Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, February 03, 1948, Page 3, Image 3

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    Drama Delegates Face Full Schedule
A colorful and busy schedule has
been planned' for the delegates of
the Northwest Drama conference
and regional meet of the American
Education Theater Association to
meet February 13 and 1-1 under the
sponsorship of the University
effeeeh and drama department, an
nounced Horace W. Robinson, dir
ector of the University Theater
Guild has announced.
The conference will open Feb.
13, with registration of delegates
in Room 1, Johnson hall, at which
time an exhibit of theater mater
ials and photographs will be
shown. m
Newborn to Greet
Beginning at 2:30 p. m., the
first general session will open
under the chairmanship of Dr. Roy
C. McCall, head of the University
department of speech and drama.
Following an address of wel
Mexiecm Figurines
Now in Art School
A collection of more than 30
Mexican pottery figurines, some
more than 2000 years old, have
been received recently, according
to Dr. L. S. Crfessman, head of the
anthropology department.
Dr. Phillip Drucker, of the
Smithsonian institute, excavated
. figurines on a joint expedition of
the institute and the National Geo
graphic society in Vera Cruz.
The objects will be used in
classroom instruction in archeol
ogy and anthropology, in tracing
the development and relationships
of the various horizons or periods
of culture, Dr. Cressman said. They
were believed to have been used
for household images and in rel
igious ceremonies, and they are
useful now for checking time per
iods and localities.
come by Dr H. K. Newburn, Uni
versity president, will be talks on
“Our Ameicari Educational Thea
ter Association", by Jack Morrison,
University of California at Los
Angeles; “The Oregon Shakes
pearean Festival,” by Angus Bow
mer, Southern Oregon College of
Education, Ashland; and “North
west Folk Art: Our Germinating
B'orce,” by Burton James, Seattle
civic repertory theater.
To See Movies
A group of motion pictures willl
be shown in 207 Chapman hall be
ginning at 4 p. m. The first group,
“Great Actresses of the Past,” in
cludes the photoplays, “Madame
Sans-Gene,” with Rejane; “Laj
Dame Aux Camelias,” with Sara
Bernhardt; “Vanity Fair,” with]
Mrs. Fiske; and “Cenere,” with
Duse. “Makeup in the Making”,
will also be shown.
That evening registered delega
tes will be guests at the University
theater guild’s production of “The
Adding Machine”, by Elmer Rice,
and the Eugene Very Little thea
ter’s “The Night of January 16,”
which will open at 8 and 8:15 p. m.,
A business session and announ
cements will open Saturday’s pro
gram in Johnson hall at 9 a. m.
Divisional meetings begin at 10
a. m. divided into high school, un
iversity, and community sections.
Noon Panels
From 11 to 12 p. m., delegates
may atend the folowing panel
meetings: Technical with Edward
Hearn, University of California at
I.os Angeles, as chairman; Direc
tion with Rovert Gray, University
j of Washington as chairman; Chil
dren’s Theater, with Doris Smith,
I Portland civic theater, as chair
1 man; and Business and Promotion
with Aldington Crum, Portland'
Campus and Personal Printing,
Business Stationery
Cards, Envelopes, Letterheads
— Service without delay —
(J Edward V. Duke - Harry F. Garrett
Telephone 470 - 169 76 West Broadway
Lasso your man by
Treating him to
Home Bakery
86 E. Broadway Phone 4118
civic theater as chairman.
The final general session of the
conference will meet at 2:30 p. m.
in the school of music auditorium
with Hubert Heffner, Stanford
University, and Glenn Hughes, Un
iversity of Washington, who will
speak on “Commercialism in the
University Theater,” and Lee Sim
onson, New 'York stage designer,
who will discuss “The University
and Community Theater as Lead
ers in Decentralized Theater.”
Dinner Saturday
Climaxing the conference will be
a buffet banquet at the Eugene
hotel Saturday at 6 p. m.
Performances of the University
theater guild and Eugene Very
Little theater productions will also
be shown Saturday evening to all
registered delegates.
Side Patter
(Continued from page tzeo)
FIELDS this week are Cy Laurie
and Altabelle Kodley. They’re all
yours, kids, so pick them up at
the Side when you drop in for that
hot cup.
Surprise engagement at Susan
Campbell during the regular Fri
day tea was that of Dessie Butler
to Bill Hill.
