Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, October 23, 1947, Page 8, Image 8

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    Rally Pairing
For Friday Are
Campus living organizations will
pair off under the following sched
ule for the new-type rally tomor
row night:
Alpha hall-Omega hall; Alpha
Chi Omega-Phi Delta Theta; Al
pha Delta Pi-Pi Kappa Alpha; Al
pha Omicron Pi-Phi Gamma Delta;
Alpha Phi- Chi Psi; Alpha Psi Del
ta-Delta Upsilon.
Ann Judson-Tau Kappa Epsilon,
Pi Kappa Phi; Chi Omega-Sigma
Alpha Epsilon; Delta Delta Delta
Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Gamma
Delta Tau Delta; Delta Zeta-Theta
Chi; Gamma hall-Stitzer hall,
Lambda Chi Alpha.
Gamma Phi'Beta-Be'ta Theta Pi;
Gerlinger hall-Cherney hall, French
hall; Hendricks hall-McChesney
hall, Sederstrom hall, Villard hall;
Highland house-Nestor hall; Kap
pa Alpha Theta-Sigma Phi Epsi
lon; Kappa Kappa Gamma-Sigma
Orides-Yeomen; Pi Beta Phi
Campbell club; Rebec house-Mer
rick hall; Sigma Kappa-Sigma Al
pha Mu; Susan Campbell hall
Sherry Ross, Sigma hall; Univer
sity house-Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi
Sigma Kappa; Zeta hall-Stan Ray
hall, Minturn hall; Zeta Tau Alpha
Phi Kappa Psi.
Chess Master Plays
Exhibition Games
Chess master Weaver P. Adams
played two exhibition games with
members of the University chess
club for the benefit of 25 students
and Eugeneans Monday night in
Commerce hall. Adams defeated
Alvin Weibe and Shubert Fend
rich in the two and a half hour
contest. George Swift, club pre
sident, recorded the games. Adams,
one of the nations outstanding pro
fessional chess players, is now on
a tour of the West coast, and is
proceeding to California. His ap
pearance was sponsored by the
Educational activities board.
YWCA Schedules
Vocational Speech
Mrs. William Fort, manager of
Fort and Company, will speak on
buying and selling of retail cloth
ing to the sophomore commission
of the YWCA at 6:30 tonight, ac
cording to chairman Zeta Sinclair.
This is a second in a series of
speeches on vocational guidance
sponsored by the Y. Members of
other classes have been invited to
attend. Plans have been made for
a questioning period and discus
sion of likely vocations.
Catholic Group
Appoints Heads
Newly appointed committee
members of the Newman club are
Dick Logan, co-membership head;
Larry Cushing, senior in law, mem
ber at large; and Frank Mahula,
junior in music, co-social commit
tee head.
Joe Conroy, junior in business
administration, has received the
Newman club key, a national hon
or awarded to one member only
from each Newman club chapter.
Night Staff:
Glenn ’"'n *v T”ditor
Dot'i Burton
Tnid” Van Dusen
Bill Wallace
Icjv'o -e Duncan
rr'» ' t" hen -
f*n ’ n Branthover
I~' - •- T,,.r- 0-,
12 noon: YMCA cabinet meeting
at the YMCA.
4 p.m.: Social chairmen’s meet
ing at Gerlinger. Requested to
send representatives if unable to
4 p.m.: Wesley House coffee
4:30 p.m. Bill Hayward program
meeting for committee chairman
at Alumni office, Friendly hall.
6:30 p.m. Wesley House chorus.
6:30 p.m.: Sophomore commis
sion meeting at the YWCA.
7 p.m.: Druids meeting upstairs
in College Side.
7 p.m.: Chess club meeting in
207 Commerce.
7 p.m. Meeting of all Sophomore
Whiskerino committee heads to
night at McArthur court.
7 p.m.: ISA senate meeting in
105 Commerce.
7:45 p.m.: Fundamentals of
chess class, 207 Commerce.
—--— I
Hollis Receives Honor
Dr. Orlando J. Hollis, dean of the
University of Oregon school of law,
has been appointed to the commit
tee of participation by lawyers as
citizens in public affairs by the
American Bar association.
Parties Held
By Honoraries
Two fall invitational rushing
parties were held by Mu Phi Ep
silon women’s music honorary,
Tuesday night at the Alpha Gam
ma Delta house.
At each party, 7:30 and 9 p.m.,
a program was presented by chap
ter members. The program con
sisted of piano solos given by Helen
Hudson and Joanne Twedt, bass
viol numbers by Dorothea Shaer,
accompanied by Elizabeth Pollock
at the piano, and vocal pieces by
Claire Lewis. i
Refreshments were cake and cof
Heading the program, bid and
refreshments committees were Pat
Hendricks, Marie Peery and Lina
Lou Pope, respectively.
