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    The Weather Homecoming Fun
Occasional rain Thurs- .... ' . .
, Traaitions.Th© second in a series
day, mostly in west portion, be- .. . . .. .
* , * mt 9 off stones on Homecoming; tra
coming; partly cloudy with show- .... ... *
J J cations will appear on an inside
ers Friday. Slightly colder Friday. ^
Housing, Drainage
To Be Undertaken
By Physical Plant
The approval of a contract with
the federal government appropriat
ing $136,000 for the completion of
the Amazon housing project was
announced yesterday by Irwin I.
Wright, physical plant superinten
dent. The contract was approved
through the office of the Federal
Housing authority in San Fran
Wright stated that the work will
be done by the University physical
department. He said that work has
already been done on the drainage
system for the Amazon area and
that actual building will begin as
soon as possible.
He expressed a hope that at
least 28 of the single story units
could be completed by January 1.
Not the End
When completed the project will
accommodate 100 more veterans
and their families stated E. W.
Martin, director of veterans fam
ily housing. Martin emphasized,
however, that the completion of the
project would not mark the end of
the family housing problem as
there are approximateely 600 fam
ilies on the waiting list.
The entire Amazon project con
sists of 248 housing units. Of this
total 148 are already completed and
. occupied. Work on the unfinished
part of the project, originally
scheduled for completion last
Christmas, was halted last fall be
cause of weather and flood prob
lems. The University built tem
porary roofs on the unfinished
units to prevent further damage
from the rain.
Weather Damages
There was considerable weather
damage in the unfinished units be
fore the roofs were built. Floors
suffered the greatest damage, and
many will have to be relaid.
Wright stated that the Amazon
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Oregana Lists^
Make-up Times
Off-campus graduating seniors,
off-campus members of honoraries
and societies, and house members
who failed to have their pictures
taken will have their individual
Oregana pictures taken at the
Kennell-Ellis studios November 17
through 21.
Because of the impracticality of
contacting those people who have
not been scheduled through living
organizations, no formal schedule
will be followed.
Warren Miller, associate editor
in charge of living organizations,
emphasized that it is imperative
that individuals affected by this
announcement have their pictures
taken by November 21. Future
scheduling through Kennell-Ellis
will be impossible after that date,
he said.
This will be the only opportunity
for members of Alpha Kappa Del
ta, Delta Phi Alpha, Phi Delta Phi,
and similar clubs to have pictures
taken for publication in the Ore
Webfooters Ca 11 Assembly Today
To Rouse Stanford Game Spirit
Planned for those who do not have 11 o’clock classes today,
a pre-game pep assembly for the Oregon-StanfOrd football game
will be held at 11 a.m. in McArthur court. Permission for the as
sembly was granted by the student affairs committee earlier this
Those who are planning to leave for Palo Alto today should
attend the assembly and leave from there, according to Yell King
Johnny Backlund.
The pep assembly, sponsored by the Webfooters, is the first of
its kind held this year. The 30-minute program will include songs
and yells led by the yell king and entertainment arranged by
Webfooter Jeannine Macaulay. Members of the Oregon football
squad and the coaching staff will also be introduced.
Sam Gillette will act as emcee. The Alpha Gamma Delta trio,
Mary Lou Timmons, Marie Peery, and Helen Tliorburn, will sing
“Moon Glow,” and Denny Marvin will present the “Whiffenpoof
Marie Perry will also introduce a new Oregon fight song,
“Might Day for Oregon.”
'Miss Vogue' Crown, Fashions
Promised for Journalism Tea
“Miss Vogue of 1948” will be se
lected from seven finalists this af
ternoon when Theta Sigma Phi,
War Breaks Anew
As '0' Sees Orange
Civil war flamed afresh on the
Oregon campus yesterday.
The .lemon colored “O” on Skin
ner’s butte was painted . . . orange.
This annual maneuver by the
forces from Corvallis was not ex
pected until several days before the
Homecoming game, November 22
and caught the campus by surprise.
Exclaimed Ed Dick, president of
the Order of the “O” when the
communique reached him, “It was!
We’ll have to do something about
The furrows deepened in the
careworn brow of another higher
up when he was informed of the
deed. He stated quietly, “Guerrilla
warfare is declared. And we’ve got
just the apes here to do the job.”
Nearly every Oregon-OSC Home
coming game has been initiated by
Corvallis men wielding orange
dipped paint brushes on Skinner’s
women’s national professional jour
nalism fraternity, presents its sec
ond annual silver tea in alumni hall,
Gerlinger from 4 to 5:45 p.m.