Shouts of joy rang out from the
Alfa Gam house when house
prexy Bev Howard announced her
engagement recently to art school
grad Bob Halsebo shortly after
twin sister Berl announced her
engagement to Gene Smith. And
two pinnings at the Alfa Gam
house ..over ..the ..weekend ..were
Mary Lou Curry to Kappa Sig
Jim Connell, and Nancy Gleason
to Pi Kappa Alfa Jack Costillo.
DG Flo Mitchell has been quite
the popular lassie since she ob
tained her new theater pass for
two! Sigma Nu Jim Bartcit is
not only good on the basketball
court, but has been playing all
sorts of clever games between
the Kappa and Theta palaces.
At the ATO Flight party the
buzz boys flew high, and much
fun was had by all. Frank Rauch
was there with Grace Hoffman,
and Paige Laird was handholding
with Lee Miesen while fellow
Carmelite ChiO Alecia Orcutt
was well occupied with Dick
Stoinoff. Interesting combo was
Gammafie Liz Gilmore with Kerni
Hear there was dead silence in
the car of Sig Ep Bob Chaney
when he picked up two stranded
couples with car trouble out by
Willamette Park.
Hot air is being blown down
the back of my neck which means
that this sheet is going to press
so “fini” for today. Grab that
morning cup in ye ol’ College Side
Inn. Latest addition is powdered
..donuts. —(Pd. Adv.)
Cadets to Sell
(Continued from page one)
Andrews, Kappa Sigma; Jim Cra
kes, Lambda Chi Alpha; Bill Krue
ger, McChesney hall; Gordon
Spence, Merrick hall; Bill Tassock,
Min turn hall; Charles Anderson,
Nestor hall; Max West, Omega
hall; George Rasmussen, Phi Del
ta Theta.
Salesmen Listed
Gordon Wilson, Phi Gamma Del
ta; Jim Bocchi, Phi Kappa Psi;
Dunbar Norton, Phi Kappa Sigma;
Gene Hogan, Phi Sigma Kappa;
Harry Slack; Pi' Kappa Alpha;
George Melvin, Pi Kappa Phi; Vern
Risberg, Seerstrom hall; Joe Con
roy, Sherry Ross hall; Don Lee,
Sigma hall.
Wayne Roecker, Sigma Phi Ep
silon; Don Wadsworth, Sigma Al
pha Epsilon; Vic Menashe, Sigma
Alpha Mu; Bob Roberts, Sigma
Chi; Ken Johnson, Sigma Nu; Rob
ert Schooling, Stan Ray hall; Dar
win Hamilton, Stitzer hall; George
Wright, Tau Kappa Epsilon; Ernie
Ely, Thacher Cottage; Carl Miller,
Theta Chi; and Fritz Giesecke,
Amazon flats and law school.
French Group to Meet
Pi Alpha Chi, national French
honorary, will hold initiation at 6
p.m. Wednesday at alumni hall,
Gerlinger. A banquet at the Facul
ty club will follow the ceremonies.
Officers of the organization arc
Betty Brown, president; Ed Galla
gher, vice-president; Nina Pian
kova, secretary; and Louis Richter,
Andrew Jackson was the first
president to invoke the pocket veto.
Ping Pong Entries
To Close Friday
The deadline for entry in the
YMCA table tennis tournament,
for organizations and individuals,
has been moved up to February 6,
Pairings for the tournament will
appear in the Emerald and at the
Y. Already entered are Sigma Chi,
French hall, Sigma Phi Epsilon,
Sigma AlphaMu, Beta Theta Pi,
Yeomen, Omega hall and Chi Psi.
Susan's Phones Listed
Telephone numbers for Susan
Campbell hall were incorrectly
listed in Saturday’s Emerald. The
correct extension numbers are 391
and 392.
■Adm. .20-.65 inc. tax
Wild . . . Reckless
Filmed in color!
w'th JON
i’EVEiTH mm
also cartoonfi news
The THEATRE GUILD presents
Laurence Olivier
in William Shakespeare's
“Henry Y”
In Technicolor
"The finest picture I have ever
teen." —Eugene O'Neill
A truly great picture.. a mag
nificent achievement."
—Alfred Lunt
I "A rare treat."
jg —Gertrude Lawrence
■ "An unforgettable experience."
f —Clifton Fa din; an
"Beautiful ami stirring and mov*
jj» ing." — Robert E. Sherwood
Shows 1:00-3:40-6:20-9:00
Wednesday — Thursday
Mat. til 6 p. m. 90c after 6, $1.20
All prices include tax
We stress—
Campus Snack Delivery
“Close as your telephone”