Pepsi-Cola Offers
Awards to Seniors
Seniors who wish to apply for a
Pepsi-Cola fellowship award may
obtain application forms at the
graduate school office, 200 Fenton
instead of from the dean of their
individual colleges as reported in
the October 21 Emerald. Applica
tion forms may also be obtained by
writing to the Pepsi-Cola Scholar
ship Board, 532 Emerson St., Palo
Alto, California.
20 Years Ago
(From Emerald Files)
The world debaters . . . were de
feated in their first meet by the
University of Hawaii at Honolulu.
From there the debaters will go to
Japan and then to China.
The Order of the “O” will open
officially the gridgraph season . . .
a,L mui wui i* wiui tuc piety uy ,
play account of the OAC-Stanford
game at Portland
The WSC freshmen defeated the
University of Oregon first year
men 28 to 0. Bouncing back, the '
Oregon frosh trampled over the •
Columbia university yearlings, 20
to 0. A second group of Oregon
first year men lost to Medford, 12
to 6.
568 Olive Phone 631
Sing a Bong of sixpence, pockets full of
dough. Here’s the way you’ll get it from
Pepsi-Cola Co. Make us laugh ... if you
can. We’ll pay you SI, $2, $3 ... as much
as $15 for stuff we accept — and print.
Think of it. You can retire. (As early as
9 P. M. if you like.) You don’t have
to mention Pepsi-Cola but that always
makes us smile. So send in your jokes and ■
gags to Easy Money Dept., Box B. Pepsi- 1
Cola Co., Long Island City, N. Y. i
The very next day you may receive a ^
de-luxe radio-phonograph combination and ®
a nine-room prefabricated house. It won't |
be from us. We’ll just send you money if ■
we feel like it. Easy Money, too. ^
Little Moron Cornet*'
Mohair Moron, the upholsterer’s sofo,
w as found huddled up and shivering
in his refrigerator one day. He ex
plained by saying, "I was th-thirstv
for a P-pepsi-C-coIa and was t-told
it should be d-drunk when cold. Now
I can drink it. I’m c-c-cold!”
You don’t have to be a moron to
\ irrite these . . . but it helps. $2
for each accepted ice’ll pay you,
and not a penny more.
) At the end of the year we’re going (
\ to review all the stuff we buy, and I
( the item we think was best of all is I
S going to get an extra \
If you’re a "he” or a "she” (as we sus
pect) writing IIE-SIIE jokes should he
a cinch for you. If you’re not a "he”
or a "she” don’t bother. Anyway, if
you’re crazy enough to give us gags
like these, we might be crazy enough
to pay you a few bucks for them.
# * *
lie: Give me a kiss and I’ll buy you a
Pepsi-Cola ... or something.
She: Correction. Ei liter you’ll buy me a
Pepsi ... or nothiug!
* * #
He: When a man leans forward eagerly,
lips parted, thirsting for loveliness,
don’t you know what to do?
She: Sure, give hint a Pepsi-Cola.
* * *
lie ghost: I’m thirsty. Let’s go haunt
the Pepsi-Cola plant.
She ghost: That’s the spirit!
# # *
$3.00 (three bucks) tee pay for stuff
like this, if priutetl. If e are not
ashamed of ourselves, either!
(age 1(> to 19 plus)
\ t. 'moms sage has said rha
fm. than anyh* d\ .Ur
all \ » \1 have to do wot;
wha. . e kiddies are s*'
send it in, and we’d 1
true. It ini^ht he, for
haven’t tue slightest id-.
This is easier than taking candy away from a baby. And less squawking.
Maybe you don’t want to be rich, but just force yourself. You'll like it.
And, if we like the title you write for this cartoon we’ll force ourself to give
you $5. Or if you send us your own cartoon idea we'll up it to 810. For a
cartoon that you draw yourself, we’ll float a loan and send you |15 if we
print it. Could you expect any more? Y es, you could expect.
cept. Chances are it would he things like
these unless we get some sense.
"My George, who will just be 17 on next
Guy Fawkes Day, had 'us appendix re
moved last month. Whei the doctor asked
him what kind of stil. ug he’d like to
have, George said, 'suture self, doctor’.”
"Elmer Treestump savs his girl Sagebrush,
oidy 22)4, brings a bottle of Pe|»si-Cola
along on every date for protection. She
tells everybody, 'that’s my Pop!’ ”
$1 each for acceptable stuff like this.