Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, November 07, 1947, Page 7, Image 7

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    Laboratory Offers
State Text Books
Dr. Hugh B. Wood, professor of
education, has announced that the
curriculum laboratory in the edu
cation building is now open for
the study and withdrawal of text
books. The curriculum lab, which
has been closed all fall term for
remodeling, contains textbooks
used in elementary and secondary
schools throughout the state.
According to Dr. Wood, the na
tional courses of study also found
in the laboratory are not yet avail
able for_use.
The curriculum lab is open every
morning from 8 to 9 and 11 to 12,
and every afternoon from 2 to 5
except Thursday.
Thomas Jefferson was a close
student of the problems of the
Political Science Needs Theory
H. E. Dean Stresses to Club
“Ideas are facts, and social sci
ence is a science” said Professor
H. E. Dean of the political science
department in his speech, “Func
tion of Political Theory,” before
the Political Science club Wednes
day night at the YWCA.
“Social scientists can study ideas
as facts aside from considering
whether they are good or bad,” he
said. He said he believes it is pos- I
sible to study^the operative ideals
within political institutions with
out forming an evaluation as to
their falsehood.
He indicated Marxism as an ex
ample of a scientific effort to study
how the process of social change
comes about. The techniques of
science must be different from so
cial science, but the scientific
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metnod can be used to establish
ethical values.
Professor Dean explained that
the field of political science needs
political theory to help in critically
analyzing the concepts that we
use. Ideas and assumptions must
be studied as such, and their value
should be determined, Dean said.
He cited Chief Justice Holmes’ fear
of the “inarticulate major prem
ise,” the explicit idea being held
far more dangerous than the im
plicit idea. -
The normative theory, Dean ex
plained? is concerned with values
and ethical concepts. It is evident
that men seek orientation and
guidance, as seen by the great pop
ularity of the new study of history
by Toynbee, and such books as
“Peace of Mind” by J. L. Liebman,
he commented.
“We must be concerned with val
ues,” he said. “Science as such
rests upon a fundamental value
judgment, that the truth of sci
ence is good. I can't see.” he said,
“how an intelligent scientist, social
or exact, can live in an ivory tow
er.” The scientist must be con
cerned with ethical problems and
value judgment.
ABG'itKf yau
By Jim prior
Come Armistice day next Tues
day, KUGN is going to bring you
one of the greatest public service
programs ever written. . . . Nor
man Corwin’s “On a Note of Tri
umph.” This special broadcast will
be heard from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. in
observance of Armistice day.
And here’s a note for longhairs
and assorted music lovers. The
Metropolitan Opera resumes week
ly broadcasts on KUGN beginning
Saturday, November 15. Each Sat
urday will bring a complete opera
for your listening pleasure, start
ing at 11 a.m.
The final set-to in the Game of
the Week series will feature Michi
gan versus Indiana in a quaint
mob-scene known as football. The
whistle blows for KUGN listeners
at 10:45 a.m. tomorrow morning.
H. Wismer will attempt to tell the
players from the officials. Michi
gan is expected to tear the Hoos
iers limb from limb.
On the seamy side of life . . . .
there’s a fine old line-up of mys
teries tomorrow eve for those of
you who like blood with your en
tertainment. Mr. John J. Malone
waves a few law books in the di
rection of a trio of kidnapers, ex
tricates a dame named Hazel, and
has an all-round fine time at 6:30
Ross Dolan, detective, detects
like crazy around 8:30 tomorrow
night. Most likely he’ll run into
some sharp babe, he’s terribly
lucky that way. . . .
Gangbusters will have former
heavyweight champion Jimmy
Braddock in the role of narrator
at 9 Saturday night.
Sunday evening at 6:30 will see
the Theatre Guild on the Air pre
sent one of the great plays of our
day . . . Helen Hayes in “Victoria
Regina.” This play takes notice of
the rise in public interest toward
the approaciiing marriage of Prin
cess Elizabeth. Incidentally, Helen
Hayes has played this role 969
times on the stage, so she should
be able to make it through the
play without many slip-ups.
More mayhem notes . . . Charley
Zivic and Sonny Horne square off
at 7 p.m. tonight in a small game
of pinkies. For your information,
boxing (as this sport is known)) is
that manly endeavor in which two
sound of the gong ... 7 p.m. . . .
leather mittens in an unseemly
manner. The two aforementioned
will leap from their leashes at the
sound of the gong ... 7 p.b. . . .
KUGN.—(Pd. Adv)
Any Prep Jobs Open
SEATTLE—Thirty-seven Uni
versity of Washington Huskies
i left here Thursday for Berke
| ley where they will play the
| University of California Satur
. day.
Coach Ralph Welch had a cred
itable group of linemen along, J
but bemoaned a lack of backfiekl
talent for the two-game south
ern jaunt. With two halfbacks
injured, he had only four on hand
whom he could count for the Cal
game. And with one fullback re
covering from injury and anoth
er wholly inext>erieneed. he had
only .Marshall Dallas for fullback
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