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Assistant Sports Editor ||
t We noted that the 80 percent correct Paul Williamson
pushed the Duck gridders up 42 notches, from 116 to 74 in his
weekly team ratings released yesterday. Last week. William
son had Oregon listed down in the Franklin & Marshall and
* Catawba class.
* Even at 74th, the Webfoots trail such little-heard-of teams
v as Denton State, Mississippi Southern, Commerce, and St.
" Louis. Williamson is still sticking with Blair Cherry and his
♦ x team nuuiijci uuc 111
« the nation, despite the big
„ scores rolled up by Michigan.
San Francisco, Oregon's stiff
opposition Saturday, is ranked
fourth among Coast teams and
35th. while our country cousins
"from Aggieville skidded to
* 55th slot. There is plenty of
- reason why the expert has the
,, Dons placed so high in the list.
. Coach Ed McKeever's team
w is big, but does not depend on
weight for scores. The heav
■ iest man on the team, at 215
pounds, is left tackle Jos Woz
* mak, but he is third string and seldom plays. There is little
* possibility that the weights are padded, as this information
* comes from backfield coach Frank Zazula's scouting report.
The starting San Francisco line averages just a shade
* under 199 pounds, while the backs have only a 180 pounds
- per-man figure. This means that the Dons have the build
« for speed, in addition to a deadly ground attack.
a Oregon’s pass defense will have to be up for the Bay City
4 squad, for the starting SFU quarterback, Jim Ryan, hit his
„ man ever)- time against Marquette. Naturally this doesn't mean
^ he completed every toss, but it indicates that he is plenty ac
* curate. Ryan specializes on fast, quick bullet heaves over the
* middle, a pass which has caused Oregon plenty of headaches
- this season.
*Ends Fast, Good Receivers
t For receiver's, the Dons have two outstanding ends in Phil
k Gastineau, and John Krsak. Both are excellent at hauling in
„*the quarterback throws and play a mean brand of ball on de
, fense. Krsak is a terrific rusher, and was instrumental in block
'• *
4 ing one kick against the Marquette team.
* The tackles for the San Francisco team are Joe Westen
- kirchner, the heaviest man in the starting lineup at 205, and
* Steve Kucer, who is the tallest Don player, standing 6’4”.
Both are fast men, and hard to keep out of the play.
John Tsarnas and Barney Prowell, guards, are rough of
fensively. In addition, both are fast and can be used to pull out
of the line to lead interference. Starting snapper-back is Tino
4 Sabuco, a demon on pass defense, good tackier, and exceptional
- offensive blocker.
* Besides Ryan in the backfield, the Dons have George Buksar
at left half, Joe Mocha right half, and Pete Matisi at full. Buk
f sar Is the kicking star for San Francisco, while Moch is a
^ break-away back and, usually plays safety man on punts.
1 Hall a Spot Player
Matisi is a fast starter from the power-plunging slot, while
- the understudy Hal Jensen is practically his equal. The much
♦ heralded Forrest Hall is used almost exclusively as a spot
4 player because of his quick, shifty dashes and broken-field ex
j. A couple of other SFU backs who will bear watching are
Joe Scott, a sticky-fingered pass receiver, and 160-pound Tom
Chintis, not the runner that Hall is, but he hits hard for his
* size.
■*- If the Dons get the edge at the outset from Oregon, it may
. turn into a rough afternoon for the Webfoots, with such talent
. coming at them. The big factor in Saturday’s game might well
lie in this factor. Oregon must get the jump if they expect to
... keep within range of the haughty McKeever-men, and should
. the' breaks go against them from the outset, San Francisco could
• go on to roll up an impressive win.
Warmerdam Advises Rasmussen
• George Rassmussen, Duck pole-vaulter and Northwest lead
* er last spring, received a note from Archie Richardson, Los An
k geles writer, on the art of clearing the bar. The article was
written by Cornelius Warmerdam, the only man who ever
- topped 15 feet with the bamboo pole.
This summer, at the Pacific Coast conference-Big Nine
* track meet, Rasmussen met Warmerdam, and the nationally
* known vaulter left Oregon’s up-and-coming star with a few
. -flints on the techniques of the sport and training.
Melon Loop Busy
As Both Sexes Play
Men Open Season
With Five Games
3:50 Court 40 Phi Gamma Del
ta A vs Pi Kappa Phi A.
3:50 Court 43 Nestor hall A vs.
Phi Sigma Kappa A.
4:35 Court 40 Delta Tau Delta
A vs. Phi Kappa Psi A.
4:35 Court 43 Minturn hall A
vs. Cherney hall A.
5:15 Court 40 Theta Chi A vs.
Campbell club A.
5:15 Court 43 McChesney hall
A vs. Kappa Sigma A.
