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    JY' Reguests
Fall Petitions
Petitions for counselors for the
YWCA sponsored ducklings and
counselor project, designed to as
sist new students to the school next
fall in becoming acquainted, may
be turned in at any time at the
dean's office by all interested wom
en students, according to Cochair
men Virginia Dryden and Anne
The girls will be assigned names
of prospective students to whom
they will write, arranging a meet
ing time soon after the beginning
of fall term. The counselors will
take their ducklings to Y-sponsored
parties and school functions for the
first six weeks of school.
Nancy Moran and Nancy Glea
son, freshman chairmen, have an
nounced that a file will be kept at
the YWCA for the purpose of keep
ing the names of those interested,
handling mailing, and as a place
where information can be passed
between ducklings and counselor.
The project is being handled
largely by the newly organized
sophomore commission which is an
outgrowth of this year’s freshman
Mother's Week-end
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Once these first mothers were on
the campus, they caught the spirit
of the students in working for a bet
ter school and became organized
into a Mothers Group for the pur
pose of helping further these inter
ests. The first president of the
group, according to Karl Onth>nk,
was a very capable organizer, Mrs.
Walter M. Cook. Their functions in
■ eluded service, support of Univer
sity enterprises, as the current Stu
dent Union drive, and increasing
public understanding of what the
University is doing.
The first Mothers’ scholarship
was given to a worthy man or wom
an who needed help to come to
school. They proved so successful,
Junior Weekend committee meet
ing at 4 p.m. in Susan Campbell
The Student Union slides will be
shown at the Phi Delta Theta house
at noon today and at the Chi Omega
house tonight during meal hours.
Hui-O-Kamaaina meeting at 7
p.m. on the Gerlinger sun porch.
Wesley house jive night from 9 to
10:30 p.m.
Junior advisers meeting at 12
noon at the YWCA.
Westminster house Bible group
meeting at 9:30 p.m.
All available members of Phi
Theta, Kwama, Druids, and Skull
and Dagger are asked to meet at
the Student Union office in the
Eugene Hotel at 1:00 today. It is
that the fund has been built up un
til now several large and some
smaller scholarships are given each
year. Oregon Mothers’ scholars of
former years now hold such impor
tant positions as University pro
fessorships, important newspaper
jobs, and posts abroad with the
State department.
Oregon Mothers groups have
grown until, under the present
president, Mrs. John Carkin, groups
have been organized in most small
towns over Oregon, in San Fran
cisco, Los Angeles, and even Ha
waii ; wherever Oregon students are
drawn from.
Vets Aid Bill to Up Pay
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term basis, will be $48. It is esti
mated that board and room for a
month will be $58.50 per student.
Rates for the veterans dorms have
not yet been cleared by FPHA.
Compton urges interested stu
dents and their friends to take
advantage of the booths in the
vets dorms, John Straub, and at
the Co-op, where they will find
post cards addressed to senators
and representatives from Oregon.
Music Festival
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efforts with the weekend commit
tee this year.
Already lined up for parts in the
program are the Theta Chi quartet;
June Johnson, Wayne Sherwood,
and Glenn Snyder.
Students working on the serenade
committee are Barbara Eagleson,
Charlotte Neidermeyer, Nancy Pe
terson, Ralph Haley, Phyllis Koehl
mier and Herb Bachelor.
Hello, Mom, Welcome
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who could not otherwise have at
tended. Their annual Mothers’ Day
at the University is one of the ma
jor events of the year to which we
all look forward with special inter
est and pleasure. The student com
mittee is doing an excellent job this
year on preparing hospitality for
Visiting Mothers. I am sure it is go
ing to be a memorable occasion.
Walkaway1 Favorite
A ifcw- vi
“Saddle up” for a fast round;
of summer fun in this sporty:
Winthrop. You’ll find it the smart*
est, sleekest, most comfortable'
1 1060 Willamette
Phone 968
Veterans Forum
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help the remaining veterans in1
school which includes those prepar- I
ing for a degree in the education,'
liberal arts, or physical education
These advisers are checking with i
the deans of the various schools!
so that they may become specialists
in the fields they have been as-!
signed. In this way they will not j
only be able to advise you as to the!
VA requirements but will be well
versed from the standpoint of just
what the various schools and de
partments require. Veterans are
urged to see not just any training
officer but the one who happens to
be specializing in their particular
field if they have any questions |
about their training. All three of the j
men mentioned above can be cen- ;
tacted at room 114, P.E. building. |
All Public Law 16 vets who ar.
going to graduate this term are re
quested to report to Glenn Sweeney I
at the dean of men’s office some
time before the end of next week.
The veterans’ legislative program
in the 80th Congress has been ham
strung so far by the Republican
controlled house rules committee
and by the slipshod economy drive
headed by Rep. Harold Taber. Last i
week some Democratic members of |
the house committee on veterans’ j
affairs prepared for a showdown
conference with Speaker of the
17" ' '
House Joe Martin. The latter reluc
tantly permitted his name to be
added to the list of congressional
leaders avowedly favoring a bill to
permit optional cashing of terminal
leave bonds now. Nevertheless,
Martin and his Republican cohorts
have been primarily responsible for
the “stall" on veterans’ legislation.
Just off the wire is an AP report
dated Washington, April 29th
which will undoubtedly be interest
ing in a morbid way to the vets at
Oregon. This wire states that the
Veterans Administration will be un
able to send out monthly checks
due today to the almost three mil
lion veterans receiving unemploy
ment or educational allowances. It
said the funds appropriated for that
purpose are exhausted.
That makes tilings just “ducky”
for the vet who is really dependent
on those checks on a month-to
month basis. The Republican party
won the congressional elections last
-her on the slogan “Had
Trough;” if they remain as inept
as they have demonstrated they are
in the past few months we will all
probably have “had more than
enough” long before the elections
of 1948 roll abound.
The first excursion train of the
Santa Fe Railway reached Las
Vegas, New Mexico, in the year
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"Two Years Before
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George Raft—Lynn Bari
"Genius at Work"
Alan Carney—Ann Jeffreys