The finalists are Beverly Pit
man, Pi Beta Phi; Jane Hull, Kap
pa Kappa Gamma; Joyce Hansen,
Hendricks hall; Isabel Young, Del
ta Gamma; Betty Cox, Alpha Omi
cron Pi; Gloria Harrington, Alpha
hall; and Ruby Bienert, Alpha Del
ta Pi.
Quartet to Sing >
Campus talent is scheduled to
entertain during the afternoon. The
Theta Chi quartet, composed of Bill
Pengra, Glenn Snyder, Lowell
Chase, and Gene Eberhart, will sing
“Coney Island Baby,” “Mood Indi
go,” and “Sweet Sixteen.”
Harpist Mary Stadelman, sopho
more in liberal arts, will play
“Longing,” by Kajetan Attl, and
“The Music Box,” by Franz Poen
itz. A piano selection, “Manhattan
Serenade” by Louis Alter, will be
played by Georgene Shanklin,
freshman in music.
All contestants in the “Miss
Vogue” contest will model college
fashions, including sports clothes,
campus clothes, short silks, and
formals. Gerre Arnold, women's di
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Dance Planners Book
Sykes for Homecoming
WSSF Fills Need
Claims Dr. Espy
Where do WSSF dollars go after
the last cash box is emptied and
the total added up ?
Dr. R. H. Edwin Espy, national
! executive secretary of the student
YMCA, who visited the campus
yesterday, has witnessed the dis
tribution of these funds and the
good which they effect.
A member of the assembly of the
WSSF while doing Christian youth
work in Europe, Dr. Espy declared,
“There is no political influence in
volved and no political channels
utilized in the distribution of these
funds. It is administered through
national, regional, and local units.
All persons and organizations re
ceiving help are investigated be
Despair in Europe
Dr. Espy, who visited Europe
this summer, said that there is
widespread despair and disillusion
ment among European students.
“This can be met only by providing
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Carnegie Grant Representatives Visit Oregon Campus
i&mem. w - ■# > t ssffls i s- s i $ v ’'
Delegates Devereux C. Josephs and Charrles Dtollard, Carnegie Corporation, pause while Thomas Tarball
studies on a library tour with President H. K. New burn and Dr. It. C. Swank, library head.
Curt Sykes and his orchestra has
been booked to play for the Home
coming dance Saturday, November
22, Robin Arkley, chairman of the
Homecoming dance committee, an
nounced yesterday.
Considered one of the best bands
on the Pacific coast, Sykes and his
orchestra are at present playing
an engagement at the Trianon ball
room in Seattle.
Tickets for the dance will be
placed on sale today at the Co-op,
according to Mildred Chetty,
chairman of ticket sales. They
are priced at $2.80.
According to advance notice,
Sykes and his orchestra play a
modern commercial style of mu
sic with the sweet or swing dance
able tempo interspersed with the
popular oldies, waltzes, rhumbas,
and memory medleys. Featured vo
calist of the 13-piece band is Rob
The annual Homecoming affair
will this year be a short silks, no
flower affair, according to Arkley.
A limit of 1100 tickets will be sold.
There will be no living organiza
tion sale, he said.
Band, Pep Girls
Head for 'Farm'
Bound for Palo Alto and the
Stanford game, the University
hand will leave Eugene at 8 a.m.
today. Oregon rally girls will trav
el with the 60-piece band on a
chartered bus.
On the road the band, under the
direction of John Stehn, will holfl
parades and street concerts in
Roseburg, Grants Pass, Centra®
Point, Ashland and Medford. Ar
rangements for these performanc
es have been made through Oregon,
alumni associations in each town.
After arriving at the Whitcomb
hotel in San Francisco, the rally
squad and band will prepare for an
Oregon rally on Market street Fri
day at 9 p.m.
At the game Saturday afternoon
the band will be allotted six min
utes to perform during half-time.
This trip marks the first time
the band as a unit has traveled t©
Registration cards will serve as
admission tickets for Oregon stu
Art Students Invited
To Exhibit Originals
Art students interested in pub
licly displaying their original work
are invited to attend the Odeon
meeting to be held in Room 107,
Friendly hall, at 4 p.m., November
The meetting will be of interest
to those artistically inclined who
wish to enter sculpture, painting,
drawing, or models in the exhibi
tion. Although the work may not.
be ready at the present time, it is
necessary that those interested at^*r
tend the meeting to participate in
the determination of various mat
ters which concern the Odeon
Language Meeting Set
The language major meeting
previously scheduled for Monday,
November 17 will be held on Thurs
day, November 20.