Oregon daily emerald. (Eugene, Or.) 1920-2012, February 27, 1947, Page 8, Image 8

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    Senate Votes
To Outlaw
Portal Suits
Salem, ren. i:e.—(AP) me
Oregon senate voted 28 to 2 Wed
nesday for a bill to outlaw portal
to-portal pay suits, the bill provid
ing that all suits for back wages
must be filed within a year after
the work is performed.
The time limit on filing suits for
back wages now is six years. The
bill would not affect any suits now
on file, or those which will be filed
before the bill is effective. The bill
now goes to the house.
Voting against the bill were Sen
ators Irving Rand and Thomas R.
Mahoney, both of Portland. They
said they believe portal-to-portal
suits should be outlawed, but they
objected to making the bill apply
to all suits for back wages.
Senator Eugene E. March, Mc
Minnville, said the bill is necessary
because congress might not do any
thing- to outlaw the portal pay suits,
and even if congress does, he added,
the supreme court might make it
41st Div. Headquarters
Reactivated in Portland
PORTLAND, Feb. 26 (AP) —
Oregon’s division headquarters for
the northwest's famed 41st infan
try division was reactivated a
third time in inspection cere
monies here Wednesday night in
which the Oregon command unit
for the New Washington-Oregon
guard was recognized.
Lt. Col. L. H. Prather, Fort
Lewis, Wash., conducted the cere
Sugar Increase
Assured for Year
Ten pounds more of sugar per per
son this year than last was virtual
ly assured Wednesday in an an
nouncement alloting 25 pounds for
the first nine months.
An OPA official said it would be
a “safe guess” that the 1947 indi
vidual use allowance will be 35
Jointly the office of temporary
controls and the agriculture de
partment affirmed that a new ra
tion stamp good for 10 pounds will
be validated April 1, and announced
that another stamp good for 10
pounds will come up July 1. House
hold consumers already have been
allowed five pounds each for the
first three months.
Salem Committee Dings
State Fair Practices Act
SALEM, Feb. 26—(AP) Propo
nents of a fair employment prac
tices act in Oregon received a set
back today when a legislative com
mittee recommended defeat of a bill
designed to prevent racial discrim
inations in employment.
The bill’s provisions would apply
to all state agencies and subdivi
sions and to persons holding con
tracts with them. It would require
the state department of education
to conduct a campaign against ra
cial and religious prejudice. Mem
bers of the state and federal affairs
committee said they believed the
bill not necessary.
mony which elevated Oregon’s
superintendent of state police,
Harold G. Maison, to the rank of
brigadier-general and the post of
assistant division commander.
Bonnet Nook
907 Willamette
For Delicious Meals
That Taste Just Like Home
—Come to
Westgate House
Chinese Reds
Said Launching
New Offensive
NANKING, Thursday, Feb. 27—
(AP) Government field dispatches
said Wednesday that nearly 125,
000 Chinese Communists had
launched a savage new offensive in
Manchuria, driving to within 15
miles of Changchun, the capital.
The government’s central news
agency said the Communists, with
limited numbers of tanks and arm
ored trucks, had overrun Nungan,
32 miles north of Changchun, and
Kiutai, 30 miles to the northeast.
This report that the Communists
were the first to strike in the long
expected resumption of the Man
churian fighting, came as claims
and counter-claims of smashing
victories in China proper clouded
the Chinese civil war picture.
Communist headquarters at Ye
nan broadcast a report that Gen.
Chen Yi’s army annihilated two
government armies for a total of
50,000 casualties. The victors, Ye
nan said, were the same troops the
government reported it had anni
hilated a week ago in the capture of
(In China, developments often in
dicate that the word annihilate is
used as a synonym for rout.)
Oregon W Emerald
Bob Frazier, Wire Editor
Palestine Political Interests
Repudiated by White House
WASHINGTON, Feb. 26 (AP)—The White House, re
plying to British Foreign Minister Bevin, said Wednesday
that America’s interest in Palestine has nothing to do with
politics and that Bevin was wrong in hinting that President
Truman was political-minded in urging entry of Jews into
the Holy Land.
“Unfortunate and misleading," was the way a White House
statement ciescrinea tne impres
sion given by Bevin.
Bevin was not mentioned by
name, but the statement cited
“yesterday’s debate in the British
parliament.” It was then that
Bevin said President Truman
"spoiled”* Palestine negotiations
last October by issuing a call,
during the congressional cam
paigns, for the immediate entry
of 100,000 Jews into Palestine.
The White House had been si
lent until Press Secretary Charles
G. Ross late in the day issued
the statement asserting:
“The impression that has arisen
from yesterday’s debate in the
British parliament that America’s
interest in Palestine and the set
tlement of Jews there is motivated
by partisan and local politics is
most unfortunate and misleading.
“America’s interest in Palestine
is of long and continuing stand
ing. It is a deep and abiding in
terest shared by our people with
out regard to their political af
Antonio de Espejo, in 1582, led
the third Spanish expedition into
New Mexico.
100th Anniversary of the Birth of Alexander Graham Bell • Alarch 3, 1947
He gave
[lie world
a new voice
by Moffett, 1918.
Alexander Graham Bell was a teacher
of the deaf. He was also a trained
scientist who made it possible for
millions upon millions of people to
hear each other by telephone.
The telephone brought something
into the world that had not been
there before.
For the first time people were able
to talk to each other even though
separated by long distances.
Horizons broadened. A new indus
try was born, destined to employ
hundreds of thousands of men and
women and be of service to everyone
in the land.
Alexander Graham Bell was a great
humanitarian, not only as a teacher
of the deaf, but in his vision of the
benefits the telephone could bring
to mankind.
Bell’s vision has come true. It keeps
on being an essential part of this
nation-wide public service.