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    'Popular Photography' Honors
UofO Co-ed In Photo Contest
A perusal of Popular Photogra
'• phy magazine revealed a familiar
name yesterday.
„ The name is that of Sally Schil
ling, junior in business administra
tion and a transfer from Stephens
college, Columbia, Missouri. She
was first place winner in the sec
ond Annual National Collegiate
Photography exhibition until her
, picture was technically disqualified
because it had been made three
months prior to the time set by
The picture, called “Wabash
Special” shows a train pulling into
the station at Columbia. The par
allel roofs of the station and train
are coated with thin slushy snow.
Meeting to State
Plans for Odeon
Interested students and faculty
are asked to attend a meeting at 4
p. m. Wednesday in 107 Friendly
hall to discuss plans far the com
ing year’s Odeon magazine pro
Started in 1942, this will be the
sixth annual Odeon. As in former
years it will include original short
plays, prose, poetry, short stories,
modern dance selections, and var
ious forms of Art works. Director
of speech and drama, W. AvDahl
berg will act as chairman and Bob
Litten, junior in liberal arts, will
be student chairmans
Those wishing to contribute
prose or poetry for Odeon publi
cation are urged to begin work im
mediately. Although the Odeon
program is not presented until
spring term, the magazine goes to
press at the end of winter term.
Check Mail Approved
Students living in dormitories
may pay room and board bills
through campus mails by check.
Envelopes for this purpose may
be secured from the cashier’s of
fice or from housemothers.
f— -
A few bundled-up passengers are
hurrying on and off.
Said one of the judges, “Here the
photographer saw and felt a pic
ture. . . .it is a photograph that
has feeling and meaning for every
Miss Schilling took the picture
with a three dollar camera for a
photography class assignment. She
developed the picture but never
printed it. The next year it was
discovered by one of the instructors
while thumbing through back files
looking for pictures to submit to
the contest. As no one knew the
owner of the negative is was sub
mitted as property of “Suzie Stev
ens,” a Stevens college equivalent
of Betty Coed.
When the winning snap was an
nounced, it took a long distance
call to Miss Schilling’s former in
structor in New York to place its
The camera department head
presented Miss Schilling's picture
printed with criticisms in the Oct
ober issue of Popular Photography.
These prints are also being dis
played at various high schools and
colleges throughout the country.
Newman Club to Initiate
New members will be initiated
into the Newman club tonight at
6:30 in the Y.M.C.A. according to
Cy Laurie, club president. Old
members are also asked to be pre
sent, and those who have not paid
dues are requested by the treas
Language Majors Meet
All juniors and seniors major
ing in foreign languages are asked
to meet in room 20, Friendly hall
from 7 to 8 p. m. on Thursday, Dr.
D. M. Dougherty, head of the lan
guage department, announced yes
Ginger Denecke
Ruth Wilson
• Ethel Kamara
Jim Bernhard, Editor
Campus and Personal Printing,
Business Stationery
Cards, Envelopes, Letterheads
— Service without delay —
V Echvard. V. Duke Harry F. Garret
76 W. Broadway Phone 169
at the
790 E. 11th Phone 1597
Doughnut Centennial
With dunking now officially approved for local eating establish
ments, campus "coffee and" enthusiasts might well pause a
moment during their next between-class snack today and think
of the man who made all this possible by poking out the soggy
center of a friedcake, thus creating the hole in the doughnut.
One hundred years ago this week Sea Captain Hanson Gregory
of Glen Cove, Main, invented the "sinker.” While watching his '
mother make friedcakes young Gregory saw that they were not ‘
cooking in the middle. With one epic thrust of a fork he solved j
his mother s culinary problem and produced the life-ring pattern
of today’s doughnut.
To commerate the centennial of the doughnut’s birth Charles
Gregory, second cousin of the captain, and selectman Arthur
Walker last Sunday placed a 12-by-14-inch plaque in the sea wall
of the Glen Cove cottage that witnessed the making of the world's
first doughnut a century ago.
By United Press
TOPEKA, Kan., Nov. 3 Gen.
