m.
He had collapsed of a heart at
tack Thursday night at a dinner
party at Harnack house, the army’s
guest house here. His aide imme
diately called an army doctor and
an ambulance. Flanagan was taken
to the station hospital in a serious
condition. Hospital attendants
were instructed to issue no infor
Chamberlain said Flanagan died
of a coronary occlusion. With him
when he died were Patrick Norton,
his assistant at Boys' Town, Pat
rick J. Moriarty, Shakotee, Minn.,
the European command’s top Ger
man youth organizer, and several
doctors and nurses.
Flanagan was stricken while
spreading his gospel of kindness to
misled youth in Germany. He ar
rived here May 9 to make a two
week study of conditions among
young people in the American zone
of Germany. Before that, he made
a month’s study of Austrian youth
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Joyce Good
Jim White
Bob Hemingway, editor
SEATTLE, May 14— (UP) Art
earthquake was reported along tho
Aleutian island chain and in tho
Bering sea at 12:20 p.m. today and
all coast guard stations in the area
have been alerted for further trem
blors or tidal waves.
Coast guard headquarters at
Seattle reported its Ketchikan of
fice radioed "Severe earthquake
reported at 12:30 p.m. at latitude
54.41 north, longitude 171.18 west.’’
"We have radioed all coast guard
stations along the Aleutian chain
and the unit at SL Paul island in
the Bering sea to be on the alert,
for further tremblors and tidal
waves in the area," the message*
Officials said the message had
been transmitted to all long-rango
navigational and lightship stations
along the 1,700-mile Aleutian strip
and those rimming the Bering sea.
Officials said no reports of the
earthquake had been received fr om
Alaskan mainland areas, however.
The earthquake was reported by
seismographs at three west coast
universities at the same time ear
lier today.
Sunday Morning
Breakfast Slated
Newman club will hold their
final communion breakfast of tho
term Sunday morning at the church
cafeteria following 9:45 maso,
George Yost, chairman, announced.
Plans for the Newman club
picnic will be discussed at tho
breakfast, he said.
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