High-spirited, high-hitting vol
leyball teams displayed their versa
tility Thursday afternoon on the
men’s PE courts by socking and
batting the inflated ball over the
seven foot net in good early sea
son form. Five teams of the class
“A” squad’s won decisive victories
by thumping their opponents two
straight games in the two of
three series.
In the opener last year’s second^
place team, the DUs, displayed
good teamwork and outplayed the
Tekes and won both games of the
series, 15-9, and 15-7. The DUs
played rotation volleyball through
out the game, and each of the six
players proved to be very apt in'
every position.
On the east court the Sigma hall
team was downed in closely fought
games by the scores of 15-11, and
15-8, and the two victories were
credited to the Yeomen club.
Phi Delts Win
In the 4:35 games the Phi Delts
won the first game from the SAEs,
15-7 and almost blanked them in
the finale by a 15-2 score, to win
their first contest of the season.
Fine teamwork was shown here
also, with the net men accounting
for most of the points.
Sigma Alpha Mu was hard
pressed by Westminster house but
won both contests, 15-9 and 15-11
to be in on the six-way tie for first
place in league standing.
The hottest volleyball of the day
was displayed between the Betas
and Sigma Phi Epsilon, as this was
the only game that was stretched
to the full three games. The Sig
Eps came out on top by winning
the last game 15-11 after dropping
the first game 15-7. The second
game of the series was an overtime,
and the final score being 16-14 for
the Sig Eps.
In the last game of the day,
French hall blanked Omega hall in
the first game; 15-0, and captured
the last game 15-6.
Polished Stoneware
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Three Squads Win
In Female Action
Today’s Schedule
Gamma Phi vs Tri Delt
Zeta Hall vs Gerlinger
Highland vs University
Encouraged by the smashing
shots of Barbara Borrevik, the
Delta Gamma volleyball team roll
ed over the lassies from Alpha
Delta Pi, 35-13. The excellent
serving of Sally Beach and Dona
Chapman, who made ten and seven
points respectively, showed that
the Dee Gee’s are contenders for
the championship. The ADPis
were led by Dohna Gribbin with
four points to her credit.
In a tight first half the Kappas
and Gamma hall girls played to
a 16-all tie, but the Kappa team
kept right on going in the second
half, while holding Gamma to four
points. At the final whistle the
score stood 38-20. High scorer for
Gamma was Virginia Denicke
with seven. While Page Leard was
adding nine to the Kappa score,
Liz Kratt and Di Bayly were as
sisting with eight each to their
credit. ,
Playing rotation all the way the
Gerlinger girls out-lasted the
Hendricks Bangs in a loosely play
ed' game in the outdoor gym. Jeri
Noble and Claire Cassidy gathered
in 19 of their team’s 34 points
while Harriet Walker made five
out of 15 for the Bangs.
Beavers Revamp
The Oregon State Beavers
worked out today with a largely re
juggled lineup for their non-con
ference game here Saturday with
the University of Portland.
Attempting to revitalize the Or
ange running attack after last
week’s dismal showing against
USC, Coach Lon Stiner moved Dick
Twenge from fullback to left half
back and shifted Sophomore Dick
Vaillancour up from the reserves
to alternate with Don Samuel at
right half.
Pacific Coast
Football Briefs
By United Press
The UCLA Bruins got in anoth
er “Stop Doak Walker” practice
session today in preparation for
Saturday’s game with Southern
Methodist. Coach Bert LaBrucherie
had the junior varsity simulate
SMU and a Bruin star of yester
year, Chuck Cheshire, passed and
ran plays from single wingback
against the varsity.
USC Coach Jeff Cravath tdoay
named his 37-man traveling squad
who will board the Southern Pacif
ic “Trojan Special" Friday night
for Saturday’s California game at
The first string backfield prob
ably will include Quarterback
George Murphy, left half Don Gar
lin, right half Don Doll and fullback
Verl Lillywhite.
The Washington State Cougars
took to dummy scrimmages again
today and worked on offensive and
defensive tactics.
Coach Phil Sorboe said all team
members took part in the workouts
in preparation for Saturday's game
against Montana.
We derelict, hominy-fed, shifty
eyed, athletic supporters of Phi
Delta Theta do, with considerable
misgivings, hereby accept the chal
lenge of the clean living, clear-eyed,
bright-young men of Beta Theta Pi.
We fully realize that such an ex
perienced aggregation of ball-car
riers should have little trouble in
handling the Phi Delt athletic
supporters, which said worthies
have done so often the past. More
over, if the noble Betas will con
descend to release from custody all
their revolting, disgusting close):
members numbering fifty-five at
the termination of rush-week, we
of Phi Delta Theta will permit them
also to appear on the grid-iron.
(Pd. Adv )
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