Dwight D. Eisenhower today was
the first choice of a limited group
of persons in his native Kansas
who answered a newspaper postal
card poll of president;* preferen
ces. Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of
New York was second, Sen. Robert
Taft third and President Harry S.
Truman fourth.
LONDON, Nov. 3. Stanislaw
Mikolajczyk arrived in England in
a Royal Air force plane today and
said he had fled Poland 12 days
ago because “I did not want to
be shot and killed like a sheep.”
He charged the Communist-dom
inated Warsaw government plan
ned to bring him to trial before a
military court and then execute
MOSCOwT Nov. 3. The Com
munist organ Pravda said to
day that Maj. Gen. Richard Hil
ton, British Military Attache,
was detained by guards four
hours Thursday after he alleg
edly photographed a Soviet mil
itary factory. A letter to Prav
da signed by four factory work
ers claimed Hilton was “disguis
ed in a ragged waistcoat and
working boots” when he was ap- I
Oakland, Cal., Nov. 13. The un
American activities committee of
the California legislature was told
today the Hollywood writers mob
ilization is a pro-communist org
anization, and that the president
of the CIO Marine Cooks and
Stewards union once openly ad
mitted he was a communist. The
committee, seeking to uncover com
munist activities in California,
heard its investigator, Richard
Coombs, testify that the HWM is
“an organization controlled by pro
communists, although all members
aren’t Communists.
SALEM, Ore., Nov. 3. Oregon
ians and neighboring state officials
today paid last respects to Oregon’s
late Governor Earl Snell, Secretary
of State Robert S. Farrell, Jr.,
and State Senate President Mar
shall Cornett, who died in a plane
crash last week. The Governors
of Idaho, Washington, Nevada, and
California were among those who
gathered in the chamber of the
Oregon house of representatives to
hear the Rev. Lloyd T. Anderson
of the Salem First Baptist church
offer the invocation which opened
the services.
nis Cardinal Dougherty, arch
bishop of Philadelphia, today
gave two Central City theaters
48 hours to withdarw showings
of “Foiever Amber” and “The
Outlaw” under threat of a Cath
olic boycott of the two movie
houses. The prelate warned that
unless his warning was heeded,
he would order the estimated
1,000,000 Catholics in the 10
county Philadelphia ^rctydiojcese
to boycott the theaters for one
lake SUCCESS, N.Y., Nov. 3.
Russia proposed today that Great
Britain give up control of Pala
stine Jan. 1, 1948, letting the Uni
ted Nations split the holy land in
to Arab and Jewish states that
would receive full independence by
the end of next year. During the
transitional period, UN would ad
minister Palestine through a spe
cial commission composed of the
11 nations on the UN security
James F. O’Neill, national com
mander of the American Legion,
tonight defended the House Un
American Activities committee
and demanded “outlawing of the
Communist party in America.”
The Manchester police chief,
Page 7
Co-op Orders
Now Being Filled
Miss Ada Zinser. head of th>3
textbook department at the Co-op,
requested Monday that students
who have placed special orders for
texts either call for the books or
cancel the orders.
If the text is no longer needed,
rays Miss Zinser, the dollar de
posit will be refunded to the stud
ents and the book can be sold to
someone else.
Highland, Rebecca,
ZTA Pose Today
Residents of three living organ
izations. Highland house, Rebec
house and Zota Tan Alpha, will
have Oregana pictures taken today
at Kennell-Ellis studio. Other
houses scheduled for this week are:
November 5: University house,
Zeta Hall.
November 6 and 7: Hendrick1)
November S: Minturn hall.
New Director of 0. T. T.
Dean Paul B. Jacobson, dean of
the school of education, has re
cently been named director of the
Oregon teacher training program.
He succeeds Dr. J. R. Jewell, the
former dean of education, who
held the same post. Dean Jacob
son's main duty will be to coor
dinate the University of Oregon
and Oregon State college teacher
training programs.
speaking over a nation-wide ra
dio hookup, said the committee,
currently investigatingCommunf
ism in Hollywood, was "being
belabored by those who would
benefit from its dissolution.'’ •
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