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    Club to Show
Movies of Italy
Technicolor movies showing his
torical and scenic views of Italy
will be the program of the first
meeting of the International Rela
tions club next Tuesday at 8:10
p.m. at Westminster house.
The pictures were taken by Rob
ert Allen, president of the club,
during the summer of 1945, while
he was on duty in Italy as an army
officer in the OSS. The movies will
be presented in geographical se
quences, showing scenes of Rome,
Siena, Florence, Milan, Tunis, and
the Alps. He also took shots of the
Italian countryside and the people.
“Some fine examples of Renais
sance, Gothic, and modern archi
tecture are included in the reels,”
he said. Allen explained that these
movies have not been edited, and
contain a few personal shots of
In addition to the film, a discus
sion of the possibilities for the
University to send delegates to the
International Relations club con
ference at Vancouver, B. C., is
planned. The conference is sched
uled for November 21 and 22. The
club is backed by the Carnegie en
dowment for international peace.
Outstanding Cliff James to Play
'The Man' In Forthcoming Show
With the awards of outstanding
actor of 1945-46 and best support
ing actor of 1946-47 to his credit,
Cliff James begins the new Uni
versity theater season with a bid
for future awards as Sheridan'
Whiteside in “The Man Who Came
to Dinner,” to be presented Octo
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ber 24, 25, 29, 30, 31 and November
1 and two new dates November 7
and 8.
“The Man,” made famous by
Monty Woolley on the stage and in
the movies, is a part almost as long
as Hamlet and has the added diffi
culty of being played almost en
tirely from a wheel chair.
“Playing from a wheel chair isn’t
half as hard as phrasing the lines
just right. It’s a different type
than I've played before and is good
experience,” commented Cliff.
When he isn’t acting, the junior is
majoring in what he vaguely terms
“liberal arts.”
Prefers Directing
“I’m interested in anything to
do with acting and would like to go
into directing for the stage, al
though I haven’t made up my mind
yet,” Clif/ said. His older sister is
now acting in New York.
As Whiteside, Cliff is the fork
tongued lecturer and wit who gets
marooned at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Stanley (Charles Boice and
Jane Cordiner) when he slips on
their icy doorstep and breaks his
leg. The unwilling guest proceeds
to make the Stanley home his cita
del and relegates the Stanleys to
their bedroom, while he installs
penguins from Byrd, an octopus
from Lucius Beebe, a miniature
city of cockroaches in a glass case,
and his famous friends from Lon
don and Hollywood.
Satire on America
An apt comment on Whiteside is
made by his nurse Miss Preen (Ger
aldine Hettinger) who as a parting
shot informs him: “If Florence
Nightingale had nursed you, she
would have married Jack the Rip
per instead of founding the Red
“The lines sell the play which is
a contemporary satire on the
American scene,” stated Cliff.
Supporting players are: Marie
Di Loreto, Lavorn Taylor, Diane
Barnhart, Bob Over, Don Smith,
Walter Payne, Patricia White, Ron
Phillips, Emelie Jackull, Jeanette
Grant, Elton Allen, Virginia Woods,
William Alley, James Sorum, and
Dick Monnie.
iwo donations a year trom every
person on the campus is the goal
of the committee in charge of
blood donations for the University
of British Columbia in a forthcom
ing drive.
South. Dakota state university
has an 82-voice a cappella choir.
Just Arrived!!
“Chatanooga Choo-Choo”
and others!
come to
89 East 10th Av*
French Republic
(Continued from t>aac one)
solution that was democratic and
realistic at the same time, Dr.
Wright said, but “Compromises are
like fat men—nobody loves them.”
Communists Cooperate
General DeGaulle, rather than
accept the new system, went into
exile. The communists believed in
taking part on this road on' which
they believed would lead to Utopia,
the speaker continued. But he add
ed, while the communists were
working under this red, white, and
blue umbrella, they still looked* to
Marxian doctrine for guidance.
DeGaulle wants a strong execu
tive government. He is not a
schemer in the sense of Napoleon or
Boulanger, Dr. Wright said. His
aim is national strength and his
job is to get that strength. He is
not a fascist in the sense of Hitler,
Wright continued, but he believes
that there cannot be compromise,
because France cannot survive di
visions today.
The tragedy of the whole picture,
Wright said, was that Charles De
Business Manager
Appoints Helpers
Staff appointments were released
yesterday by Olga Yevtich, busi
ness manager of the 1948 Oregana,
Carol Becker, sophomore in lib
eral arts, has been reappointed as
executive secretary. Don Findlay,
sophomore in business administra
tion, was named promotion mana
ger of the business staff.
Sale to End
This morning is the last chance
before the dance to buy tickets for
the Sophomore Whiskerino at the
Co-op. Ticket sales close at noon.
All house representatives selling
tickets must turn in their tickets
by 2 o'clock to Bill Green upstairs
at the Side from 12:15 to 2 p.m.
Tickets will be sold at the door,
Gaulle, who could have brought
France together, had contempt for
compromise and he is sabotaging
men who are trying to do what he
could have done.
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